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Sinfully Delicious

Sinfully Delicious

Featuring Rich & Good Cake Shop (Kandahar), Tong Heng Confectionery (Chinatown), Supreme Pork Chop Rice, Hong Kong Mongkok Tim Sum (Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre), McDonald's (Toa Payoh Lorong 1), Mr Bean (Toa Payoh Hub), D'Laksa (Hougang Mall), Texas Chicken (nex)
Klion Chung
Klion Chung
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Back here again for lunch coz I really miss the pork chop! This time I chose plain rice instead of fried rice. Then I realized they give different side dishes for plain rice. I asked if I could change one of the side dishes to egg, the answer is no.😅 Even though it’s plain rice, it was served with a light gravy so it’s not too dry. Strangely, I actually prefer this over the fried rice.

Simple yet tasty pork chop fried rice. $4.50 for plain rice, $5 for fried rice. The pork chop is crispy and well-seasoned. The serving is huge. Fried rice is home-cooked style though without wok hei but it’s acceptable .

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Didn’t get to try it when they launched this last time. It’s pretty rich and not too sweet at first bite, but it gets jelak towards the end. Make sure to eat it while it’s hot. Overall quite nice, I like it but I won’t eat it too often cos it’s really heaty.

I don’t take spicy food but this is so good, totally worth my tears. Yes, my spicy tolerance is that low. I love the lai fun(濑粉), a thicker and much smoother and very Q version of thick beehoon. If anyone knows where to buy lai fun in Sg, please let me know. I like the combination of sourness, sweetness, and spiciness all come together so well in the rich broth. The prawn paste also enhances the tasty broth to the next level.

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Ever since this old-school confectionery revamped its shop, it looks more atas and so does the price. I think $1.90 for a small egg tart is a bit pricey. It still tastes as good as what I used to have many years ago. However, the service staff do have an attitude problem.

I haven’t had their swiss rolls for a long time. This old-school cake shop sells simple and decent swiss rolls, literally rich & good! All the classic flavors are good, which include kaya, mango, chocolate, strawberry etc. This green tea swiss roll has a mild tea taste, not too sweet. I wish the tea taste was stronger. Anyway, I’ll probably go back to try their new flavor next, Pandan cheese.
P.S.: My cutting skills not bad right? Haha I managed to cut 19pcs. 🔪


I wasn't expecting much but this was surprisingly good. Slight crisp on the outside, soft & fluffy on the inside, just like a fluffy bread 🍞. A balance of savoriness from the butter and slight sweetness from the honey. 🍯👍🏼
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Ordered Prawn Cheong fun & Char Siew Pau. Cheong fun ok loh, I like the sauce. Char Siew Pau was really Gd, so juicy & tasty! They are so generous with the fillings, the char siew just oozes out from the buns. I'm not supposed to eat Char Siew cos high cal but this is totally worth the calories!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😋 Best part, I like it when I can order my food in canto haha! 好有親切感!😄


This Hazelnut Royale Pancake is worth every calorie! It's stuffed with hazelnut chocolate with crispy bits. Taste like Ferrero Rocher exploding in your mouth, lava style. Chocolate gao gao! Who needs Mac chocolate pie when you can have this? Just like what it shows on the packaging, "Life's simple pleasures"! 🤤😋🍫🥞


Who says money can’t buy happiness? Money can buy good food and that’s basically the same thing.

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