East Coast / Bedok / Kembangan / Changi / Tanah Merah

East Coast / Bedok / Kembangan / Changi / Tanah Merah

Featuring East Coast Lagoon Food Village, Changi Village Hawker Centre, Beach Road Prawn Mee Eating House, Ramen Champion (Changi Airport Terminal 3), Mizzy's Corner (Changi Village Hawker), Xing Ji Rou Cuo Mian (85 Fengshan Centre), Blackball (The Clementi Mall), TP Tea (Changi Airport Terminal 2), The Original Boat Noodle (Changi City Point), Bread & Hearth (Katong V)
Spoons Of Delights
Spoons Of Delights

Indulgent yongtaufoo here as it is fried and then mixed in a braised minced meat sauce.

Minimum 6 pieces required for each order ($0.80 per piece). They were also other “premium” ingredients at varying prices such as fishcake ($1.20), tofu with fish and chicken paste ($1.40), Cheese hot dog ($2.20) and prawn ngor hiang roll ($2.20). The noodle with meat gravy is sold at a separate price of $2.20 for a small bowl.

All in, our order was $20.10! However, if you stick to the basic items, the meal will just cost $0.80 x 6 = $4.80 + $2.20 = $7

There are a few outlets in Singapore, we visited the one at Siglap. Was not crowded on a sunday late morning.

- A4 Japanese Wagyu Beef Stick
- Fresh Oyster with Wasabi Ebiko
- Shime Saba - Seared Mackerel Marinated w Vinegar
-Yakitori Skewers: Chicken with Leek, Chicken Skin, Chicken Wing, Chicken Meatball, Pork Belly Shio, Pork Belly Miso, Cherry Tomato and Bacon, Golden Mushroom Bacon, Quail Egg Bacon!
-Garlic Fried Rice

The highlight of the dishes was the Shime Saba! The taste was out of the world! There is a tangy citrusy taste from the vinegar and the meat was very sweet and juicy and fresh! Highly recommend to try this!

Oysters were super fresh, and the A4 Wagyu Beef Skewer was well seasoned and grilled to perfection! The garlic fried rice was very fragrant and served piping hot!

For the platter of yakitori skewers we got, I like how they were all perfectly seasoned! No need for additional soy sauce / chilli powder! My favourites are the Chicken Wing and Quail Egg Bacon!

A very cozy place to chill and relax while having tasty skewers! They have a wide range of sake , beer and whisky too!

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Visited the outlet at East Coast! They had a super long queue on an early saturday afternoon. Waiting time was around 20-30mins.

Here are the items we ordered:

Bacon & Hash ($21++): This consisted of a housemade rosti, poached eggs, thick-cut bacon, wilted spinach and mushroom cream. First impression: my jaw dropped. The rosti was super burnt and chaotah?! The bacon also looked over chaotah. How disappointing it was! The rosti also was very plain tasting. We ate half of it before we decided to request for salt and black pepper, and I had to add LOTS of it to the rosti. (Sorry, I think marche’s rosti is way better!) The combination of rosti and bacon was good though. It was the saltiness of bacon which was helping to balance out the very plain tasting rosi. I liked the mushroom cream, but felt it was not enough for the whole portion of rosti. Poached eggs were nicely done.

Summer Fruits Waffles ($18++): We ordered this together with all the items we got and this was the first dish that was served haha. So it was kinda weird to eat sweet ice cream the first thing in the morning (we were there for brunch). The housemade sourdough waffle also was too crispy for me! Prefer for it to be fluffier in the interior. This waffle came with berries, cherries, housemade granola, strawberry ice cream and whipped cream.

Hot Chocolate ($6.5++): Got this because we saw everyone ordering drinks and i FOMO, but I cant take caffeine drinks either lol.

Overall, I am not super wow-ed over by the food. But nice cafe ambience, there are outdoor and indoor aircon seats.

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North Indian food from @butterndspice!

Featured in this photo are the following items:
Holy Butter Chicken ($17): My all time favourite indian dish, and I totally love their version! Smokey and tender chicken! Generous amount of chicken portions given too! This creamy sauce is made from a blend of tomatoes, cashew nuts and cream!

Chicken Tikka ($13): I rarely go for chicken tikka, as I always pick butter chicken over this! We opted for a low spicy level curry gravy sauce, so it was just nice for us! Love the chunks of chicken mixed with the spices sauces!

Kadai Paneer ($15): This was our first time trying this dish! It is actually cottage cheese, but it tasted quite like tofu to me! If you are feeling adventurous and have never tried this dish before, do give it a go!

Garlic Butter Naan ($3.90): My number one favourite side to accompany all curry! Crispy Naan that is very fragrant with the bites of garlic!

Tandoori Roti ($2.90): If you prefer something more plain to go along with the curry gravy, try this!

Mango Lassi ($4.90): Yoghurt drink blended with mango. Fruity and creamy!

Sweet Salt Lime Soda ($4.90): A very special and popular lime drink that is made with soda, lime, sugar, salt or both! Thirst quenching and refreshing!

Check them out at The Flow, 66 East Coast Road, 01-06 !

Have a relaxing chill afternoon at @amblingturtle!

Featured here are the following items:
Curry Chicken Croissant: This was a pretty interesting combination! Buttery crispy croissant that is made in-house with savoury tasty nyonya curry chicken! Comes with a side of achar as well.

Truffle Tatter Tots: Tasty bites. Crispy tatter tots with truffle mayo sauce!

Ondeh Ondeh tart: This tart comes with a cute turtle-shaped pandan jelly! The tart is made with fresh coconut milk, pandan juice, Gula Jawa (gula melaka but with a hint of coconut). This tart is for sweet-tooth!

White chocolate Tart: A pretty pink hue tart topped with fresh strawberries!

Orh Nee Tart: This may look different from the typical orh nee tarts as it is topped with a generous layer of pumpkin puree!! Beneath it is a thick layer of smooth orh nee!

Yuzu Cheese Tart: A very refreshing citrusy tart! The combination didnt turn out weird. In fact, it paired so nicely with each other!

Fizzy lemonade: Best drink to quench all thirst! Love the pretty purple hue as well!

Emerald Lychee Tea: No afternoon high tea experience is complete without some hot tea! The lychee flavours in this tea was strong! Recommend to get this to try!

Love this pretty cafe with chill vibes. Very cozy place!

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Western fusion food from @rebelicious.sg

Rebelicious is located at AlibabaR the Hawker Bar, a very hipster place with “hawker” and trendy food and with a bar!

Featured here are the following items:
Rebelicious Spicy Chicken Burger ($15): This comes with a fluffy brioche bun, with lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, egg, devil sauce + mayo sauce, and a very HUGE portion of fried chicken! I love how the chicken portion was super generous, and it was marinated well. Be warned that the devil sauce chilli mixture is quite spicy! So if you are not a chilli taker, do opt for the other burgers instead (there is classic wagyu cheeseburger, battered swordfish steak burger and breaded golden pumpkin bugers too!) The burger set all comes with salted fries. You can also add on $3 to replace this salted fries for some of the other sides!

Pasta: The pastas are customisable! First you choose your linguine base (there is creamy furikake / creamy tom yum / tomato / aglio olio), then your toppings (under the sea, mean & wild, lil cutie, the green machine). The one that I opted for was the creamy tom yum linguine under the sea ($14.90)! It came with a perfectly grilled salmon with crispy skin, grilled garlic prawns, and two squid rings. For the creamy tom yum base, it may get slightly jelat, so best to share with your dining buddy! Sharing is caring, and you get to eat more variety too! :)

Crispy Calamari with wasabi mayo ($8): The calamaris were crispy hot when served. The wasabi mayo sauce had just the right mixture of wasabi in it, so it was not overly choking.

Head down to Alibabar The Hakwer Bar if you will like to check out @rebelicious.sg ! The atmosphere at the Hawker Bar was also very happening on a weekend evening! Especially now since groups of up to 10 are allowed! Head here for your group outings and get to enjoy good food at affordable pricing!

Drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and desserts are also served at another stall at this hawker bar! We got an Kiwi Lime Frosty and Apple of my eye (Green Apple + Lime) fresh fruit mocktail!

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Back at @cocoboss.sg my favourite coconut smoothie place to to try out their CNY special coconut smoothies! ($6.90. Top up $1 for upsize):
🍋Heng Heng Yuzu
🍍Ong Ong Pineapple
🍊Huat Huat Orange

Heng Heng Yuzu: First taste, it was quite sour, but after a few sips you will get used to the tangy citrusy taste!

Huat Huat Orange: Love the tangy orange flavour! Very refreshing!

For the drinks, we opted for 0% sugar and chunky! My typical customisation order for cocoboss drinks!

These CNY exclusive drinks are only available till 15 Feb 2022, so head down to the nearest cocoboss outlet to try them now! Have a HENG ONG HUAT new year everyone!

Before everyone’s feed get crowded with steamboat / 10 course reunion meals, here is my cny eve brunch! My favourite makisan!

Bought with grabfoodsg vouchers l so only paid $1.90 for this indulgent meal!

Forage Cafe has been on my to-visit cafe list for a long time! (but always procrastinating to go because it is quite out of the way and not that near tanah merah mrt)

Thanks to @seatsasia @theforagecafesg giveaway, I finally made the trip down! Tried out the dark chocolate tart! Delicious dark chocolate, not too bitter, and I especially like the chocolate butter pastry crust!

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Super long time since i last ate at songfa bak kuk teh! Opted for this as it was the more affordable food option at Jewel and something that we were craving for. Comfort food for rainy weather! It used to be my weekday work lunch meal at novena and clarke quay, eating it almost once every 2-3 weeks!

Favourite orders here are the sliced fish ($8.80) and slices pork ($7.80) with a side of youtiao (small portions $2)!

Finding the sliced meat and fish portion lesser than previous visits though!

Changi Famous Nasi Lemak!

Have been to changi village hawkwer many times but have yet to try out all the nasi lemak stalls there.

On the last changi village expedition to get nasi lemak, we wanted to try from the international muslim stall but it was closed. So we settled for mizzy corner. This round of attempt for international muslim failed again (btw is the stall still even in operation now?) and we settled for the next contestant - Changi Famous Nasi Lemak!

Ended up being very satisfied with it. Rice portion was so muchhh and it was very fragrant! Sambal chilli sauce also complemented the nasi lemak rice well. Chicken wings were also juicy. Ticked off all the boxes on my checklist. Plus it was so affordable. Ordered ala carte to get chicken wing, otah and begedil and it was $4.50! Much cheaper than punggol nasi lemak for sure!!


Bedok 85 hawker is always my first hawker choice for dinner, because the bak chor mee soup stalls there are only mostly open at night! I used to eat Ah Poh Minced Meat Noodle during my schooling days (back when there were no food review platforms). It was only when I read more food reviews did I make the switch to XIng Ji Rou Cuo Mian. Having been a loyal fan of Xing Ji Rou Cuo Mian for the past 10 years, at every visit to bedok 85 hawker, the same qns will pop up - whether to eat from the left (Xing Ji Rou Cuo Mian) or to give the right stall (Seng Hiang Bak Chor Mee) a try. So anyway, during this particular visit, the aim was to try Seng Hiang. But upon reaching the hawker centre, I saw a lot more people ordering and eating from Xing Ji Rou Cuo Mian and almost wanted to back out. But decided to stick to the intended plan to try Seng Hiang (purple bowl pictured here)

So this is my verdict: Overall, Xing Ji Rou Cuo Mian (white bowl) still wins my heart!💗

-Seng Hiang Bak Chor Mee’s noodle seemed more soggy and were clumping up just a few seconds after the bowls were served.
-Seng Hiang Bak Chor Mee has alot more visible minced meat chunks! As compared to Xing Ji Rou Cuo Mian’s where the minced meat is all disintegrated everywhere and I cant really have a mouthful of minced meat at one go to taste it by itself.
-Seng Hiang gave alot more cut chillies than Xing Ji!
-The soup portion given by Seng Hiang seemed a little too little? I finished my soup even before I finished the noodles and pork ball
-Lastly (this point may matter for lazy ppl haha): For Seng Hiang, you are given a buzzer and you will need to self collect the food and balance the tray of hot noodle soup to your table. For Xing Ji Rou Cuo Mian, they will deliver the hot noodles right to you!

Price wise, both are the same. Small bowls for $3. For Seng Hiang’s $4 bowl, you get 9 pork balls instead of 5 pork balls. Noodle portions for $3 and $4 bowls seemed pretty much the same.

IG @ spoonsofdelights Food is always on my mind 30% off burpple beyond

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