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Worth The Gram😎😎

Worth The Gram😎😎

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Angie Poh
Angie Poh
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I need a cuppa -
This thick dark hot chocolate really works as a pick me up to the long week ahead. Im just abit sad it didn’t come with the typical marshmallows at the side, but I like the touch of cocoa powder on top of the latte art. The texture is both creamy and rich chocolaty, and you can see why people are willing to go the extra mile for this over a convenient instant hot chocolate mix. Probably an indulgence but an amazing one at that!!
#hotchocolate #chocolate #mornings #sgcafefood #cafesg #brunch #breakfast #cuppa #latteart #burpple #burpplesg

Pair that with 2 leaky sunny side ups.. it’s really what weekend dreams were made of...I’m so missing this right now as we are in midweek with a assignments and finals coming up ahhhhh btw, If the waitress ever asks you if you want to toast the bagel, just say toast, it’s makes a hell of a difference;))
#bagel #sundays #brunch #brunchdreams #sunnysideup #cheese #cheesepull #newyorker #schmear #burpple #burpplesg #sgcafe #sgcafefood #sgfoodies

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Decided to try something different from the usual açai!! Ok it’s about the same but this acai soft serve is icier than usual açai, with more of a sorbet like texture and flavour. The tiny cafe actually provides a variety of toppings, including superfoods and cocoa nibs, but somehow the walnuts went really well with the açai!! Psss.. there’s student promo,2 for $10😏😏 abit out of the way but really worth it.
#acai #acaisorbet #softserve #theacaicraft #sgfood #sgfoodies #foodjournal #fooddiary #dessert #afternoons #studybreak #burpple #burpplesg

FINALLY got to try out Apiary!!!couldn’t resist the waffles with Blue milk(butterfly pea flowers,tastes like sea salt)and caramelised strawberry(tastes like sweet version of strawberry milk with strawberry seeds in it). The waffle had a nuttier texture than others I’ve tried and the ice cream is the smoothest I’ve encountered. ($12.50) Anddd the colours are SO PRETTY!!kinda regrets not getting pistachio just to make it a trio but issok,excuse to go again😏😏
#icecream #dessert #icecreamwaffles #bluemilk #caramelisedstrawberry #drizzle #sgcafefood #sgfoodlover #apiarysg #burpple #burpplesg

Ok let’s start with the coconut sorbet:) imo, it paired better with the almond butter than the açai maybe due to its slightly nutty taste. Also the coconut taste wasn’t so overpowering that I really enjoyed it!! I found the açai to be less sweet compared to project açai(maybe because of the toppings) The interior of the place was quite cosy and I like the fact that the dining area has like some sort of a balcony overlooking the serving area😁😁 There’s no better way to go healthy than when you don’t even feel like you are eating healthy because this is just so good😝😝 Ps: if u want an açai with intense toppings this is it;)) no need look anymore

Photo credits to @tehbingreviews(for helping me adjust the lighting while balancing my precious😁😁)
#acai #acaibowl #anacaiaffair #thrive #thomsonfood #lunch #dessert #healthfood #goodfood #burpple #burpplesg #sgcafefood #sgcafes #obsession #newcravings

If you are in the city and are abit sick of the typical same old food, maybe it time to try this!! There is enough variety in the menu to find someone you like, we got seafood Tom yum soup, pad thai(the usual) and some sweet chilli fried fish dish. The sweet chilli on the fish was sweet, but it also was so spicy omg the spice come after the first few mouthfuls so I suggest you eat it with the pad Thai. The pad Thai was abit dry imo but still good!! The best out of all is the Tom yum soup,omg I love the fragrance of the lemongrass and the portion is enough to share among 3 people(2 if you both are hungry:)) the Tom yum had enough kicked and paired well with everything, if I were to only order 1 thing it will be this. It’s also not too spicy, so you can actually finish off a bowl without feeling too knocked out. Oh and the lighting is really good to take pics just saying;))
#sgthaifood #tomyum #padthai #dinner #worthit #cheapandgood #spicy #burpple #burpplesg #sgfoodie #sgcafes #thaifood

It was trending and the sandwiches looked so good, couldnt resist honestly and I didn’t know it was located so near the mrt!! Opted for the Fried chicken and the cubano(both $16+gst on burpple beyond!!) I personally really liked pulled pork,though it may be abit salty for some but the flavours really came out and complemented the pickles really well. The fried chicken was also a really generous burger and for his one can I say I love the fluffiness of the brioche bun, it was so good with the crunchiness of the fried chicken!! The ciabatta-like bun for the cubano was a bit burnt on the edges which may bother some but but I’m not complaining cuz it just made it crispier!! If you are not really hungry I suggest that it’s shared because the portion is quite huge, but I think it’s really worth the money!!🌚🌚 the ambiance is really nice too but too,but it can be really crowded during lunch(so just go before or after;)) So missing this as I think about my midterms tomorrow😭😭 jiayous to anyone out there having exam hell week!! It’s gonna be over soon!! #parkebenchdeli #burgers #sgcafefood #pulledpork #cubano #friedchicken #lunch #burpplebeyond #burplesg #burpple #tanjongpagar #studybreaks

We can do this💪🏻💪🏻 To prevent my brain from getting fried we decided to get (my new obsession)açai!! I mean it was nearby and on @burpplebeyond so leggo ahahaha we both got the Hawaiian bowl($11.90 for both, 1-1 burpple beyond), which contained a mix of granola and other heath foods. This bowl had a very vibrant mix of fruits and it’s the first I’m come across with passionfruit in it!! Though many don’t really like to eat the seeds, but it provided a nice sourness to the sweetness of the the açai. We got honey as the topping as well so it was really well balanced!! The açai melted really fast though so we had to gobble it up real fast, though there was no difference as we would have done so anyways😝😝 omg I really like açai its an expensive craving but after all the studying well we deserve this treat from @randyindulgence 😊😊
#acai #acaibowl #studybreak #studymotivation #sgcafefood #tanjongpagarfood #burpplebeyond #burpple #burpplesg #sgfoodies #dessert #healthyfood #craving

The roasted garlic flavour did actually come out and complemented the creamy base well. If you ever go,just eat it with the red pepper flakes omg that is bombz🤯🤯 The Cheese had a stronger flavour and I think the name is quite self explanatory. Will go again but will probably order thin crust for both or call more people as we were really stuffed after, but in a good way😎😎
#yellowcabpizza #pizza #shrimpandgarlic #cheese #4cheese #dinner #burpplebeyond #burpple #burpplesg #sgfood #sgfoodies #sgcafefood #citylinkmall

Well I’ve heard it’s one of the oldest açai bowl stores in SG and probably the first, so I just had to try it out!! The açai is mildly sweet, but the açai flavour really came out for this one!! I got the flower bowl($6.80,handy size(the name is so cute!!🤣🤣)) and it came with 14 different toppings, including your usual granola,as well as fresh fruits like grape,banana, mango, frozen blueberries, I think there was pineapple?? Ok some may be repulsed by the frozen blueberries but they actually added a nice iciness pairing with the açai!! On top of that, there’s goji berries, rice puffs, coconut shavings, cocoa nibs like omg so many in such a small cup😍😍anyways they all didn’t feel like separate toppings, as combined with the açai, it just felt like a spoonful of refreshing tropical açai and I just can’t help but keep scooping for more until there’s none left😭😭 The portion may seem abit small at first, and especially after,however give it a few minutes and you actually feel quite full from it😂😂 Worth going to try, and going back for more!! Ps : I love the coconut shavings omg just saying😂😂
#açai #açaibowl #projectacai #flowerbowl #aesthetic #foodporn #newcraving #healthfood #granola #sogood #sgfood #sgfoodies #burpple #burpplesg #healthfoodgoodfood #fatpotatoluvs

And wow I was majorly blown away... Sometimes u hear reviews of others saying this is so good, this is the best matcha in SG, nothing can beat this blah blah and you kinda feel that it’s questionable? Ok well I shall not question this because omg this matcha is intense like honestly, if you are ok with matcha but not a hardcore fan,I suggest u share,get hojicha flavour,or just think hard about this. Even I who thinks matchaya is abit mild was drinking water to clear my palate between mouthfuls. The whole parfait($16) was filled with so many toppings tho(for those who think it’s abit pricey) 😍😍 I shall do a mental count here:
1.Matcha Choco crunch and crunch bits(this was honestly a fav and gave a nice sweetness to the BITTERsweet match)
2. A scoop of sweet potato paste/purée (a good break from the intensity of the matcha)
3. Matcha cheesecake slice( wow I would honestly get this alone and the slice is Soo big😍😍)
4. Warabi Jelly(I really like this,it’s so wobbly I just can’t help jiggling it😂😂)
5. Matcha Sponge cake(don’t eat until the softserve melts abit and the cake absorbs it,that’s the perfect match)
6. Matcha sauce(taking intense to INTENSE)
I must say it’s quite worth it as they were really generous with both the softserve and the toppings. Pity they have to go tho, will be looking forward to their return the try the roll cake!!🍃🍃
#tsujiriheihonten #matcha #matchasoftserve #intense #matchacheesecake #sgfood #takasg #comebacksoon #sgfoodie #burpple #burpplesg

This one was stuffed with cucumbers beansprouts and cilantro and something else that tasted abit like radish?? Before it’s added to the traditional rojak ingredients, it’s first fried to a crispy golden brown along with the you tiao(dough fritters). Then everything is cut up and mixed in the sauce, topped with peanut powder nom into my stomach😂😂 we were honestly all fighting for the you tiao and the tow jar ooo not gonna lie, but the sauce was so good😍😍it’s not too sweet like other stalls and it complemented the stuff well especially with the apple and peanut powder... omg the peanut powder is bombz💥💥 I was literally scooping up chunks of it mixed with sauce when all the other things got eaten😅😅I like that they gave extra sauce and chilli at the side, and if u don’t like a particular thing in the rojak u can just tell the Uncle, he’ll give you more of something else!!
#rojak #tokwarpop #sghawkerfood #ilovehawkercentres #cheapandgood #mealworthy #sgfoodie #sgfood #burpple #burpplesg #tiongbahru

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