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Pretty good juicy and tender beef strips that provide for a hearty meal! Sorry the picture is unfocused ๏ผ๏ผ

This cookie was crispy yet chewy inside -- everything I thought it would taste like when I first laid eyes on a levain cookie! The marshmallow may look saccharine but there are bits of salt that cut through the sweetness.

This burger was not very special with its small patty. However, it was bursting with flavour from its overflowing rendang sauce and had fries that were nicely thick and crispy.

The menu claimed the shortrib was supposed to be caramelised but I didn't find it caramelised at all! The meat did come off the ribs easily but the meat wasn't very tender either. At least the rice was quite fragrant with its perankan-style flavouring and colouring.

The soup had a strong crab flavour while remaining rich and thick with a full flavour profile. It went well with the cripsy wonton in the middle of the bowl.

The lamb shank was quite huge and grandly plated, but it was not very tender inside -- it was quite hard to carve the meat off the bone. What was good was the silky mashed potato, crispy fried kale, and the thick and tasty sauce.

Matcha snowy ice ($6.90) ๐Ÿง
I'm not a big fan of green tea but this matcha dessert was delicious! It was cold and creamy with a distinct matcha taste that wasn't too overt.

Durian snowy ice ($7.90) ๐Ÿจ
I don't eat durian unless it's frozen, so this fell within my comfort zone. The durian taste was still quite strong, and they even give you a spoonful of durian ice cream on the side.

Overall: half the price of bingsu, but just as tasty and even comes in local flavours. The snow shavings they use for this dessert are very fine and melts in your mouth very fast while retaining its solid form for quite a while in the bowl. We got 2 portions for 4 people but we couldn't finish them -- each bowl is bigger than you think and very filling! ยฎ๏ธ: 7/10

Dairy-free Cendol Ice Cream ($12.90) ๐Ÿจ 5/10
You can't really tell that it's dairy free because the coconut milk is quite creamy. However, I thought that the ice cream wasn't sweet enough despite the amount of palm sugar usually found in cendol. Also, the jelly was quite hard in its frozen form but I wouldn't say it's unenjoyable.

Tiramisu gelato ($12.90) ๐Ÿง 6/10
The coffee taste was quite strong, but of course, it lacked any hint of a light fluffy maracapone taste/texture which is actually my favourite part of the tiramisu. I liked the bits of sponge cake that simulated tiramisu ladyfingers adequately.

Toasted marshmallow ($12.90) ๐Ÿฆ 7/10
This was my favourite! It wasn't too sweet nor tasteless and had a subtle torched taste I don't know how they achieved that finished it off nicely.

Overall: didn't give them high ratings but the flavours are interesting enough for me to want to try more of them! I heard the bubble tea one is not bad but the tea taste is quite bitter.

I think you'd like this ice cream more if you like things less sweet. Also, if I'm not wrong, if you buy 2 at supermarkets you get a discount like 2 for $20 or something.

Fried to absolute perfection. I loved the piping-hot battered fish and the thick fries.

Great cream sauce, and superb replacement of pork with smoked duck. So addictive.

Gula melaka ($7.90)
This brown sugar cake was really very sweet! It reminded me of flan, or coffeeshop caramel egg custard. All the layers of sponge cake was soaked in the brown sugar syrup, rendering it a bit mushy. This cake is even layered with some sort of Kaya curd so only order it if you have a sweet tooth!

Pulut Hitam ($7.90)
This coconut-covered confection only tasted like pulut hitam in the very centre where there was cream and black rice. This cake is mostly light sponge cake so I didn't like it.

Pandan ($7.90)
The pandan taste was quite strong here. To me, it tastes like kueh salat but with whipped cream. There was also quite a substantial taste of Kaya too.

Overall: ยฎ๏ธ: 6/10 but it's personal preference. I'm not one who usually likes traditional flavours nor sponge cake.

The roasted flavour was nicely strong! The tea is also very milky and not very sweet.

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