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Always have a room for dessert, no matter how full you are🤩
Food Diary
Food Diary

Brownies was super nice.
My fav flavor: mango raspberry (must try!) - taste like cheesecake, green tea

Yum. I like the cheese cake SO MUCH❤️. And the tea tasted very premium😂


I like the ambience of the cafe.

The one in front is dark chocolate with vanilla filling. I like the bitterness of the chocolate, so it’s not too sweet. I just wish that the base in the bottom was not so airy.

Then we also get cheesecake. For me the cheese didn’t really sound. The taste is quite blurry. But I like the crust in the bottom.

Overall nice cake!


They have a lot of interesting flavour. Earl grey is one of my fav but this time I had hazelnut and it’s taste great.


I tried to see which flavour did stand out but found only a little information about it. So i tried it myself. I ordered the marshmallow cone, just for instagram sake i must say. It was just fruit loops covered with marshmallow around the cones. So me and my friends ordered this 2 flavour and these are lit🔥 :

Sydney Serena and BeanTown Buzz

Sydney serena is basically a vanilla icecream with brownies in it. It was super good. The bean town is what i like the most. It is espresso ice cream with coffee bean covered with chocolate. I've never enjoy coffee ice cream as much as i enjoyed this.

"The winner here is Durian Ice Kachang🎉🎉!"

The location is quite far from where i live😭.
The nearest bus stop is Blk 463.

I went there in the afternoon, and ordered durian ice kachang, bo bo cha cha, and mango sago.

- Durian Ice Kachang ($2.8)
They shaped the ice like a big ball, and put 4 types of syrup. Suprisingly, in the bottom of the bowl, there are a lot of things, such as red beans, jelly, corn, etc. They also gave a generous amount of durian and put it on top!
So durian lovers, come and try!

- Bo Bo Cha Cha ($2.3)
It's similar as another bo bo cha cha i've ever tried, but this one is less sweet, i like the taste of it. Ordered for the hot one, i think it'll be nice if it is hotter.

- Mango Sago ($3)
They give generous amount of mango. And pink, green jelly. Mango is not too sweet. The taste is quite blur for me.

This place is having people coming in again and again, and most of them take it home. So i think this place is quite famous and delicious. Because the price is supeerrr reasonable!

Yum! Definitely worth the price!

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Have you ever tried martabak? I usually eat this in Indonesia. So glad to finally found this here!


Mochi was really great, the nut outside is just rich!

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