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Miso Hungry 🇯🇵

Miso Hungry 🇯🇵

A collection of places where one can have my ultimate favourite cuisine, Japanese!
Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee

Been intrigued with this place and white curry and finally gave it a try.

And I’m impressed! Can’t believe I didn’t try it sooner. Their best seller, crunchy chicken katsu set was a delight. With a juicy and uniformly cooked chicken breast, it has an amazing crispy exterior that is achieved by frying at 160°C for 3.8 minutes. How scientific can they get. Despite how light the curry appears, it’s still packed with flavour.

Another great part about ordering the set is that it comes with truffle chawanmushi and refillable soup, rice and CURRY! Will definitely be back if I’m ever at Millenia Walk.

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Have always wanted to try Umi Nami out because of Burpple Beyond.

And I finally have! The food’s pretty good and thankfully there’s 1-for-1 thanks to #BurppleBeyond. I’m uncertain if I would get the Salmon Ikura Don without the deal because $25 seems pretty pricey for the petite bowl of cubed salmon and roe.

There are, however, more affordable bowls which include those that caught my eye such as the hamachi don and aburi scallop salmon don. I’ll definitely be back to try those!


Love the texture of these ramen noodles from Ajisai!

One of my favourite food courts in Singapore is Hokkaido Marche at the basement of Orchard Central because it houses everything Japanese. It’s always hard to choose what to eat and it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I was drawn by the sheer vibrancy of these yellow noodles and how customers slurp them up with little resistance. I ordered the Hakodate Chashumen ($15) which comes with more slides of tender chashu. The star however, is still the noodle. Soaked in that tasty clear broth, the QQ noodles really are a treat.

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One of my new favourite places!

I spent Valentine’s Day dinner at The Gyu Bar and I was amazed at the food and the service offered! I opted for the chef’s omakase ($138++) which was described in the menu as a 10-course gastronomical journey. Well, the meal really lived up to its description as each course was a marvel of its own, and a story to tell as the chefs meticulously tell us about each dish and its origins. There were ooh’s and ahh’s aplenty as we tried the various cuts of beef that melted in the mouth.

$138++ for 10 courses at this level of quality, culinary expertise and service is hard to come by! Can’t wait to come back!


Still my favourite tendon haunt.

Tendon Kohaku in my opinion serves the best tendon. For $15++, one gets a large variety of tempura that are thick, juicy and crisp. The queue and Suntec is still long! Will try to satisfy cravings at their Chinatown Point outlet!


My first time trying Japanese dry ramen and I wish I had tried it sooner!

Upon mixing thoroughly, the noodles were glistening with oil, the golden egg yolk and Kajiken’s top secret sauce. The noodles itself was rich in flavour as I could taste a distinct blend of wheat that became accentuated with the addition of the sauce. It’s no wonder I slurped it all in an instant.

I had the mazesoba with all toppings that comes with an optional free upsize. The char siew was tender while the karaage was crisp. I’ve definitely fallen in love, for me, with a new Japanese dish.


My favourite tendon haunt launches its new winter tendon today!

Tendon is one of my all-time favourite comfort foods and I think no better place does it than Tendon Kohaku. The quality of the ingredients, the crisp but non-oily batter as well as its signature sweet sauce are all factors to its success.

This season, the restaurant is introducing its new winter dish, “Winter Ocean Treasures” that will be available for only three months. What’s innovative with this dish is the introduction of monkfish liver, a first for tendons. It’s especially popular during winter in Japan and taste and texture are commonly compared similarly to foie gras. Many usually consume it raw or cooked in a broth but rarely in tempura form!

The seasonal tendon that goes for $21++ also comes up with Alaskan snow crab leg, prawn, dory, squid, Japanese fish cake with mentaiko, king crab stick and topped with USA ikura. I’d really recommend anyone who loves tempura or tendons to try this delectable dish.


A mountain of beef offals on top a mountain of sliced meat on top a mountain of vegetables!

This crazy gigantic mountain in a pan is what the Japanese call “chirotori” which translates to dustpan because it looks like it’s served in one.

For the sliced meat, one can choose between beef ($18 small, $34 large) or pork ($16 small, $30 large). After the stove is switched on, the mountain slowly crumbles into the brown sweet sauce where everything simmers to a beautiful stew.

The beef wagyu offals stew to become these plump, slightly translucent nuggets of love. With each offal tasting like fat of a great steak with that melt-in-the-mouth texture. I’d really recommend this dish and also to add on the cheese curry risotto which transforms this dish and gives it new life!


[NEW WINTER MENU] Where has this been all my life?

I’m gonna be honest, I’ve never had kushikatsu in my life before until my visit to Kushikatsu Tanaka this week. Well, what can I say but I wish I had tried it sooner!

Kushikatsu is deep-fried skewered meat, fish or veggies. Why Kushikatsu Tanaka’s kushis tasted so good was most probably because of its secret preparation method as well as its secret formulae for the batter and dipping sauce. The skewers were covered with the restaurant’s own brand finely-ground panko crumbs that’s imported from Japan, where the brand has about 170 shops! The skewers were then fried in a unique blend of oil that contains beef fats. (WHAT?!) This resulted in the fried skewers having a distinctive crisp and light taste that most importantly, wasn’t too oily and kept me wanting to have more!

Recently, Kushikatsu Tanaka introduced its winter menu which includes snow crab leg, spicy flounder and leek kushis which all I would highly recommend. Each kushi cost between $1-2.50 except the winter exclusive snow crab leg which was $4


When will I stop eating beef udon? NEVER!

Ventured for the first time into Marusaya at Robertson Quay for lunch. A good sign was that all the staff and all the patrons were Japanese! The restaurant offered a number of value-for-money lunch sets which a few of them caught my eye. It specialises in shabu shabu but I decided to go for an inexpensive option of the sukiyaki beef udon set.

The set included the sukiyaki beef udon and a poached egg, with the option to have it hot or cold, as well as to have a free upsize portion of udon or not. The set also included ohitashi (Japanese spinach salad), a vegetable appetiser, pickles, mini chawanmushi and dessert.

The beef slices were definitely superior to other udon establishments but the broth was too light even after the addition of bonito flakes. The udon was too al dente for me as I prefer it softer and chewier.

Overall, it was still a good bowl of udon but when I come back, I’ll definitely try the other sets. The restaurant was full but not overpacked for a Sunday lunch which made it a good option to bring the family.

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Halal-certified udon joint in the heart of the CBD!

In the “The Basement”, a newly renovated F&B and shopping space in the Hong Leong Building, houses Chef Teppei Yamashita’s latest concept, Fu-Men.

Fu-Men prides itself in being a halal-certified establishment and also for Fukuoka cuisine as it serves Hakata udon. Hakata udon is thinner than sanuki udon (think Tamoya, Marugame) and less chewy.

I had the premium beef udon, $15 (or $8.50 for half a bowl) and what I loved about it was the clear broth that was light and less salty. The broth was made with light soy sauce, flying fish, dried anchovies, dried bonito and kelp.

It is indeed a tad pricey but for being right smack in the CBD, it’s pretty reasonable.

My favourite Japanese quick fix in Chinatown.

Whenever I’m near Chinatown Complex and craving Japanese, I’m sure to come to Kazan. It offers a whole range of bento boxes that’s really bang for your buck.

One of the top sellers is the chicken teriyaki set. In the set, you get a sizeable portion of crispy fried chicken doused in a sweet teriyaki sauce on a bed of shredded lettuce, julienned Japanese pickles, a potent miso soup, a dollop of kewpie mayo and of course, Japanese rice. I’m also amazed at how fluffy and loose the Japanese rice was that I could just eat it on its own. For $5, that’s really insane value.


I look at the number of posts, then I look at my stomach and I realise my body is a machine.

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