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Restaurant Food

Restaurant Food

Featuring Fat Cow, Ramen Keisuke Tori King, Sanpoutei Ramen (Shaw House), El Mero Mero, Spagtacular, Hyang To Gol Korean Restaurant (Raffles City), Casa Roma, Strong Flour, Chilli Pan Mee, Koji Sushi Bar (Raffles City)
Amanda Ong
Amanda Ong

Average, but worth it on burpple one for one. The fish could be fresher and colder. The rice was a bit mushy.

But still, a nice chill ambience sitting by the bar top.

This was a delicious colorful bowl with chunks of fresh seafood. There is an abundant portion of seafood provided. The seafood is not really melt in your mouth texture, more on the chewy side, but still fresh and enjoyable.

The restaurant is situated at Raffles City, and while the price has increased since Chevron House days, the seafood still remains fresh and tasty.

The restaurant features an intimate seating where you can see other diners while you are eating, if you are seated at the bar.

You still have to pay $1 more for brown rice.

It’s super appetite inducing, the ikan bilis and the meat bits with noodles produce a slightly crunchy texture, fragrant and tangy flavor and you can burst the egg yolk to mix with the noodles. Comes with a free plain soup that cleanses the palette during the meal!

The noodles are springy in texture and well cooked.

You can add your own dry chili to taste, so you can control the spice level (for chili weaklings like myself)

Super tasty and filling and I didn’t manage to finish it as I was full in no time.

The queue is long and the place is bustling during lunch time but the pace of service is v fast and brisk, so once you are seated you get your food in no time.

[Warning: unpopular opinion ahead]

There was a queue on a Friday night for the dinner crowd. I ordered normal for everything (noodles, soup).

The soup is rather salty and a bit thick. Perhaps selecting the light soup would be better. Also, one of my friends commented that the soup was very starchy.

While the chicken was really tender (fall off the bone tender), and the ramen egg was pretty good, the soup was really not ideal for me.

But disclaimer, I’m not a fan of keisuke ramen so maybe it’s just their style of ramen.

TLDR: I didn’t enjoy this that much!

Fu Lin has transformed tremendously since they were a hawker stall at Hong Leong basement years ago.

Today it’s a trendy bar/Yong Tau Fu shop at Circular Road.

However, the price is still decent despite the transformation.

I ordered fried Yong Tau Fu, minimum 6 pieces. I always order fried Yong Tau Fu at Fu Lin because they fry their pieces so beautifully.

Also, my favorite part about Fu Lin is the meat sauce noodles to go with the Yong Tau Fu. The sauce is not too thick, and the noodles are light and smooth. The meat sauce is also sufficiently tasty and goes well with the Yong Tau Fu ingredients.

The chili is also great, tangy with a kick of spice.


This comes with a small salad and miso soup.

You can request for a brown rice option, which is awesome for the health conscious/brown rice lovers.

Koji is super generous with their fish and the sashimi rice bowl has a decent variety. The fish quality is decently fresh, although I wouldn’t say it’s the freshest I had! But it’s still pretty delicious and worth given that there is a lot of fish!

This outlet is closing though, in early January. So please visit it for the last time pre-closure or make arrangements to visit another outlet!

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This was super delicious! A bowl of soupy goodness. The beef slices were tender and the beef balls were sufficiently Q with bite in them.

The kuay teow was also soft and the soup was tasty, with a herbal taste.

Try the chili, it’s super good with the noodles.

A friend informed me that the beef noodles at the shop is far more delicious than the beef noodles at the now closed Far East Square shop.

I have eaten here at least 4 times!

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The menu states that the Miyazaki is recognised as the ‘champion cow’, and for its tender texture and great dense meat taste. We ordered this to be done medium rare with the Ohmi, using our Entertainer 1-for-1 promotion.

The beef came in varying strips and chunks of beef. It was served with the special ginger dip, lime, fried garlic and salt at the side.

This is your melt in the mouth beef, and it was simply beautiful. It is not as chewy as the Ohmi. Go for this if you want tender beef! I really liked having it with a little ginger dip on a part of the beef, a little bit of lime and salt.

From the menu, the Ohmi is from the Shiga Prefecture and the only kind to have fats with viscosity. We ordered this to be done medium rare with the Miyazaki, using our Entertainer 1-for-1 promotion.

This was served in mostly long strips with the special ginger dip, lime, fried garlic and salt at the side.

I would recommend that you try the beef first, before using the dips.

This was more chewy than the Miyazaki, and delicious. I would say that the Ohmi has a more complex profile from its chewiness. I really liked having it with a little ginger dip on a part of the beef, a little bit of lime and salt.

A tasty traditional Bolognese dish that comes with a sous vide egg. The beef Bolognese is supposed to be infused with red wine.

It was quite yummy and easy to eat.

Ambience isn’t super good, so this would be a place to go if you are looking for mid-priced food/a slightly more expensive lunch.

P.S. it’s opposite Dopa Dopa so you can get your ice cream fix afterwards.

This is on Burpple beyond, which makes it super worth it!

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This is perfect comfort food! The tagliatelle was homemade and I really enjoyed the beef ragu sauce! It didn’t get overwhelming like some other beef ragu I had before, and I enjoyed this a lot! This is on entertainer!

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