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Featuring Thaksin Beef Noodle (Clementi), Fish Mart SAKURAYA (Parkway Parade), Ben's Cookies (Wisma Atria), Kabe no Ana (Jurong Point), Fish Mart SAKURAYA (Anchorpoint), Bangkok Jam (Wheelock Place), Sushi Goshin (VivoCity), Pho Street (Bedok Mall), Buddy Hoagies (Djitsun Mall), ROYCE (Raffles City)
halfeaten (Ella)
halfeaten (Ella)
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Chose garden veggies + baked potato as the sides. Probably some of my favourite sides because the broccoli makes the meal feel healthy and the baked potato is so generous and worth it. The fish is not bad too, although it would be even nicer if grilled till crisp.

Price: $11.50

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Got this from the outlet at Funan Mall, which has a limited menu of only a few drinks. When I went, there were only 4 drinks and 3 toppings available.

I actually felt they use good quality chocolate. Reminded me of Meiji/Magnolia chocolate milk which I really like. You could probably get away with choosing a lower sugar level if you don't like your drink too sweet.

Price: $4.80

#halfeatenblog #milksha #chocolate #milk #bubbletea #burpple

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True to their name, the yoghurt is thick and creamy. 😂 Not usually a fan of yoghurt but I decided to try cuz the flavour was interesting and it was on sale. There was a saleslady who was very nice and let me try the vanilla & strawberry flavours, which were nice too! The strawberry even had real pieces of strawberry inside.

This didn't come with apricot pieces, but I liked that it was flavourful without being artificial or too sweet.

Price: $3.95 for 2 mini tubs

#halfeatenblog #thickandcreamy #yogurt #burpple #apricot

Swipe left to see pictures of the inside. Unagi and cucumber surrounded by sushi rice, torched salmon, tobiko and their sauce.
Reminds me of the shiok maki, except the crunch in this comes from cucumber instead of fried ebi, and the sauce is slightly more tangy.

Pretty decent and yummy, although just one step below the shiok maki in my opinion, because the sauce isn't as perfectly balanced 😉

Price: $16

#halfeatenblog #wasabitei #sushi #burpple

Just added some diced green apples into the mixture.

Tastes like a healthier alternative to your regular cupcake, while still being really moist and satisfying as dessert!! #halfeatenblog #carrotcake #muffin #baked #homecooked #burpple

They looked perfectly round and golden, and the exterior crust was crispy. However, I wasn't a huge fan of the crab cream inside. Prefer the croquettes sold at Isetan supermarket.

Price: $6 for 2 pieces

#halfeatenblog #isetan #croquette #Japanese #burpple

Have never heard of Korean Pizza before, but whatever it is - I like it.
Was a little apprehensive about the green tea dough but the green tea taste was light and not overwhelming at all. The dough was really chewy and fluffy. I don't usually finish my crusts but I ate every last bite!

I also loved the melty cheese and fresh tomato slices. They don't skimp on the cheese, which is great!

Definitely a great place for groups. Their pizzas come in regular (6 slices) and large sizes (8 slices). A large pizza is enough to share between 2 people and be super full. But they have Korean chicken too so be sure to save some space for that!! Price: $17.90 for large pizza (8 slices)

#halfeatenblog #pizzamaru #pizza #burpple

Bought this today cuz it was on sale in the supermarket and the packaging was pretty.
Would not recommend. It's sooooooo sweet. In fact, after a few spoonfuls my mouth feels so dry. Sure taught me not to judge a book by its cover. 😂

Price: $9.75 (normal price $12+) #halfeatenblog #icecream #vanilla #burpple

I felt that the mango taste was quite artificial. Will probably try their Chinese desserts next time instead.

Price: $5.50

#halfeatenblog #meiheongyuen #mango #shavedice #dessert #burpple

Got half coconut and half peanut.

Price: $2.10 for 3 pieces

#halfeatenblog #kuehtutu #snack #burpple

Ended up a little on the dry side so they didn't flatten out nicely. Thought they were gonna be dry and tasteless, but they were actually really crispy and yummy. Kind of like a crunchy oatmeal cookie. Yay!

Used the recipe from bestrecipes.com/au 😊

#halfeatenblog #halfeatenblogbakes #homebaked #homecooked #homecooking #burpple

Forgot the exact name but this was the first option under fried chicken on their menu.
The chicken was very tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. Tasted very fresh and not greasy at all. I also really liked the sauce! It looks a bit like chilli sauce but it wasn't spicy at all. In fact, I liked it so much that I was dipping my pizza dough in it after we finished all the chicken. I love that they give extra sauce on the side.

Price: $16.90 for 6 pieces

#halfeatenblog #pizzamaru #chicken #burpple

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