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Used the burpple beyond set here which comes with a salad, 2 pieces of mentaiko tamagoyaki and a miso soup. The salad was nothing special, the miso soup was pretty good too and was cooked with salmon bones which added depth to the soup. The star was definitely the tamagoyaki, soft and sweet complimenting the savory, rich mentaiko sauce. The kaisendon was average (the portion size for the set the small size) and the fish was relatively fresh but not super generous, wouldn’t have eaten it if not for the 1 for 1 deal.


Ordered the original tendon which comes with seafood, chicken and vegetables and you can choose between white rice or multigrain and original or spicy sauce. Would recommend the original sauce as there’s chili powder on the side in case you fancy some spice. The japanese short multigrain rice is cooked well and really tasty as some of the sauce is drizzled on the rice as well. Surprisingly the tempura that impressed me the most was the chicken, seasoned on the inside and still juicy, which is hard to find in chicken breast. The only tempura that I wasn’t a fan of was the baby corn but overall most of it was done well without it overly greasy.

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The ramen bowls here are customizable in terms of the soup flavor, ingredients and noodle texture. I chose strong flavor (which is slightly saltier as “warned” by the staff) and hard noodle texture. The place also serves free flow hard boiled eggs and bean sprouts. The soup is the creamy tonkotsu kind as you would expect and there’s even bits of the rendered pork fat floating around the soup which made it really rich but it could be hotter temperature wise. The egg was well cooked with the seasoning penetrating all the way through while the yolk was still jammy. However, the chashu was abit it a letdown as it was quite a lean cut and very dry unless I doused it in the soup

There’s a promo ongoing now and this whole fish was just $12 and this was grilled really well. The skin was slightly charred and crispy and the meat underneath was well seasoned and tender. Squeeze over some lemon to balance out the savoriness of the fish.


$18 and oh so worthhhh. The sashimi on the smaller plate on top was quite fresh and generous. However the main bowl below was more of chopped up salmon, saba, tuna and some octopus. The fish for that bowl wasn’t the best quality but cant complain given the price. The rice could be cooked better though it was abit too clumpy and dry.

Came with bamboo, spring onion, egg and a piece of char siew. The soup was thick but not as flavorful as I expected it to be so adding the garlic chips helped to enhance the soup. The noodles were on the firmer side which I prefer so that was nice. The most disappointing component was the char siew, it had nice caramelization but not tender enough and abit on the tougher side. Had better experiences here before so maybe today was an off day.

The tamago sushi was well seasoned and had the slab of egg was very generous. I love it when they get the rice to topping ratio right and not try to overload you with rice. Recommend the mackerel sushi as well, the vinegared fish complements the rice nicely.

Part of the 39.80++ buffet which is real worth it.

Buffet is 39.80++ for lunch and dinner and it’s really quite worth it. The sashimi is quite fresh but I wasn’t a fan of the cuttlefish as it didn’t have enough chewiness to it. Salmon and yellowtail sashimi was the best in my opinion.

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$16 for the set that comes with a side dish and a drink made it quite worth but that’s about all that’s good about this set meal. The broth didn’t have the depth of flavor that a good ramen should have and just tasted salty without the rich porky flavor. The meat was tender but once again too salty. The noodles were the only acceptable ingredient and they still had a little bit of a bite to them but strangely had a tinge of ginger flavor.

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All the fish served were nice and fresh but the champion would be the fresh scallop. Super large and juicy that we ordered another serving after tasting it. Hard to decide between the chutoro and hamachi for second place and we also ordered another serving of both woops🙈


They have many different combinations for tendon so there’s something for everyone. Ordered the soft shell crab tendon that came with prawn, pumpkin, longbean, egg etc. ps break the egg so the rice sooaaaks up all the liquid yolk😩

The set also comes with miso soup and chawamushi and free flow pickles the pickles are super appetizing and rly helps to cut through all the fried stuff. Would highly recommend the soft shell crab and if you’re lucky you get to enjoy crab roe too heh like I did.

only gripe is that it gets abit oily after awhile but maybe it’s coz it was really crowded???


Ordered the aburi set which costs around $30 and came with a wide variety of sashimi. All were pretty fresh but I still think The Sushi Bar still has my favorite aburi sashimi bowl. There was a sweet sauce that coated the fish which in some cases overpowered the flavor of the fish.

The set comes with chawamushi which was good!! and a bowl of miso soup which was abit too salty for my liking.


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