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Tiffany Kang
Tiffany Kang

The italian food are authentic and amazing! Portion are generous and service are great! Love the crabmeat pasta and the seafood stew which is rich, flavorful and cockful of fresh seafood!

One staff took the efforts to return me my package when I left them at the shop. I totally forgot about it! Thank you for going beyond😊

This is the highlight of the dinner! The carbonara is extraordinary! Ask any Italian and she’ll tell you there is NO CREAM in a spaghetti carbonara. What gives this much-loved dish it’s creaminess are the eggs and parmesan cheese. Buon appetito!

Was expecting a bigger portion and better presentation. Disappointed with the food and the attitude of the owner when given feedback about the food portions.

You need a hard-hitter that seals the deal every time on the taste front. That one’s the Beef Braised Rice, hands down.

Some quality Angus has spent 16 hours stewing in a pot to deliver a tomato-based broth that is flavorful, refreshing and interesting with the beetroot flavours. 5/5

Sounds fancy, but the flavours did not deliver once again. Although the cafe claims that they have select their coffee beans with care, it was an ordinary coffee. Not worth the value.

King’s Chicken Hash Benedict –is indeed a fancy way to say gongbao chicken English muffins.

The gongbao chicken lacks flavours. The English muffin were so soggy when i tried to cut it. It was strange where does the hype comes from as it was a disappointment. Haven't tried bad burger bread in the longest time and disappointed to see Birds of a feather serving such lacklustre dishes.

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You need a flawless dinner to top off your day of being a boss. Beyoncé can do pretty, pervy, or punk; hamachi can wear tangy, spicy, and savory complements with equal ease.

Highly recommend!
By Munchies Staff


The garlic bread that comes with the soup really blew my mind. They should have this as a starter item on the menu because it's so good!


I think this pork rice ball is the best out of the Shabu Shabu set. It taste like your regular bimbimbap without the sauce. Really don't recommend the Shabu Shabu set at Masizzim and most probably won't recommend Masizzim to Korean foodie.

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Was having high hopes for their signature dish because of the raving Burpple reviews and advertisment.

You can taste the crabmeat chunks however it's bland. Maybe try other dishes when you're visiting it?

Visited for the first time and tried their Shabu Shabu set. Top up to $45++ for their double portion meat and feels that the set is not value for money.

The Shabu Shabu and quality of ingredients are pretty average given the price we are paying. You're not actually getting a savings out from the set.

The famous crab egg roll was not as good as expected too. Not sure whether to give this place a second try for their iconic stew when there are so many better Korean food places in town.

The restaurant manager was grumpy. Wanted to use Burpple Beyond for the 1 for 1 main course and decided to try their Shabu Shabu set that's not valid in Beyond. We're aware that the Shabu Shabu set was not included in the Beyond.

However, he kept trying to make his point that makes the experience uncomfortable.

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