Not sure what to eat at Artbox? You're definitely spoiled for choice at the Burpple food street! Pictured here is just some of the food I tried at the event, because I can't post it all here. Head to my profile for the detailed reviews of each dish!

Thanks so much Burpple for the invite to the media preview, we had such a great time at Artbox 2023 😆


My favourite of the night! The price may seem steep for just a toastie, but the tides turned when I saw how much stringy cheese and truffle they packed into each sandwich. Boy was I rewarded when I ordered this -- and it wasn't only because the mozzarella gave a cheese pull of my #InstaDreams™.

Even with so much truffle (tartufata, probably) inside, the flavour never once got too overpowering. There's just something about truffle and cheese that's a match made in heaven. I also absolutely adored how the buttery open crumb bread was grilled to perfection and then sent to grace the fillings with it's chewy-crispy charm (ok I got to cut down on the adjectives but it's TRUE).

The portion size is also rather sizeable, so definitely share it with a group of friends. A MUST TRY recommended must order yes amazing

Get a BANGIN' frozen margarita here at only a bit more than a tenner! They certainly do not skimp on the booze and lime juice -- the biting tartness is the perfect refreshing hit as you continue dining and shopping!

When I saw the Tipsy Tavern was at Artbox, I thought they'd be serving donburis like their brick and mortar store in Tanjong Pagar. I was pleasantly surprised that they were offering an exclusive menu of tex-mex tacos and margaritas just for the event! I love how they're heavy handed with the meat and cheese and grill each item on the spot!

If you have space for desert, this is it. The cake has that dense moistness that you anticipate from a banana pastry and hits the spot. The crumble bits are a bit of a genius touch, and gave bursts of sweetness to help cut through the heaviness of the cake.

I got excited when I heard "The Feather Blade" was coming to Artbox but all they served was... Meatballs?? They were average meatballs I suppose. I think the sauce was trying to mimic the Icöníc Mêåtbøll that everyone knows and loves but it just hit different.

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The proper concepts collective, the one behind Rappu, delivered these cute onigris specially for Artbox. Sadly, when I tried the wagyu onigri, I just got a mouthful of dry rice which was greatly lacking in flavour and meat. I haven't tried Rappu itself but if this is what I'd be getting there, I'd stick to 7-11, thank you.

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Lovingly brewed, layered, and flamed, the s'mocha is much more than a clever name. It's a concoction of creamy smooth coffee and velvety chocolate topped with quintessential toasted marshmallows on top. Get your energy fix here to carry on eating and shopping in the giant event space!

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This shop is known to set itself apart with their cute little shiba macarons but the broth itself is enough to impress! I found myself wolfing down the rich and creamy tonkotsu soup and springy noodles despite so much else to eat at Artbox 😆 The chashu was also tender and had reasonably bits of fat to keep it plump and juicy. Really impressed with so much quality and this reasonable price point!

The ramens range from $10-$12 depending on topping. DEFINITELY recommended and the most worth it food I had here.

It's wine o' clock! These Australian wines are notoriously difficult to find in Singapore but the owners of MoonGlow have sourced them just for you.

The chenin blanc was rather crisp and dry with a clean aftertaste. I preferred the sangiovese rose, which had a beautiful aromatic aftertaste that complemented the dryness nicely.

Get this 1 for 1 at the Burpple Food Street! I think it's really worth it given it's huge size. They give it to you heated so you can fully appreciate its flakiness at all its true glory.

Skewers aren't great for your health nor your wallet but they sure are tasty! Had this popular 肉串 chain at 📍 beauty world, and was thoroughly satisfied by the salty, juicy meats. I particularly liked the pork on the thick red twigs (?) And the mushrooms!

Not a bad place to satisfy your cravings but slightly pricier than most skewer eateries!

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