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Vanessa Chia
Vanessa Chia

The boba trend ain’t ending anytime soon with the Liquid Cheese Cake with Boba ($15) from Hana Restaurant 🤤 Imagine hot liquid cheese in a crust and chewy pearls to top it all off.

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Visited the pineapple farm today and of course we had to get Pineapple Soft Serve (¥280/S$3.50) despite the cold 😌 Loving their swirls!

If you’re visiting Bangkok any time soon, you have to drop by @mockingtales.
This mystical themed cafe serves the coolest desserts & drinks and the Inferno Mountain (THB480/S$20.20) was one of them 🔥 Not only was this dessert massive, but it also took us through the most jaw-dropping experience.
First, a red liquid mimicking lava was poured at the tip of the chocolate mountain. It was then followed by a flaming Cointreau, which melted the chocolate layer and revealed 3 scoops of ice-cream that we chose and a brownie inside. #mockingtales #cafe

Tried the highly raved dessert at After You but was kinda disappointed by it.
The queue at all the outlets we went to was soooo long and it was quite pricey too. We chose the Thai Milk Tea flavour and the ice shavings itself were really sweet plus that condensed milk looking drip on top just made it sweeter and on the inside there was bread soaked in super sweet milk too it was just so jelak after awhile. I liked their toasts here more 😕 #afteryou #afteryoudessertcafe

Look at those glorious pancakes 🤤 The soufflés at @arteasg are so so light and airy and fluffy, it was just a dream texture.
The Strawberry Soufflé ($9.50) & Mango Soufflé ($8.80) came with a small scoop of ice cream each but the strawberry one had fancy gold flakes for the looks while the mango one had extra slices of mango! #artea #arteasg

The Churro Cupcake (THB125/ S$5.30) at @dollychurro was made out of short crispy churros with cream cheese in the centre and a strawberry sauce drizzled on top.
Love the concept of this one as the churros are really fun size, making it easy to eat if you’re having it to go 🍓 Only thing I would change is more cinnamon sugar because I can’t get enough! #dollychurro #thecommons #thecommonsbkk

Remember to head down to MUYOO+ tomorrow at @bedokmall for their official launch 🚀 Enjoy 1 for 1 on all their drinks & bread and be sure to try these creative breads, in respective order of the photos:
1. Blueberry Rainbow Wand ($4.50; 4/5)
2. Mango Rainbow Wand ($4.60; 4/5)
3. Strawberry Rainbow Wand ($5.50; 3.5/5)
4. Grape Rainbow Wand ($3.90; 3.5/5)
- all the rainbow wand had its respective flavour’s cream filling in between a dense bread with fruits on top
5. Matcha Dirty Bun with Dirty Matcha ($5.90; 5/5) - matcha everything with a crunchy white chocolate exterior
6. Rainbow Salted Egg Lava ($4.20; 4/5) - tastes similar to the salted egg custard pao but more creamy and in a fluffy bread
7. Durian (3/5) - subtle durian flavour, creamy filling
8. Hot Crabby ($5.90; 3.5/5) - a savoury option with crab meat on the inside and curry powder on the outside
9. Matcha Chocolate Pearl ($4.90; 4/5) - a safe option with no cream filling, just yummy matcha & chocolate bits
#muyoo #muyoo+ #muyoosg #bedokmall #bread

Mid Autumn Festival is around the corner and if you’re looking for mooncakes for your loved ones, the mooncakes from @concordehotelsg will sure impress them.
These elegant mooncakes are packaged in the cutest macaron coloured boxes with silver rabbit knobs (that you can hoard to keep your chapalang stuff like me) 🐰
Prices are as follows:
Pure Lotus $65
Pure Lotus Single Yolk $68
White Lotus Single Yolk $68
Golden Jade Lotus Single Yolk $68
White Lotus Double Yolk $72
Matcha Bamboo Charcoal Skin with Goji and Black Sesame $68
#concordehotel #concordehotelsg #mooncake #mooncakefestival #midautumnfestival
💬 Overall rating: 4/5
Concorde Hotel Singapore
100 Orchard Road
Singapore 238840

Looking for a vegetarian option?
The Buckwheat Pancakes ($19.50) at @thepopuluscafe were the most instagrammable out of the rest with its vibrant colours. This option felt more like a dessert for me even though it was in the mains section.
The berry fruit compote had the perfect sweet-sour combination but to balance it out, the cornflake crumbs on top added a touch of savoury to the fluffy pancakes. Of course, if you have a sweet tooth like me, add more maple syrup to your pancakes for more flavour too.
Also, super recommended for sharing as this pancake was really thick and super substantial 🤤 #cafesg #thepopuluscafe #flatlay #cafe #cafehopping #sgcafe

This year, Garden Pastry is offering the most unique mooncakes like their Crispy Skin Mooncakes and the Baked Pastry Skin Mooncakes Series!
I highly recommend you to try their Crispy Skin Yam Mooncake ($14/with single yolk, $12.50/without). The pastry was so flaky and the yam reminded me of orh nee - a really interesting twist to our traditional mooncakes ☺️
Be spoilt for choice with other mooncake selections on @foodpandasg like Starbucks, TCC, Tunglok, Tim Ho Wan, etc, all delivered to your doorstep 👌🏻 Now, you can even enjoy cheaper delivery fees of only $1.99. #foodpanda #foodpandasg #gardenpastry #mooncake #mooncakes #mooncakefestival

Ah Mah Homemade Cakes has recently launched a limited edition Multi Grain Sesame Castella Cake ($11) that will only be available at all outlets till 29th Oct only!
So glad they made this healthier option which is great for people like my mum and grandma who doesn’t like sweet cakes. There is no water, preservative or colouring added to @iluvahmahsg’s cakes and all their cakes are baked daily, ensuring freshness and quality ☺️
The limited edition cake comes in a specialty box specially designed by local artist Lee Kow Fong that features a drawing of old Singapore streets, making you feel really nostalgic while gobbling down their cakes. #ahmah #ahmahhomemadecake #castella #castellacake