The grilled pork and patties looked unassuming but turned out to be our favourite of the feast – especially the grilled pork. The cuts were sufficiently fatty and smokey to wow us and leave us wanting more because we only got tasting portions of the dish.

Compared to the two poultry dishes (the quail), I preferred this as the chicken was so tender that it came apart like butter. The rich claypot sauce was also quite appetizing.

I've got to say – at this point in time during the tasting, we were all pretty much stuffed. These cute little quails were flavourful and tender but a little boney because of its small size. I didn't find this dish very inspiring because they only served salt and pepper on the side to flavour the quail.

At first, this was not on the tasting menu as they thought they wouldn’t be able to fly this special vegetable from Vietnam as it was on lockdown. However, the circumstances permitted the Tonkin jasmine to be airflown from Vietnam just in time to land on our plates. I’ve never had Tonkin jasmine before but let me describe it to you – it looks like a bunch of green flowers attached by a short cord to the stem of the plant. Kind of reminds me of digital hair perm machines πŸ˜‚ They tasted really firm but crunchy – if you like kalian stems, you’d love this elevated version as well.

Mrs Pho’s rendition of sturgeon cha ca was not bad. I’m not usually a fan of fish but the nuggets of firm fish were rather fresh and charred. Flavour-wise, it could use a little more complexity.

This Pomelo salad was tangy and refreshing but had a savoury dimension as well. The salad came with a generous serving of plump de-shelled prawns and a sprinkling of grated peanuts. I don't quite understand why this is charged at $18.90 though.

I didn’t know jackfruit would make such a good meat substitute. But when I bit into the stringy flesh, it all made sense to me. That said, the jackfruit taste was not very strong and didn’t leave a lasting impression on me.

Fried chicken ice cream ($11.80) πŸ— 6/10

First bite? Sweet crunchy cereal and frozen vanilla ice cream. They provide an interesting tactile sensation but it quickly falls flat.

After the fun few seconds of sensory dissonance, what you're left with is essentially a bland mix of tasteless ice cream and redundant cereal bits. I kept wanting a little more oomph but this wouldn't satisfy any sweet tooth nor fried chicken fan.

Also, $5.90 for 1 pc of "chicken"?? And on a Tuesday at that?? *ANGRY KFC NOISES*

Tahu telur ($6.50) πŸ₯š 9/10

This is made of the stuff of dreams. Coated by a delightfully cripsy sheath of wispy fried egg that was probably 2-3cm thick and combined with the sticky nutty sauce and mild tofu, each mouthful of this was perfect.

Crispy duck skin ($4.90) πŸ¦† 8/10

I know it says SKIN, but this came with little bits of meat as well and all the duck fat was fried away to create this stupendous concoction.

Oxtail soup ($8.90) πŸ₯˜ 7/10

Some may call it briney but I found it to contain a good degree of gaminess.

Crispy duck rice ($9.90) πŸ¦† 8/10

Forget duck confit. This is the affordable version that will leave you wondering why you ever spent above $30 at a French bistro for the same thing. The duck was so crispy outside yet tender inside! At this price point, I'd say this was the most worth it.

Grilled chicken rice ($7.90) πŸ— 8/10

When they say grilled, they mean grilled! This chicken was full of sweetly charred goodness coated all over this thigh bone. If you love smokey flavours like I do, go for this!

Ayam penyet rice ($7.90) πŸ– 6/10

NGL, this was crispy but kind of dry because they only serve you breast meat for this.

Signature beef kalbi dosirak ($18) πŸ„ 6/10

I stacked on some coupons and got this at around $7 on @foodpandasg . At that price, I think it was a pretty decent meal -- the beef was pink in the middle but honestly not that tender. Sauce was addictive though.

If I actually got this at $18, I would feel kind of ripped off.

✨Deal✨-- 15% when you self pick-up on Foodpanda !

[Invited tasting] Is coziness and fantastic comfort food what you look for in a restaurant? Look no further than this new @mrspho outlet at Taka for a hearty meal with your friends!

Pomelo salad ($18.90) 🦐 7/10 β€” very refreshing

Five spice young jackfruit nuggets ($6.90) 🍈 6/10 β€” stringy like meat but not my cup of tea

Cha ca de la Mrs Pho ($19.90) 🐟 7/10 β€” very fresh fish with nice charredness

Tonkin jasmine ($14.90) πŸ₯— 7/10 β€” crunchy and airflown from Vietnam

Five spice butter quail ($18.90) πŸ— 6/10 β€” tender but a little boney

Lemongrass chicken in claypot ($13.90) 🐀 7/10 β€” never had chicken that came apart like butter before!

Bun cha ($15.90) πŸ₯© 9/10 β€” delicious grilled fatty pork

The crab bisque soup was a perfect marriage of creaminess and umami flavour. The soup is seafood forward but not excessively so -- it went beautifully with the wagyu beef strips, which only need a quick dip in the boiling soup before the tender pieces can be popped into your mouth.

Other than the crab bisque soup, they also have the Nourishing collagen pepper soup ($28), the Vietnamese perilla mutton soup ($30), and the herbal chicken mushroom soup ($28).

My other favourite was the bun cha, which featured and exquisitely grilled pork strips served atop vermicelli noodles with a refreshing splash of citrus.

✨Deal βœ¨β€” Enjoy 50% off all soup bases from now to 8 October! So grab your friends and be spoiled for choice at this authentically Vietnamese restaurant.

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National day set ($88) πŸ› 7/10

This huge assortment of curries, briyani, yoghurt, and naans fed my family for more than 2 days. Special shoutout to the massive lamb shanks and butter chicken, which had a fantastic charred yet rich buttery taste.

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