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Italian Wonderland 🍝🍕🥐

Italian Wonderland 🍝🍕🥐

Featuring Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar, iO Italian Osteria, Supply & Demand (orchardgateway), NamNam Noodle Bar (Wheelock Place), Swensen's (The Clementi Mall), The Connoisseur Concerto (Marina Bay Sands), The Connoisseur Concerto (The Pier @ Robertson)
Komal Salve
Komal Salve

Topped with quail eggs and chives, this may seem simple, but tasted sooo good! The umami taste and smell of truffle went so well with the toppings.. I mean, it's truffle pizza. Can it really fail? I don't think so 😂
At $13 for this appetizer, the portion, like all the other food served here, is rather large and great for sharing!

Thanks to Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar for hosting the eatup so graciously and generously! Also, thanks to Burpple for the invite!


$18. This was creamy as hell and delicious as usual! Very filling. If you are usually not satisfied small portions, this is your choice at this restaurant as the other pastas and dishes are rather small.

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This was the small size at $10. The large one is $18. The small one is actually good to share with 4 people as you get a slice each, which is satisfying enough. Loved the bread and the creamy truffle stuffing! Absolutely delicious!!!


$24. Delicious!!! One of the best carbonaras I've tasted. But the portion, for this steep price, was rather small.

This was an absolute favourite on the table, garnering squeals of delight from everyone upon trying it! Complete melts in your mouth and it's just so light! Must try! $14 and worth it!


Pork belly with wild fennel. This was WAY TOO salty! I was extremely disappointed. When I complained to the waiter, he just said that you are the first person to say this in 3 years. Well, it was salty like hell and every one at the table agreed. I don't know how this is the most recommended dish here and in the restaurant as the manager himself recommended this when I asked which to choose between this and the ravioli. It was also served rather lukewarm as apparently it is part of a large roll and is cut into small ($9) and large ($18) sizes. Regretted it. The rest of the dishes, however, were absolutely delicious.
Go for the pastas people.

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Be careful when ordering the specials and remember to ask for the price! We didn't and only found out after the bill came. It was $48. We should have suspected after the dish came and there was copious amounts of REAL truffle shavings. It did taste AMAZING tho! Other than that, lovely customer service and the rest of the food was great too!

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The saffron pasta was unique and delicious! The lasagna was also a very unique experience as it was made in a traditional Italian homely way and it was so rich and creamy, couldn't even finish half. Luckily they packed it for me to take away. Must try the Schiacciata bread! Would love to come back many times but damnnn it's expensive.

After trying this dish once, I couldn't stop having it. I always get it every time I go to TCC! Vegetarian, but I don't miss the meat because it's just so delicious! The soft, tender home-made tortellini... The amazingly balanced sauce! Love love love it!

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