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Jumping onto the Mealpal bandwagon and enjoying great food at affordable prices! 😋
Teo Wei
Teo Wei
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So.. I’m back on mealpal again! Because of all the addictive food choices. This is also my 4/5th time back to Manichi Bistro because I love the al dente ramen and generous portions here. The softbone was a bit tough (ironically) but the noodles and croquette never disappoints! An affordable place even without mealpal

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My last mealpal :( but this was really good! Look at the generous servings of crab meat 😋 the pasta was a bit harder than usual but the meat and accompanying sauce made up for it. Mushroom soup was great too! This set comes with a bottle of mineral water.

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Traveled far and wide from my office at MBFC to suntec for this burger. It was juicy, not mind blowing and tasted like something you can get from Carl’s Junioe at a cheaper price? They make your orders on the spot so I had to wait like everyone else

I love this!! A sinful yet delicious combination of garlic poppers, pepperoni pizza and cream pizza, such an innovative idea to satisfy all cravings at once. Plus it tastes good too! Comes with a coke which I don’t drink unfortunately


Yes this is from mealpal!! You can opt to dine in if you want which makes this one of my favourite mealpal places 😋 they were also really generous with the salmon slices (those fried things), cabbage and noodles! This is also my first time trying their soup ramen, I think I love both.

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Went back to Omu just to try another dish on their menu. This of course didn’t disappoint and the portions were so generous. There were also chicken pieces in the tomato-coated rice, yums! Tomato sauce packed separately.

Maybe I collected it a little late but I believe it will taste better when you eat it hot. The salted egg chicken was well coated in curry leaves and salted sauce and the other ingredients are fresh. Salsa sauce served separately so you choose how much you want!

So value for money! They were generous with the pork slices and the omelette seems to be the original size. The curry is also packed hot and separately so you can choose how much you need. I throughly enjoyed this and it’s now one of my favourite mealpal.

This was so small I felt like all I got was probably 1/3 of the original portion. But the taste was decent.

I am not sure what the original price is but this is pretty decent save for the rice that is a bit too dry and sticky. But I made up for it by drizzling the chilli and soy sauce over the rice and chicken and it honestly tastes pretty much like a good plate of chicken rice you can buy outside. A good deal if you order through mealpal.

I really love this black carrot cake from Laopasat!! Fried on the spot with the right tinge of sweetness and eggs, I can’t believe it remains so affordable in the heart of CBD.

So I’m back from mealpal again and I finally got to order the pasta set from one of my favourite pasta places in CBD. I recall how I loved their pastas and how affordable they are. Unfortunately this was served lukewarm and gooey it didn’t meet my expectations.

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