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Pearlyn Chua
Pearlyn Chua

Aburi, Chilli Crab, Poached Eggs and the list goes on.

This stall is all about hipster takoyaki! I was craving for takoyaki and burpple beyond led me here. &Here i've got the aburi cheese and chilli crab one. The latter looks like a mess with that thicc paste just spread all over, in a distasteful manner.

But the chilli crab paste packs a punch! It's spicy and you'll be able to bite into chunks of crabmeat. For that, im thankfully for that spam on the takoyaki. However, my gripe would be that the paste is cold.

Aburi cheese is gooey and coats the exterior of the takoyaki really well! The takoyaki has bits of octopus for both flavours. At the usual price of about $6 per box (with 8 pcs in a box), i wish the octopus could be more sizeable.

That said, I'm now really missing that takoyaki that used to be at Taka basement. The one that's 3 for $2.50 (ham &cheese, prawn or octopus). Anyone rmbs that too? 💕

The magma spicy udon is served in a hot stone bowl, with the soup bubbling away. The soup has a fierce spicy kick that's perfect on rainy days! It has a tinge of sourness which reminds me slightly of tomyum, less the herby taste. It's really spicy so if you can't take spicy food, pls avoid this. I like how this is a unique twist to the usual udon in clear, light broth!

The tonkotsu broth got me hooked upon first sip. It's rich yet not as oily &salty as other pork bone broths! It doesn't leave a film of oil on my lips. Yet, the aroma of the soup is dense and delectable. The smoked duck is tender and not too fat despite having the skin intact. Highly recommend this soup base!

Udons are said to be handmade but they tasted quite normal. Not exceptional in terms of their texture. But with their rather reasonable pricing and tasty broths, I may return when I'm in the area! The udons range from $11.80~13.80++.

Queued for over 30min on a weekend afternoon before we got a seat.

There's some upsized variations available at $1.9 now! Think unagi sushi (the one in the background) and a huge tamago pocket with rice stuffed in the sliced centre (ohyesssss lovee tamogo!)

Usual must-gets include their aburi ones. Aburi salmon, aburi tamgo, aburi everything pls! Rice doesn't fall apart that easily as compared to Sushi Express and the food presentation at Genki just makes everything seem more appetizing + a bang for your buck.

&Oh, there's no need to wave frantically trying to get the attention of the staff, nor using their ipad for ordering of food. Scan the QR code on the slip of paper given to you to start ordering away on your phone! They provide free wifi to support this. I'm liking this 👌🏻


A scroll through Burpple reviews will let you know that their Aburi Scallops &Salmon bowl is a MUST-TRY.

It's a bowl of japanese white rice, topped with aburi salmon cubes in the center. Sliced cucumbers and aburi scallops line up around the bowl. Each shellfish is crowned with a little dollop of black truffle and finally, a sprinkle of tobiko completes this.

Do note that wasabi is available upon request! The scallops go really well with that salted truffle. The scent of the funghi doesn't come off too strongly and the saltiness complements the seafood perfectly. That balance of the sweetness, saltiness &fragrance is just right! The aburi salmon are not too bad either.

This bowl is priced at $17 nett (yesss no gst nor svc charge here!). But with Burpple Beyond, JUST $8.50. EVERY MEETUP I ALSO WANNA GO TO THIS PLACE PLS.


Featured above is their Tonkotsu Char Shu Ramen.

The broth is cream-white in colour and tastes so rich! Usually rich pork broths tend to be really salt-laden. This version is completely not, which really amazes me. I almost finished the entire bowl of soup *SLURPS* &fyi, i didn't feel thirsty after that!

The noodles are thin while the char shu is really tender. The spicy version is just as good with a slight kick at the back of every sip. However, the spicy bowl wasn't served with the egg (not sure if they missed it out or that's how it's supposedly served).

Remember to use your Burpple Beyond for this! For ramen, excluding Ebi Miso Ramen &the Yuzu one! (based on what the staff told me)

Add-on: We got so tempted by their tendons and end up ordering their tempura prawns too! Batter is light &crispy. Can try!


Tried: Salmon &spinach cream omu + Pork burger demiglace omu (lava egg)

The tomato rice beneath the egg is stir fried with chicken &mushrooms. Really tasty and goes well with the creamy sauce! The demoglace one was way too sweet for my liking. Pork burger/patty is pretty good, having a light grilled scent to it. The lava egg met my expectations of being creamy and so instaworthy!

Both plates are at about $12.80 each. Top-up of $2 if you want the omu to be done lava-style.

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The price of the barachirashi don is $14.9 while that of the pork belly one is $10.9.

The flavours are kept light, with fresh ingredients served. Compared to sushiro, the fish cubes here are smaller in size. So if you're a fan of finely cubed sashimi, this may be the place for you. Rice is not as strong in vinegar as well. Personally, i prefer Sushiro with the stronger flavours &chunky fish!

Go give it a try, especially with Burpple Beyond's 1 for 1 deal! It makes the meal realllyyyyy affordable.


Pictured is their Signature Tendon Set - tendon, mini chawanmushi &miso soup for $14.9++

The tempura pieces were arranged nicely and resembled a cow's head! There's a huge piece of tempura fish, along with sotong, shiitake mushroom, brinjal, long beans, baby corn &prawns.

Really filling &i couldn't even finish the rice. Taste wise, the batter could have been more light and crisp. I found myself removing some of the tempura batter towards the last few pieces.

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