Places you might not want to go..

Places you might not want to go..

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Darren Koh
Darren Koh

04 Oct 2018 update
Have resolved this issue with the management team. Turns out there was a miscommunication between the staff, and there are no restrictions to the Burpple 1-for-1 deals. Management team was quick in responding and handling the situation, as well as reimbursing the additional amount charged. Really appreciate the effort there! Great thanks to the TCA management team for turning around my experience with the cafe 👍🏻

Food rating: 3/5 (Decent with room for improvement)
Waiters service rating: 4/5 (Friendly!)
Cashier service rating: 1/5 (Poor attitude, not receptive to feedback)

Just wanted to share my experience at the Scotts Square outlet on 29 September 2018.

I had dinner with my family and ordered 4 mains. The waiters that served us were friendly and prompt in providing us with water. When we were ready to order, the waiter was quick to respond and take our orders. I also took the opportunity to confirm if I could use my Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 deals (off-peak), to which he said its fine as long as we paid before 7pm. The wait for our food was reasonable. The food quality, when served, was pretty decent (although the pizzas have room for improvement). All good so far.

When I was ready to pay, I headed to the cashier counter. I told the staff that I'll be redeeming two 1-for-1 deals. He told me that I could only redeem one. I explained to him that this was the only place so far that didn't allow customers to redeem more than one deal, but he mentioned this is TCA's policy. With that, I said there's no choice then and we'll just go along with it. No issues still, nonetheless I was disappointed I couldn't make full use of the burpple promotion.

Now here's comes the part where I got annoyed. Whilst making payment, I thought it'll be worth passing feedback on this topic. I told him that it'll be great if the waiters could have mentioned this restriction, especially since I did check with the waiters. Surprisingly, he was quick to rebutt me by saying I shouldn't expect the waiters to remember every promotions' restriction since they have more than 20 promotional deals going on. In all honesty, this is a lousy excuse.

Firstly, if all of TCA's promotions are limited to 1 deal per receipt, why would it be so difficult for the staff to remember and provide customers with a heads up on the restrictions? Secondly, is it my fault that TCA has so many ongoing promotions. This is for TCA to manage properly themselves. Thirdly, is it really that hard to accept my feedback about warning customers? I doubt my feedback is unreasonable, especially when I don't even have an issue with TCA's promotion restrictions.


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