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Salted caramel banana pancakes (~$11.90) was pretty affordable, but unfortunately pretty disappointing. Pancakes were very flat and not fluffy at all, tasting airy and too moist for my liking:( salted caramel didn’t mix well with the chocolate Nor pancakes either.

But the chocolate ice cream was thick and good. Probably would try something else next time


Been hearing a lot about the ice cream waffles so came here to check it out! Waffles (~$6) and double scoop ice cream ($6.80). Had the earl grey and Belgian chocolate which was so amazing! Earl grey taste was strong, the way I liked it, and Belgian chocolate was thick, creamy and very chocolately!! yummmmm

Charcoal waffles were very buttery and crispy on the outside yet chewy on the inside. Would be back for more !!!

Ice cream 8/10


Been wanting to try this for ages and finally managed to! Double scoop ice cream (~10.80) was nothing short of amazing. Had the earl grey ice cream, which had a strong but not overpowering earl grey flavour, and the matcha ice cream which was pretty strong. Waffle was soft and slightly chewy, my ideal waffle texture.

Would be back for the earl grey on waffle..... yumMmM


Finally managed to try these pancakes out (~$14 + $3 for soft serve)! So. Amazing. Everything went well together, pancakes weren’t dense at all and SO FLUFFY! Tasted really eggy though. Butttt honestly would come back just for this🤪

Soft serve was more icey than creamy, but I still loved it anyways.



Made my experience here so much better after the mediocre pastas

Waffles with 2 scoops of ice cream (~11.50) honestly tasted awfully spongy and strange. Ice cream portions were pretty small compared to other shops of the same price. Flavours weren’t that great either.


Oreo milkshake (~5.90) tasted exactly like a melted cold Oreo McFlurry with less Oreo crumbs. Didn’t really fancy it as it tasted really creamy but my family did like it so I Guess to each their own? But it was really sinful 😩 7/10

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Belgian waffles (~8.80) came with a scoop of matcha or Hokkaido milk (picked matcha ofc) and the ice cream was amazinggggg. Matcha Ice cream was rich and perfect for us matcha lovers 😍 waffles were slightly too hard for my liking, might pass on that in the future. There were many cakes and other ice cream flavours on display but was honestly too full to try that... maybe next time? 😌 8.5/10

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Was rather average, though the almond butter did go along with the açai! Bowl was rather filling too but didn’t really taste exceptional.


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Salted caramel waffle with 2 scoops of gelato (~18) Didn’t expect much from this, but I was blown away by the smooth gelato texture. Salted caramel went really well with this too! Yummy😍 waffles were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, just like how I liked it

Staff were friendly and chatty, informed us that all items were sugar free !! Which made me feel less guilty heh.

Chocolate fudge cake (~$9) was just the right dessert after a meal. Without any additional sugar, it wasn’t overly sweet like many cakes would be. Cake was not that dense which was good! Was so yummy I bought 2.


Apple crumble (~12) was neither here Nor there, felt like something I could go without. Wasn’t cheap either. The caramel sauce on the crumble was way too overpowering and definitely outshone the Apple taste. Apple chunks were a nice crunch to have but something felt off about this, can’t put my finger on it.

However the crumble itself was really yummy and the texture was great!



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