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Featuring Authentic Mun Chee Kee King of Pig's Organ Soup, The Soup Spoon Union (Raffles City), Gourmet Paradise (HDB Hub), Good Year Seafood Village, Jjigae Jjigae, Tokyo Sundubu (Suntec City), IKEA Bistro (Alexandra), Song Fa Bak Kut Teh (Jewel Changi Airport), Food Park (Bedok South), Soup Spoon
Ash L
Ash L

V yummy set, simple yet satisfying. The beancurd was really smooth, priced at 14++, a tad pricey for a soup but still a place I would return to!

Yummy. Service was good. The sesame chicken were amazing. Total to about 30$ for 2 but oh so good

30$ thereabouts for a BKT, sesame wine chicken, 2 yam rice, 1 peanut 1 youtiao, 2 kopi and. 1 coke

So good and looking forward to next time!

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Soup w spinach and eggs. V yummy and decent prices at 4.70$

Was really looking forward to some soup but this was disappointing. While fish was fresh, the sour plum was overpowering and the soup was barely drinkable. Probably sticking w the normal soup. The other time I had some tom yum prawn bisque which was a special. Didn’t cut it. I’ll still go back to soup spoon. But sticking w mushroom/ clam/ chicken mushroom stew

Beautifully crafted. Love this to bits!
$14.30 w ham&cheese sandwich and an ice lemon tea.
The sandwich was tasty too :)

Amazing standards :) at 5.20$, I consider it the real deal.
0.6$ for white rice
0.8$ for Yam rice - always OOS after 7pm it seems

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Kimchi Gochujang collagen broth + chicken
12.90 for 1 pax portion
5.00 for 1 Rice bowl/ ball (small)
Not exactly a cheap option so will reserve for more special occasions only.

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Pretty good bowl of mushroom soup and wings:)

Yummy! Soup $4 + rice/meesua $0.50