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Pasta La Vista Baby 🍝

Pasta La Vista Baby 🍝

Ranging from pastas just to satisfy your cravings, all the way to pastas that send you straight to heaven. Check out these places for all your pasta needs!
Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee

If you’re ever in Jurong, do check out The Carving Board for restaurant quality food at affordable prices. I really love the atmosphere as it’s located at a coffee shop, non-pretentious, well-illuminated and bustling with fellow diners.

Whenever I’m there, I usually order the carbonara ($12). The pasta has a nice texture with bite and it’s loaded with many of the typical ingredients like a runny golden egg yolk, bacon and mushrooms.

I heard the steaks are great so that’ll be my next to-try dish there!

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How pasta was meant to be.

My dinner slot at Ben Fatto 95 was booked way back at the start of the year. Naturally, expectations for the meal were running high but I have to say, Chef Yum Hwa exceeded them.

There were four main pasta dishes and it was exciting to see how they varied so much. There was the hearty tortellinis in a chicken consommé, which I would consider as the perfect hangover dish. But the tortellinis were beautifully intricate that it’d be a shame if one was drunk and unable to admire them in their full glory. There was an amazing tortelli bathed in a deceptively simple sauce of butter and water. It had the perfect ratio of pasta to stuffing which was a rich mix of mascarpone and parmigiano-reggiano. There was the usual suspect, the ragu pappardelle which many consider king. It had a grittier texture than your usual run-of-the-mill pastas which allows the pasta to retain and absorb the sauce better.

However, my favourite would have to be what’s in the first picture. It’s a pasta that is relatively unknown to the world outside of Sardinia and that one day could possibly be lost. The squid ink lorighittas were coated in a lovely seafood bisque with chunks of octopus. The pasta apparently is the easiest to make but takes a heck lot of effort according to the chef. It has a wonderful softer bite and it retains so much of the wonderful bisque that makes it such a joy to eat.

It’s been a while since a meal conjured up so many emotions in me and I can’t wait for the opportunity to come back. I would probably need to wait another 6 months though.

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Definitely one of my favourite pastas!

If you had to order one pasta at Pasta Bar, it’ll be the tortelli. These hefty pillows were decadent to say the least. Each tortelli was stuffed with a generous amount of pumpkin and amaretti filling. The pasta was doused in a beautiful sage butter sauce that made each bite of the pasta most gratifying.

When we first ordered the dish at 8pm, we were informed that the kitchen had just served its last portion and that it was sold out. I was utterly devastated but by some wicked magic, the waiter returned to inform us that there were still two portions left. Thank goodness for us! My advice would be to try and reserve the pasta when you book a table? Or come earlier to avoid disappointment.


[LIMITED TIME ONLY TILL 2ND DEC] Handcrafted pastas that were made right in front of our eyes!

It’s a special occasion at Waterfall Ristorante Italiano of the @shangrilasg. The hotel flew Mamma Ria, the mother of restaurant manager, Andreano Carbotti, into Singapore from all the way in Italy!

I was fortunate enough to try all three pasta dishes that were exclusively made by Mamma Ria in true South Italian flair!

1. Homemade orecchiette pasta with braised stockyard Australian wagyu rayu. ($38++)
2. Homemade trottole pasta, grilled eggplant ricotta rolls and basil. ($32++)
3. Homemade cavatelli pasta with fresh seafood. ($35++)

Each of the three pasta dishes held a special place in my heart as they were amazing and had their own merits. The pasta integrated well with each of the sauces and had a bit of grit that reflected how raw and natural the pastas were crafted by hand. My favourite was definitely the wagyu ragu because the meat was so tender and hearty. Transported me back to my days in Italy.


Mentaiko always hits the spot.

After navigating the labyrinth which is Chinatown Complex Food Center, I’ve found @sutachi.sg.

Sutāchi is a Japanese-Italian food concept, providing restaurant quality food at hawker centre prices. On the menu, one can find a selection of rice bowls, noodle bowls or even bar bites that go well with the nearby craft beer stalls. What caught my eye was the salmon mentaiko pasta.

The pasta was definitely a looker with its vibrant pink hues of the salmon, golden runny yolk and that torched brown mentaiko. Couldn’t wait to dig in! After mixing everything, the spaghetti dish oozed with goodness as one could smell and taste the char of the mentaiko sauce. The salmon chunks were light and cooked well. Overall, it was a well-balanced dish in terms of taste and intensity as eating something this creamy, didn’t make one feel too glutted.

I’d definitely back for my mentaiko fix or even try the gyu donburi next!


Okay, I've gotta share with you what heaven is like.

Imagine being served authentic Italian free-flow pasta for two hours for only S$28++. It's hard to, right? But it exists.

At Capri Trattoria & Pizzeria, from Tue-Thu, lunch and dinner, they're doing a Giro Pasta and Pizza menu - free-flow pasta OR pizza for as low as S$28++ or S$25++ respectively with a minimum of four diners. From a menu of 13 different pasta dishes, they allowed us to order two pastas first and upon completion, we're allowed to order the next two and henceforth. We had a total of 16 pastas, a new record I believe.

The pastas are extremely good. My favourite out of my many favourites is the Fettucine alla Piemontese (U.P S$28++). The truffle and cream sauce is wonderfully delicate and it pairs so well with the salty bresaola beef slices. All the pasta is homemade, there's just no other way you can have it.

Pasta la vista, baby!


Always love a good pasta place!

Spaghetti bolognese is my all-time comfort foods (especially if they meatballs)! Sadly, no meatballs but Spagtacular’s take on the traditional bolognese but it has a lovely sous vide egg which when stirred in, gives much more bite to the pasta. I enjoyed the al dente texture of the spaghetti which is hard to come by for places at this affordable price point. Overall, a wonderful dish as I cleaned out the plate of every drop red wine infused beef bolognese sauce.

Also, #BurppleBeyond is available here so imagine getting a main for less than $10?! Definitely coming with a friend next time!


One of my favourites at Mondo Mio is the Gnocchetti in Salsa di Scampi. Besides the perfectly grilled prawns, the sauce which soaks the pasta is a beautiful rich seafood stock flavoured with scampi. You'll eat every single morsel from the plate (well, except the prawn shells!)

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One of the best Italian restaurants on my list.

Acqua e Farina (Italian for Water and Flour) recently opened its doors at Rail Mall in Bukit Timah. The restaurant is helmed by two chefs, natives of North and South Italy. That means you can get to experience the whole of Italian cuisine under one roof. Hahaha.

The reason why I enjoy this place so much is essentially the authenticity. You can experience the love put in the cooking just by tasting its food. Most of its ingredients are imported from Italy with the exception of some meats due to AVA restrictions.

One of my favourite dishes (it's hard to choose) is the Fettucine Nere alla Polpa di Granchio. It's homemade squid ink pasta with large Sri Lankan crab meat chunks tossed in tomato sauce and cream. The texture of the pasta has a nice bite to it and the crab is absolutely fresh. Licked the plate clean!!! #Burpproved

This amazing meal was hosted by Acqua e Farina. Thank you Burpple for the invite!


The Tagliatelle is one of those pastas that leaves you satisfied and guilt-free. The pasta is just right, neither too chewy nor too soft. It is perfectly portioned for one with a generous amount of duck confit shreds. The sautéed spinach still retains its flavour despite being doused in a wonderful thin buttery hazelnut cream.

There is no GST or service charge here but tips are welcomed!

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One of my favourites at @mischief.sg - the pulled pork fettuccine (S$23++). As it pulls up on the table, one can immediately distinctly smell the spicy chorizo sausages. The pasta holds firm even though it’s been doused in a watery tomato sauce. The think chunks of pulled pork and bits of bacon make this for a hearty meal.

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So wonderful that I literally shed a tear.

This is a dish to remember and will always be talked about. The handmade agnolotti with sweet corn, to put it crudely, is orgasmic. One bite into these fluffy pillows and you’ll taste the beautiful piping-hot but delicate amalgamation of Japanese sweet corn purée and soft mascarpone. It’s really hard to explain the experience but I just say you MUST have it if it’s in season. #burpproved