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A little ulu and out of the way so had to cab here 😂🚕 but this minimalistic black and white coloured cafe was somewhere really great to chill for an afternoon with friends 😌
Brioche French Toast (~$17) was honestly so good I’d come back specifically for this again 🍞 Vanilla flavour from the Chantilly cream added sweet to the salty from the French toast. Almond crumbles was an extremely good addition to this bc it added the crunch and texture to the soft and fluffy thick toast 😍 Caramelised banana was too sweet to my liking due to the caramel so I removed some of it.


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Walked around Bugis area for some cafe to chill at after dinner and we found this small simple looking ice cream joint at sunshine plaza ☀️
There were about 12 flavours to choose from and they were all pretty unique but we decided on Grape Yakult Yoghurt and Horlicks Panda (~$3.50 each)😋 Idk about you but I loVe it when ice cream shops sell froyo as an option since I find it more icey and a better option if you’re full but wanna have smth sweet hehe. Froyo tasted like diluted sweetened frozen yakult, not bad but was too much after awhile.
Was wondering what the panda in Horlicks panda was and guess what!! It was hello panda biscuits in the ice cream!! Was a surprise when I bit into chocolate hello panda chunks 🍦 Horlicks taste wasn’t as strong (thankfully so) and I quite liked what they did with this flavour, although I must say it was quite creamy for ice cream so I’d suggest sharing 😌


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My second time back here and finally got to try their tiramisu!!!! (~$11.85). It was pretty big in size and came with rum which you squeezed in the jar, how cute is that? 😚 dark chocolate was slightly bitter but that went really well with the sweetness of the cream and light spongy cake. Honestly really impressed by this dessert since I liked how everything came together to create a burst of flavours 😋
Le goma (~$9) a creamy sesame cake with alternating layers of light spongy sesame cake and fluffy cream, topped with cookie crumbles and more cream at the top, was truly a hit!! Unlike the usual sesame paste/ flavours/ cream/ ice cream, this was really light and didn’t get jelat/ taste like it was gonna induce a sore throat.


More on ig:@goodfomood

Only managed to try the Strawberry tofu cheesecake (~$6.90) since we were stuffed from lunch 😭 Wish there and then that I had unlimited stomach space.... cheesecake wasn’t too heavy unlike normal cheesecake, and layers- top to bottom were a mixture of flavours 🍰 strawberries sour, jelly sweet, tofu cheese slightly sweet and slightly dense, and the biscuit bottom slightly salty, I’m salivating typing this 🤤 .
Tried the pink flamingo (~$7) which was green tea with hibiscus, with a hint of sourness??? And sweetness??? Which kinda went with the cheesecake I Guess

More on ig: @goodfomood

Highly hyped about, Apiary is one of those rare places that live up to its hype 🍦 Upon entering, the strong buttermilk smell hits you, and you kinda just have to order the waffles... so that’s exactly what I did!!
Apiary has many unique flavours like blue milk (a salty-ish sweet blue ice cream), we-can (whisky and pecan- you can taste the alcohol!), the Apiary (a honeycomb ice cream) etc. Tried a couple of the flavours and decided to get Lavender and Ferrero Rocher (premium flavour +0.70)
LET me tell y’all how good it was.... waffles done EXACTLY how I liked it, thick, soft, not too airy and moist, but still retains it shape. Ice cream was so smooth- Lavender taste was mild enough so that you wouldn’t be thrown off by the lavender but not tasteless, ferrero rocher light such that it wouldn’t feel like you were gonna get a sore throat. Chocolate sauce and caramel syrup added that extra dimension to this dessert🍫 I’m in luv... waffles with double scoop ice cream ($5.50+ $3.80 +$3.80+$0.70)


Cookies and cream ice cream (~$6.80) CONE WAS AMAZING!!!! didn’t get soggy despite the ice cream, very crispy and probably one of the best cones I’ve had 🤪 ice cream was slightly too creamy for my liking, too much cream to cookie ratio


Lemon meringue tart (~$7): meringue overpowered the lemon taste at times, but it wasn’t very obvious. Sweetness from the meringue went very well with the slight soury lemon, and tart wasn’t Super crumbly which was good! Meringue was a lil too sweet to finish tho

Waffles with cookies and cream ice cream (~$8.50) ice cream was too little for waffle, recommended to get double scoops to be enough to accompany the waffle! Waffle was crispy at the sides, not the style I prefer but was good nonetheless.
Cookies and cream ice cream had a strong cookie taste which I really liked


~$7, very creamy, not such a strong earl grey flavour but strong lavender flavour. A lil too buttery and creamy for my liking.
Ambience was very whitewashed and nice, although a little crowded during a public holiday.


Tried the cookie dough original and cookies and cream with soft serve (~6.50). Very interesting concept and dessert idea but was a little too sweet for me. Would say that it’s good to share amongst a group as it got abit tiring to eat after awhile


Second time having this! Tried the flavours mocha, Thai milk tea and cookies and cream (~ 6.20 for 3) would say to give mocha a miss bc i tasted a lil bitter(ish????) for my liking. Really liked cookies and cream though 😌 would say it’s too much for 1 person so good to share amongst a group!


Salted caramel banana pancakes (~$11.90) was pretty affordable, but unfortunately pretty disappointing. Pancakes were very flat and not fluffy at all, tasting airy and too moist for my liking:( salted caramel didn’t mix well with the chocolate Nor pancakes either.

But the chocolate ice cream was thick and good. Probably would try something else next time


Ig: @goodfomood

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