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Worth The Gram😎😎

Worth The Gram😎😎

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Angie Poh
Angie Poh

FINALLY after idk how many months, I found the time(and company;)) to go and try out the scoops from !! I really liked that there were soo many flavours to choose from (even though only 2 were non-premium flavours), from earthly hojicha and some paddle pop looking rainbow flavour to some really buttery pistachio. We were more In the mood for the earthly one so we got hojicha and the golden and black sesame. Honestly, I chose the sesame over pistachio because I’d wanted to try what exactly is “golden sesame”. Turns out, it’s a lighter version of the black sesame but still as aromatic. The hojicha also had the signature roasted flavour which was really nice. The 2 scoops really melded well together and I left feeling very satisfied (unbelievably so) even with only 1 scoop for each of us. The price point is definitely a plus point along with the nice vibes and ambiance of the small cafe. Would be back for the quiet aftnoons and quality guilty pleasures!!:))
🦷: 👆🏻hojicha, 👇🏻golden and black sesame — $4.6 for both (1-1 on burpple)
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The sweet potato swirl was unexpectedly smooth, but I think due to refrigeration the outer layer tasted abit thicker than the inner layer. The flavour was still good nonetheless!! I love the subtle sweetness of the sweet potato paste and how it came together with the fragrant almond chantilly cream inside. and right below the almond was... MORE SWEET POTATO!! (As u can see from the damage done in the second pic 😜😜) This one had more fibre?? In it and I felt that the taste of this layer played out more. The piping on the tart is also quite aesthetic and honestly that’s what led me to buying this instead of the rest of the stuff on display in the first place. There’s also a sponge right above the tart shell that blended in nicely but I can’t really taste much when eaten on its own. The tart shell was so hard omg was so scared to damage the whole thing with the fork cuz every poke took some intense effort😂 but that just shows how crunchy and crumbly it is when eaten😏. Overall, it was a great first try at the new matchaya and I really look forward to going back and trying the other things!! Any particular recommendations😎??
🦷: Purple sweet potato tart — $8.50
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When I tried it separately from the matcha, the subtle undertones were really playing out but somehow, I like it together with the matcha eh. I’ve read reviews that separate it but for me, I just like the combi of both types of tea. The hojicha balances out the intensity of the matcha quite nicely, with the “oh wow” taste of matcha while still allowing the hojicha fragrance to pan out. Well the matcha chocolate crunch was fantastic as before and the matcha still packs a punch which still blows me away( but in a gd way;)) Quite sad the parfait this time didn’t come with the cheesecake/roll cake included but either way, I’m soo looking forward to having them back in SG and getting a much needed authentic matcha fix(heard it’s gonna be next Feb? I’m so ready anyways AHAHAH)
Shoutout to those working behind the scenes tho!! I loved the smiley attitude they had amidst the crowds and the snapping cameras great job and hope to see y’all soon!!
🦷: Matcha hojicha swirl
$7+1[for choco crunch]
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However for the number of people queuing I think it’s quite fast eheheh Anyways omg the taste is mindblowing(not that I would expect less for Michelin hawker food) but omg it has ruined me for all other hawker centre dumplings. The guo tie( pan fried dumplings) were my personal favourite!! I love the fact that the dumplings were not just bursting with fillings, soup but also the flavour of the chives were heavenly🌿!! Like the whole thing, together with the ginger slices and vinegar was like me being transported to some dumpling party in China Soo Soo good!! The Xiao Long baos were also really good, I feel like comparing with others sold in the Hawker centres.. it’s like more of a ding tai fung/Timhowan standard because of the flavour and the fragrance of the broth in the dumpling itself. Side note, if you are really intending to queue do get a drink while waiting eheh it really makes the wait feel much shorter🙃🙃
Xiao Long Bao — $6.50
Guo tie — $6.50
#xiaolongbao #guotie #dumplings #sghawkerfood #sgfoodies #michelinguide #chinatowncomplexfoodcentre #kretaayerfoodcentre #burpple #burpplesg #burpplesghawkerfare

I mean who could say no to huge, crispy Taiwanese flatbread-pancakes thingys😍😍. It was really cool watching them being made and even better eating them hehe I love hearing the crunch every time I break off a piece.

Flavour wise, the one I bought was brown sugar red bean, but I didn’t really taste a distinctive brown sugar taste. I felt that the brown sugar more of enhanced the sweetness of the red bean filling which made the thing actually not just a great snack, but a nice warm dessert option as well!! There was also a distinctive fragrant sesame taste thanks to the sprinkle of sesame seeds on the top.

The outer shell was so crispy on the edges omg I can’t stop talking about the crispy, can’t blame me for peeling off the edges before eating the inner sweet chewy core before it gets cool!! The inner filling was more of a paste like texture surrounded by chewy dough, but the dough was really thin around the filling so it’s actually not as jelat as you think:)) Each piece is freshly made upon order so do be careful as its really hot when u first receive it!!
Brown sugar red bean — $2.6
#brownsugarredbean #pancake #freshlymade #funansg #ahganguokui #snack #burpple #burpplesg #sgfoodie #sgcafes

The sashimi was so fresh!! Like the table I was at was facing the Chef slicing the flesh fresh from the fish!! Got the Chef’s bowl to be able to taste the variety of fish. It includes swordfish, octopus, the usual salmon, tuna, miso marinated scallops and others that I couldn’t really name but was so good!! To me, the shrimp had an exceptionally good texture, love the seared slices and marinated fish. The meal included green tea(which was the thick, quality kind!!), a side of marinated fish, salad and a dessert( for that day, it was a fragrant coffee pudding). Ambiance was great and portion generous for the price point, really 5 stars!!
Chef’s bowl — 22.9
#sashimi #sashimidon #japfood #treat #lunch #fresh #burpple #burpplesg #sgfoodie #sgjapfood #clarkequay

Finally got the chance when Family mart in jb had a Mediterranean Sea salt flavour!! Pair that mildly salty and milky taste with the buttery caramel popcorn from @eureka_snack_popcorn and we have the winning dessert!! Only thing was the soft serve melted really fast(as you can see in the pic😭) so I had to hurriedly put on the popcorn and snap a memo pic!! The charcoal cone was a nice touch to the whole dessert. Guess how much?;))
My version ~~ 1sgd in all🍦+🍿
Eureka moment yet😉
#seasaltsoftserve #seasalt #softserve #popcorn #dessert #jbfood #creations #burpple #sgfoodie #travels

Honestly it was more of curiosity as well as the sound of the chicken chop being fried that let us into this, but I think we just found another Jem in Changi village!! This plate of chicken chop kuay tiao had an gravy base that coated the noodles really nicely, leaving you wanting another mouthful. The chicken chop was fried to a golden brown colour and crisp on the outside juicy in the middle. I was also pleasantly surprised that there is not much fat on this so kudos to them!! The chilli was so good with the noodles omg you can’t really see it from the pic due to its dark red hues but it really makes the gravy have a less jelat texture(if u get what I mean) due to the spice, which was just right for me. Honestly now that I think about it it’s the same price as the standard plate of nasi lemak(which is without the otah) so I think if I had to choose, I might actually go with this instead!!
Chicken chop kuay tiao — 3.50
#chickenchop #noodles #sghawkerfood #changivillagehawker #changivillage #brunch #sgfood #burpple #burpplesg #burpplesghawkerfare #sgfoodies

This matcha float consisted of a refreshing ice blended matcha base and a matcha soft serve. I found the soft serve here not as intense as other stores, but smoother and milkier, with an authentic matcha taste nonetheless. The base actually paired up really well with the soft serve and even after we finished the ice cream portion it gave a nice unsweetened matcha aftertaste (it’s just fun to scoop the soft serve instead of slurp it down with everything else;)) All in all it was nice service, great company and even better matcha. Really made my day😘😘
#matcha #matchasoftserve #softserve #hotdays #refreshing #tsujiri #sgcafes #sgfoodies #dessert #burpple

1st pic: coconut cookies
Technically it’s more like a kueh/ chewy dessert thing due to the mochi texture. I really absolutely loved the coconut flakes inside omg it was really crunchy and added texture to the dessert!! I also liked that it’s cooked on a skillet omg the sizzle just made me wanna but another one. Omg and isn’t the banana leaf bowl cute!!!😍😍
2nd pic: lottee pancake
It’s basically prata x crepe fillings. I really liked that it came with so many flavours to choose from!! Texture wise, it’s thinner than prata, more chewy compared to crepe. The one we bought was Nutella, banana, coconut and milk. I really loved how the coconut just tied everything together, usually it’s the Nutella but like for this the coconut brought out the chocolate hazelnut of Nutella, the milkyness of the condensed milk drizzle and the banana really if you ever go this is MUST TRY!!!
#streetfood #laosstreetfood #coconut #nutella #banana #laosfood #nightmarket #travels #adventures #burpple #sgfoodie

However, I felt that the bun was abit dry and could be better of it’s toasted longer to make the inside have a crisper feel. The cheese was nicely melted and for the price point really, it’s damn worth it:))
#burger #fries #porkburger #porkpatty #loasfood #travels #adventures #cheap #burpple

Probably first but definitely not the last mookata experience for me heheh I haven’t really tried those in SG so I asked a Friend of mine and she said the SG one more flavourful(issit msg🤔🤔) but I actually like this version very much!! Like the meat tasted fresh and the portions were so generous for the price point. AND THE GRILL WAS CHARCOAL!!!!! Somehow to me charcoal just enhanced the whole experience😂😂 the soup kinda tasted like chicken broth and veggies which honestly was a nice complement to the meat and the intense sauces. I would say that grilling the meat with garlic, chilli padi and lime juice was the best decision we made in the entire meal(besides ordering 4 large portions of meat) and I think this is gonna rival kbbq from now on;))
#mookata #laos #laosfood #grill #charcoal #charcoalgrill #grilledmeat #sgfoodie #travels #burpple

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