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Oodles of Noodles 🍜

Oodles of Noodles 🍜

A collection of slurp worthy noodles
Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee

Pretty damn good beef noodles

I’ve been looking all over for some good beef noodles since other places’ standards have been dropping. Glad to have come across The Beef Station and tried their Hainanese beef noodles (from $7) The beef slices are udder-ly tender and the sauce that comes with the dry version is magnificent. I’d like to add slices of chilli padi to give it a lil kick. My absolute favourite part is actually the broth that comes in a separate bowl. Every slurp just bursts with so much flavour. I’ll definitely be back to have more of my new favourite beef noodles.


Probably the best seafood hor fun I’ve had and naturally so as the dish was priced at a steep $18.

Don’t be too alarmed as the dish was meant to be shared among 2-3 persons. What I loved was the “wok hei” infusion in the rice noodles that not only enhanced the taste but the texture as well, one that has a good mix of starchy softness with burnt grit. The seafood used was incredibly fresh which was also evident in the superb dim sum. If I had $18 to drop like that, I’ll get this wok-fried hor fun with seafood and egg gravy in a jiffy.


One of the best san lou hor fun around!

I love eating at Ka Soh. You’ll know that you’re gonna have a great comforting bowl of noodles, no matter which one you order. It probably has to do with the restaurant being around for almost five decades.

I had its Ka-Soh signature san lou hor fun which can be shared or consumed by an hungry individual. I was the hungry individual. One can smell the noodles before it even arrives at your table due to its distinct wok hei aroma. The starchy noodles are packed with fresh fish slices and crunchy bean sprouts. Sprinkle some slices of green chili and you’ll have an awesome comforting dish.


Love the texture of these ramen noodles from Ajisai!

One of my favourite food courts in Singapore is Hokkaido Marche at the basement of Orchard Central because it houses everything Japanese. It’s always hard to choose what to eat and it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I was drawn by the sheer vibrancy of these yellow noodles and how customers slurp them up with little resistance. I ordered the Hakodate Chashumen ($15) which comes with more slides of tender chashu. The star however, is still the noodle. Soaked in that tasty clear broth, the QQ noodles really are a treat.


Satisfy your craving.

Been craving some Penang Char Kway Teow ($9+) and I finally got my fix at Penang Kitchen at Coronation. The noodles come piping hot and there’s a good amount of ingredients like prawn, Chinese sausage, egg and bean sprouts. The Chinese sausage’s flavour was kind of lost amidst the cooking process but everything else is pretty bang on. If come as a group, there are definitely sides worth trying like the homemade loh bak and rojak.


Doesn’t look like much but it’s one of my favourite things to eat.

J.B. San Lou Meehoon ($7/11/14) is a difficult dish to photograph. It’s as if your economic bee hoon for breakfast accidentally got flattened on your way to work but I can assure you, the taste is the complete opposite.

The meehoon is loaded with a wok hei flavour as it has absorbed the aromatic stock under short but intense heat. That results in a crispy exterior yet slightly soft interior. The flavour of the ingredients such as squid, prawns and vegetables is also enhanced due to the wok hei. Every table will have this dish because it’s that good and that addictive.


My first time trying Japanese dry ramen and I wish I had tried it sooner!

Upon mixing thoroughly, the noodles were glistening with oil, the golden egg yolk and Kajiken’s top secret sauce. The noodles itself was rich in flavour as I could taste a distinct blend of wheat that became accentuated with the addition of the sauce. It’s no wonder I slurped it all in an instant.

I had the mazesoba with all toppings that comes with an optional free upsize. The char siew was tender while the karaage was crisp. I’ve definitely fallen in love, for me, with a new Japanese dish.


When will I stop eating beef udon? NEVER!

Ventured for the first time into Marusaya at Robertson Quay for lunch. A good sign was that all the staff and all the patrons were Japanese! The restaurant offered a number of value-for-money lunch sets which a few of them caught my eye. It specialises in shabu shabu but I decided to go for an inexpensive option of the sukiyaki beef udon set.

The set included the sukiyaki beef udon and a poached egg, with the option to have it hot or cold, as well as to have a free upsize portion of udon or not. The set also included ohitashi (Japanese spinach salad), a vegetable appetiser, pickles, mini chawanmushi and dessert.

The beef slices were definitely superior to other udon establishments but the broth was too light even after the addition of bonito flakes. The udon was too al dente for me as I prefer it softer and chewier.

Overall, it was still a good bowl of udon but when I come back, I’ll definitely try the other sets. The restaurant was full but not overpacked for a Sunday lunch which made it a good option to bring the family.


One can’t go wrong dining at Treasures Yi Dian Xin by Imperial Treasure. Some dishes are great while others are excellent. For example, I had the stir fried Hong Kong kai lan with ginger & red wine ($18++) and it was the best version of kai lan I’ve ever had.

Another dish I particularly enjoyed is the braised hor fun with prawn & egg gravy ($18++). The hor fun noodles had a beautiful wok hei char. They were relentless with the amount of egg in the gravy added. Lastly, the prawns were fresh, huge, plump and crunchy.

The hor fun dish is good for sharing between 2-3 persons but of course, I can finish a plate all by myself 😉.


Finally got to try Dumpling Darlings

It’s been on my wish list for sometime now and probably on many others’ as well considering I had to queue for half an hour to get a seat for two during lunch hour. They’re on Burpple Beyond which offers 1-for-1 set lunches and mains which makes this all the more worth trying.

The set lunches ($16++) offer a variation of egg noodle bowls and dumplings. I tried the miso mushroom noodles because I love braised mushrooms with my noodles as it adds a bit of sweet and salty. The chilled flavoured egg is also a nice complement.

Also included in the set is a serving of four dumplings. I opted for the unique fried pierogis which is a typical dumpling dish in Central Europe. Dumpling Darling’s rendition has a filling made of smoked bacon, smooth truffle potato, cheddar cheese, and caramelised onions. It’s served with a daring spicy sriracha sauce.

Lastly, the set includes a refreshing drink of pu-erh, tea or soda. Super value-for-money if you’re on Burpple Beyond*.

*The cashier informed us that they’ll appreciate it if customers could inform them if they’re using Burpple Beyond upon ordering to help them with the payment process!

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Halal-certified udon joint in the heart of the CBD!

In the “The Basement”, a newly renovated F&B and shopping space in the Hong Leong Building, houses Chef Teppei Yamashita’s latest concept, Fu-Men.

Fu-Men prides itself in being a halal-certified establishment and also for Fukuoka cuisine as it serves Hakata udon. Hakata udon is thinner than sanuki udon (think Tamoya, Marugame) and less chewy.

I had the premium beef udon, $15 (or $8.50 for half a bowl) and what I loved about it was the clear broth that was light and less salty. The broth was made with light soy sauce, flying fish, dried anchovies, dried bonito and kelp.

It is indeed a tad pricey but for being right smack in the CBD, it’s pretty reasonable.

Perfect for the colder, rainy weather we’re currently having.

It was colder than usual and I wanted something to warm the body and the soul. So I dived right into Ramen Keisuke Kani King which specialises in ramen with crab broth. I opted for the rich soup with the flavoured egg ($15.90++) and the broth was love at first slurp. The pork was tender and the ramen had a good texture as what you can normally expect from all Keisuke concepts. Which is better, crab broth or lobster broth? It’s subjective. Some can only take lobster broth for so long before the richness overwhelms them while crab is easier to manage but lobster does still taste lavish and hearty which I do love once in a while.

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