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Worth The Gram😎😎

Worth The Gram😎😎

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Angie Poh
Angie Poh
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Hard to believe but it was first time trying tissue prata and teh haliya and it’s become my go to from now on!! Teh haliya is basically milk tea with ginger. Ginger in milk tea sounded abit dubious at first but after trying it it’s like wow Who knew spicy milk tea was actually good?? The tissue prata is basically a thinner crispier version of the normal prata shaped in a cone. Tissue prata is the best, like honestly buttery, sugary goodness, I don’t care if you say it’s a dessert it’s a damn solid prata meal to me😉😉 Also, the thing is humongous like I think it’s as big as my face and wrapped around at least 2-3 layers so it’s a good idea to share. Plus... it’s a 24hr prata place so you can get your prata fix at all hours!! You’re welcome;))
#prata #sgcafefood #tehhaliya #tissueprata #dinner #supperfood #sgfoodies #burpple #burpplesg

Honestly, rainy days are like the best to eat soups and herbal things. Somehow, I just keep going back to this place for the duck. Ok fine ya know what, rain is just an excuse, honestly if I can eat this everyday, I will. The herbal taste of the Angelica herbs is flavourful but does not mask the roasted flavour of the duck. They are really generous with the sauce and omg the sauce is 🤯🤯 like it just somehow goes well with everything!! From rice to noodles to the duck meat to even the garnishing I seriously just love the sauce, it’s just so good. Like it’s herbal-y, not too salty, with just the right thickness to cover the juicy piece of duck.🤤🤤I also feel that we should have a special mention for the chilli because omg the chilli is like sour and spicy with a hint of sweetness, I lived the pairing of it with the duck omg it’s just heavenly. This just makes you have that wholesome feel that only certain dishes can invoke. I don’t normally eat duck skin(ya know cuz fats ehehe) but this particular dish makes me break all my rules, I mean 1-2 skins won’t hurt😉😉
Angelica herb duck(small portion)
#rainydayfood #duck #grilledduck #herbalduck #sgfoodlover #sgfood #dianxiaoer #burpple #burpplesg

The matcha was not as sweet as I thought it would be so it’s worth the money folks!!
As for the Assam milk tea, I really liked this somehow even tho the name Assam was abit suspicious at first, like I know Assam fishhead and Assam prawns but Assam tea?!?!? So’s not really an Assam flavour, but like, imagine oolong, but with a deeper tea flavour. I really liked it as a milk tea, even though it’s like mixed with the milk, I can still taste the tea unlike others you either taste the milk or taste the tea. For this, it just comes together really nicely.
The only thing about the place is that there’s a fixed amount of ice and sugar level(for the deerioka drinks) and it’ll be great if there’s more flexibility but nonetheless, it’s a good addition to the list of go-to bbtea stores!!
Matcha deerioka ($6.3)
Assam milk tea($3.3)
#matcha #bubbletea #assammilktea #thealley #jewel #teatime #burpple #burpplesg #sgcafes #sgfoodies

The sauce was a sticky teriyaki and was not so overpowering like on other places(maybe that’s why it’s healthier??). the Japanese seasoning in top of the unagi made a good garnish, along with the pickles and sliced cucumbers. However, the portion size could be abit bigger, as I had a lot of rice left over after finishing the ingredients. Was also disappointed that they did not have tamago even though it was listed as part of the meal on the day we went despite it being 11:40ish am. The rice is still the best paired with the sauce and the ambiance of the place is perfect for a chill early lunch.
Unagi bowl($6.9 with eatigo)
#unagi #unagidon #sgcafefood #lunch #eatigo #sgfoodlover #burpple #burpplesg #superfudo

We ended up with getting Earl grey lavender and pistachio flavours. It was my first time trying the pistachio and I really loved the fragrance of the pistachio nut incorporated with the soft serve. The lotus biscuit bits have it a nice crunchiness and nutty texture. However, IMO the earl grey lavender is still my fav, with its classically smooth texture and subtle tea flavours, coupled with the sweet and fragrant lavender. The charcoal cone was also really good, and it was not as sweet as the other cones, allowing the flavour of the soft serve to play out. Not to mention all the toppings!! Love the almond brittle in the earl grey lavender and I’m already looking forward to my next visit!!
#softserve #earlgreylavender #pistachio #sundayfolks #sgcafefood #desserts #sweettooth #sgcafes #burpple #burpplebeyond #burpplesg

We chose the Sichuan and the braised pork flavoured noodles, with sides of pierogi dumplings and Smoked duck dumplings. The noodles had the perfect texture, really chewy and not too oily. I preferred the Sichuan flavour, as it had a mild hint of spice and some crispy bits inside. I must say I liked the eggs as I am a big fan of those hanjuku eggs with leaky middles. The smoked duck dumplings were wrapped with a gyoza-like shell and filled with bits of duck and veggie. It was my first time trying pierogi and I’m really surprised that these are filled with truffle potato. The skin had more of a doughy, crispy feel. I actually quite like these and might order them again the next time I come. The sriracha cream served together was a really good sauce to complement its creamy filling. For the drinks, the grapefruit thyme green tea was mainly dominated by the sour grapefruit, making it a refreshing complement to the meal. The osmantus longan lime drink was really unusual, with more tea undertones. There was also osmantus jelly added, which had a more agar like texture. Both drinks were really more on the less sweet side, relying more on the natural flavours of the stuff added.
I’ve heard others say the portion is abit small but to me it’s honestly a really good sharing portion. I left feeling like it was just just nice(not too full not hungry either) and it’s probably going to be a place I go with friends to just eat a chill lunch!!:))
#dumplings #ramen #noodles #pierogi #lunch #burpple #burpplebeyond #burpplesg #sgcafes #sgcafefood

The ambiance of the place was really nice and the food served had a hearty touch, especially so since it was a rainy day. Ok since we tried a few dishes this review might take awhile eheheh but I’ll try to make it worthwhile:)) Prawn alio olio($18).
Linguine was al Dante, but a little on the spicier side, hence it’s actually more manageable when shared. However, they were really generous with the prawns and the proportions of ingredients to pasta was just right.
Chicken stew($16)
I found it more on the potatoey?? side, like it has a thicker consistency comapref to others I’ve tried, with various ingredients added like potato, carrots and celery. I actually liked the pairing of the stew with the multigrain bread given on the side.
Tomato egg stew($13)
This was the perfect combo of spicy and tangy in a broth, it’s not as spicy compared to the alio olio, but more on the peppery side. The egg was also runny which I liked and I’m pleasantly surprised by the addition of yogurt in the stew, really gives it a more sour kick. I asked for replacement of the cider sausages for sautéed mushrooms as I don’t really eat sausage, but if any of y’all have tried,do let me know!! Ok that’s all folks ahaha if y’all know any good cafes to chill, hang out and drink coffee do tell!!:)) #lunch #alioolio #chickenstew #tomatostew #cafes #sgcafes #goodfoodgoodcompany #rainydays #burpple #burpplesg #sgfoodies

Sunday folks is mostly known for its soft serves and waffles but it never hurts to explore!! The mocha was fairly aromatic, with the coffee taste playing out more than the chocolate. It was more on the less sweet side,which I liked due to the fact that I was quite caffeine deprived. However for the sweet tooth’s the almond brittle did make up for it so I Guess it’s a cup for everyone!! I love the ambiance of the place and it will always be an all time fav cafe to hang out and chill😎😎
#coffee #mocha #relax #afternoons #sundayfolks #sgcafes #sgcafe #sgfoodies #coffeelover #breaks #burpple #burpplesg

When we spotted this on the electronic board I knew it was it!! ok anyways @chulovesg has recently released a line of soft serves to go with the churros, coming in 3 flavours(strawberry, chocolate hazelnut and mixed) with a churro of any flavour. We chose the Pistachio almond churro(dipped in white choc then coated with the pistachio bits) and mixed swirl. The strawberry flavour somehow reminded me of strawberry pocky, and the chocolate has subtle hazelnut taste, like in between Hershey’s choc sauce and Nutella. However, what we found when watching then fry the churros was that it was pre-made, but somehow... it was actually really good like it’s chewy on the inside and so crisp on the outside. Pair that with the layer of topping and a scoop of soft me, $4.90 for this is honestly super worth it and the ambiance is quite nice too(Esp for photos;)), just go on the hours that not many will go as the space can be abit small.
#churros #dessert #softserve #strawberry #chocolate #pistachio #sgcafes #sgcafefood #sgfood #sgfoodie #burpple #burpplesg

Well finals have been a roller coaster and I feel like I just came back from some alienic country but what’s up guys ahahaha sorry I haven’t been posting for awhile but summer break is one paper away and I can’t wait to honestly gorge myself after this hellish semester. Anyways, to celebrate the fact that there only 1 more paper left, there’s honestly no other way than treating ourselves to some wholesome soft serve. Somehow we always end up @matchayasg 😂😂 we used burpple beyond for the Kaiseki and I actually liked the fact that the toppings were so artfully placed on the platter!! Unlike the parfait, you can actually choose what combi of topping you want for each mouthful, which I really liked. Also we could actually choose to taste the lighter tasting toppings with the soft serve first. Ok so in sequence IMO its the rice puffs then the warabi(has more of a jelly like consistency) then the dango then the red bean then finish off with the Nama chocolate pieces😍😍. It was a real good experience and honestly now with burpple beyond I’m gonna be spoilt for choice at matchaya, without it we will probably never try this and just get the standard soft serve😏😏 oh yes and before we go back to the labouring, HAVE A NICE BREAK FOLKS!! #blacksesame #matchaya #softserve #blacksesamesoftserve #dango #warabimochi #examseason #studybreak #burpplebeyond #burpple #burpplesg #sgcafes #sgcafefood #sggoodies #sgfoodies

The way they fry the carrot cake is such that the egg is coated evenly among all the pieces, however somehow it stays crisp on the outside and chewy and moist on the inside when you bite into it!!😱😱 Since we are always squabbling over which flavour we should get I have found the perfect solution: GET BOTH;))
Black and white($4)
#friedcarrotcake #carrotcake #sghawkerfood #breakfast #sgfoodies #cravings #sgfood #fatpotatoluvs #burpple #burpplesg #burpplesghawkerfare

I need a cuppa -
This thick dark hot chocolate really works as a pick me up to the long week ahead. Im just abit sad it didn’t come with the typical marshmallows at the side, but I like the touch of cocoa powder on top of the latte art. The texture is both creamy and rich chocolaty, and you can see why people are willing to go the extra mile for this over a convenient instant hot chocolate mix. Probably an indulgence but an amazing one at that!!
#hotchocolate #chocolate #mornings #sgcafefood #cafesg #brunch #breakfast #cuppa #latteart #burpple #burpplesg

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