Healthy Food 🥑🥦🥗

Healthy Food 🥑🥦🥗

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Komal Salve
Komal Salve

Comes with chunky fries. The Tahini was mixed into the salad so it was very confusing whether it was tahini or not. It did not taste like it at all. More like some cheap counterfeit tahini.. Ordered the burger without tomatoes and it's even printed on the receipt "no tomato" but it came with two slices of tomatoes... Confusion and more confusion.

$13 if you choose chicken. I like the pepper chicken - it was generous and well seasoned. Kimchi was good. The quinoa base was surprising cos it wasn't really quinoa but small pasta balls. And that's probably why I was so full at the end of the meal. I'll still consider this to be in the healthy category tho hehe

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Surprisingly tender chicken with great sides like the mala broccoli, seaweed cabbage and roasted potatoes. A pretty great deal!

Small size is available for 1-for-1 with Beyond so we got em! Baked Crusted Dory was great!!! Base was Aglio Olio Fusilli and it was sooo garlicky good! Spicy Cauliflower was the HIGHLIGHT and I'll definitely get that again! Shiitake mushrooms were great too (additional 50¢). Also got the Broccoli puree (additional 50¢) that has really good reviews but I think I was fine without it. Topped with garlic aioli and kale chips. Surprisingly very filling, probably because of the pasta. Total: $10.90 but very worth it if it's 1-for-1!

Comes with kimchi, edamame and brown rice. It can get a little dry and the kimchi really doesnt taste so great. Maybe cos it's a healthier kimchi, I'm not too sure. The salmon was great tho! That was not enough. I'd still go back for the salmon but probably get a DIY bowl without the kimchi.

Probably the best salads I've ever had! Super flavourful toppings like the mala broccoli, honey glazed carrots, marinated cherry tomatoes... All of it! The beef was not too chewy and pretty flavorful too. The serving of the beef was very generous. I would rather get that than the salmon next time which was a bit dry.

This was a cold bibimbap made simply with glass noodles, carrots, seaweed, sesame seeds and the bibimbap sauce. Pretty refreshing.

A healthier option at the stir-fry stall, it came piping hot and burned my tongue. The flavours were light and less salty.

It's interesting that you can choose two dressings when ordering from GrabFood. Rather odd if you combine some dressings tho isn't it? I wish we could choose 2 of the same dressings.
Unfortunately, I had ordered this with an addition of avocado (extra charge of $1.60 from the premium toppings) and I did not get it. I dug around the whole salad bowl and even transferred everything to a much bigger bowl to find if the avocados are sneakily just hiding behind some lettuce, but to no avail. Disappointed in both Simply Wrapps and GrabFood.
It was not some special request. It was just one additional premium topping. So I didn't get what I paid for and I'm definitely waiting for GrabFood to reimburse me. Give me back the $1.60 and I will be fine.
Overall price was $10.50 (inclusive of the missing avocados I paid for).

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With a cabbage+romaine lettuce base, it comes with croutons, grilled chicken, boiled egg, parmesan and Italian dressing. It was a tad too salty for me, perhaps because of the parmesan cheese, and there was a lot of that. It was $10.90 on GrabFood


Acai with fresh fruits and superfoods. This was the small size so it was rather tiny and priced at $5.90. Still, it was enjoyable. What amused me the most was that there was only one, single blueberry 😂

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