Hawker/Food court

Hawker/Food court

Featuring Kim Keat Hokkien Mee, 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat Specialist (Tyrwhitt Road), Roast Paradise (Old Airport Road), New Lucky Claypot Rice (Holland Drive Market), Nam Sing Hokkien Fried Mee (Old Airport Road), Dong Ji Fried Kway Teow 東記炒粿條 (Old Airport Road), CCK 302 Foodhouse, Hi Leskmi Nasi Lemak (Whampoa Makan Place Block 90), Famous Old Airport Fried Oyster (Old Airport Road), Ru Ji Kitchen (Old Airport Road)
Dave Tan
Dave Tan

If you are looking for a plate of Char Kway Teow that is not sweet and oily, this is the one.

This is not my plate of Char Kway Teow. It is lacking in Wok Hei and flavour from the usual sweet dark sauce. Not worth the calories and will not try again.

51 Old Airport Road
#01-138 Old Airport Road Food Centre

Mee Pok was well-seasoned with the chili sauce but the star of the dish is the fresh and bouncy fish balls that has a very nice texture to it.

Be prepared to queue for this bowl.

51 Old Airport Road
#01-37 Old Airport Road Food Centre

If you love fatty meat, this is not a bad option. Be prepared to queue for this plate. Worth a try.

51 Old Airport Road
#01-121 Old Airport Road Food Centre

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This Orh Luak have slight crispy edges and the oysters were plump and fresh and paired well with the chili sauce. However, it is abit too greasy for my liking but it is still not bad.

51 Old Airport Road
#01-54 Old Airport Road Food Centre

I had read mixed reviews about this famous Hokkien Mee and honestly, I don’t really like it.

Lacking in wok Hei, each plate is served without the usual sambal chili. Instead, they provide chili padi with soya sauce.

Quite disappointing considered the long wait of 2 hours on a Saturday morning. I’m not kidding.

I guess to each it’s own.

51 Old Airport Road
#01-32 Old Airport Road Food Centre

Feeling lucky? New Lucky Claypot Rice insists on cooking using the traditional method over the charcoal fire, which is probably why you are going to need to wait for this. But is it worth it?

Trust me on this one. You will have no regrets.

The Claypot Rice comes with a generous amount of rice, large chunks of tender and well-marinated chicken, lupcheong, liver sausages and salted fish. Adjust the dark sauce and oil to your liking and pair it with the chili provided. The smokey flavour is superb.

One word. Shiok.

And oh yeah, the Uncle said it’s closed on Wednesday I think.

44 Holland Dr,
Holland Drive Market & Food Center,

This is the kind of meat that can make a vegan salivate and ignite the carnivore in you. This is not your usual roast meat. This one is definitely different and left an impression on me.

The Char Siew is tender and not overly sweet while the Roast Duck is decent and not tough and dry. I can talk about the Sio Bak all day. It’s that good. The fatty Sio Bak with crispy skin literally melts in your mouth. Some might find it too fatty but I love my meat fatty.

Paired with the rich and savoury sauce and chili, it really brings out the flavour of the meat. Delicious.

153 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore 207566

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I grew up eating this Ngoh Hiang Bee Hoon and I think people living in Choa Chu Kang have most likely heard of this underrated Ngoh Hiang stall located in this popular 24-hour coffee shop so I feel it’s worth a mention.

In the morning, the stall sells Economic Bee Hoon. In the afternoon, they are converted to Ngoh Hiang Bee Hoon. They have a wide variety of Liao to choose from. The Ngoh Hiang, Tau Kwa and Prawn Crackers are a must order. The Ngoh Hiang is tasty while the Tau Kwa is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The Prawn Cracker is light and crispy too. Paired with the humble Fried Bee Hoon and the sweet and sour chili dip, it is the ultimate sinful choice for supper.

For $12.50, it is more than enough to satisfy your supper needs and your craving for deep fried food. Best shared among loved ones.

37 Choa Chu Kang Loop, Singapore 689675


This comforting bowl of Bak Chor Mee is solid. It is very well-balanced and the umami will rock your tastebuds.

I went with Mee Pok as usual. The noodles are springy, chewy and on point when mixed with the chili sauce and the tangy vinegar. This simple yet complex bowl is definitely heavy in flavour.

There are minced meat, meat balls, braised mushrooms and I particularly liked the liver. The liver which has a nice texture is well-cooked but the gamey taste is not for everyone. The bowl of soup at the side also helps to cleanse the palate. Overall, the taste is awesome and it is one of my all-time favourite Bak Chor Mee stall.


You know it’s probably good stuff when you spot a queue at Hi Leskmi Nasi Lemak.

I always believe that the major elements that make a good Nasi Lemak are the Sambal Chili and Rice. The sambal is on the sweet side and the taste is on point while the rice is lacking the coconut aroma. For the Chicken Drumstick, it is crispy and well marinated but on the dry side. The Otah here is tender and flatter compared to other Otahs out there.

Overall, I have to say this plate is above average but not spectacular(like the one in Adam Road).

Whampoa Makan Place #01-24, 90 Whampoa Dr, Singapore 320090


I have heard a lot about this Hokkien Mee so when I was in Toa Payoh, I was like, damn I must at least give this a try. When the simmering Hokkien Mee that was served in a claypot came to my table, it certainly caught my undivided attention.

This has got to be one of the most instagrammable Hokkien Mee out there. But does the taste live up to its appearance? Kim Keat Hokkien Mee is definitely on the wet side. Soupy and generous in portion, it comes with prawns, squids, clams, pork lard and sio bak. However, it was lacking the most important element. Wok Hei was almost non-existent but luckily, the chili make up for it to give it a extra boost in flavour. Not my favourite but better than average.


The Fish Noodle Soup from Song Fish Soup is flavourful and has a clean taste to it. The soup is good but there is nothing to shout about for the fish. The tangy chili sauce that contains fermented bean paste adds a kick to it. For $5 a bowl, the portions are quite generous. Light and simple.


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