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For a fuss free & comforting meal, look no further than this stall selling Penang Char Kway Teow that attracts quite a small crowd the whole time I was there. It has a bit of wok hei to it!

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No time for lunch? No problem! Nando’s New Experience makes ordering your meals a quick and fuzz-free experience! Just decide what you want, order at the counter and voila! All you have to do is to wait for your meal. What’s more; these enhancements also means that there will be no service charge, making your meal cheaper than before! I prefer the new Nando’s more than before! And psst! Add $3.90 to your meal for a bottomless soft drink experience with a twist... the new machines now means that you get to mix and match for up to 50 different drinks combinations!

My favourite dish here is the new Sambal Crispy Pork Belly ($6.90). Think spicy chilli flakes on top of slices of pork belly; perfect combination!

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The Chicken Biscuit Curry ($6.80) is an ingenious pairing if you ask me. The fragrance of Fu Xiang’s signature curry paired with the crisp of the tender and juicy chicken biscuit makes me clamour for another bowl of rice!

For cheap, quality lunch grub around Alexandra; this is a pretty good spot!

If you are looking for cheap but quality crab dishes, this is the place to be! Apart from the 2 for $28 crab promotion, they have a variety of cheap set meals available throughout the day too!

I live for Saturdate nights where I get to chill over dinner with the missus ◡̈ and @burpple beyond has made it easier to decide where to eat while saving me some moolah along the way 😂

Found ourselves at @pastaeformaggio because of #BurppleBeyond and snatched ourselves a free pizza ◡̈ I think the pizza is really good, with a myriad of toppings on it to confuse your tastebuds, in a pleasant way.

The risotto is pretty good as well, although it seems to have been a little overcooked. Also love the fact that they were not stingy with the ingredients used either!

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There are 4 types of noodles to choose from at Ju Hao: waves, slices, handmade and hand-shaped. You can pair them with a variety of sauces available: shallot, sesame and mala. You can also customise your preferred noodle texture as well as flavour profile and the amount of oil used.

My personal favourite would be the waves noodles as i like the texture I get from it topped with sesame sauce. I also recommend that you get the chicken chop, which is juicy and tender within but crispy on the outside, to go along! The red bean pancake is a good way to finish your meal too; not too sweet and with a nutty fragrance on the outside.

While the Garlic Snowing Pizza was a sight to behold when it was served (grated cheese literally snowing in your face), the crowd favourite was the Meatatarian Pizza. The sweet, white sauce went really well with the savoury sausage and ham slices it was topped with. A must try if you are here, in my opinion ◡̈

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You can now get your orders in quickly via the self-service machines located at the front of the outlet (swipe right to see more)

Along with a fresh new look, they are also having a DOUBLE DATES DEAL until the end of the year; meaning that you can look forward to 1-for-1 meals each time the date matches with the month (i.e. 4/4, 5/5, 6/6)! And for this month (tomorrow!), enjoy 1-for-1 deals on the following items:
1. Kaya & Butter Toast (Double)
2. Prawn Meehoon Mee (my favourite dish of them all!)
3. Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken Wing

Other offerings from the new menu includes: Nasi Lemak with Rendang Beef, Nasi Lemak with Salted Egg Prawn, BBQ Chicken Steamed Rice, Spicy Fish Fillet Steamed Rice, Dry Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun and Kaya & Margarine Thick Toast. With so many offerings, what are you waiting for?

Thanks to @oldtownwhitecoffeesingapore for the food, @andwhyte for the hospitality and @qingxiangsqx for the invite.

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Get a Thunder Tea Rice for $4 with any soup purchase! It’s a really good deal as I see many office workers getting this whole set for themselves after a long day at work! The thunder tea rice is filled with a myriad of ingredients and goes pretty well with the thunder tea; try it if you are looking for a healthier choice!

Got this meal at 50% off to make my tummy and wallet happy! The Tunisian consist of a shakshuka which was delightful and reminded me of my very first one that I had in Amsterdam while the English breakfast looks deceivingly small but stuff us full! ChopeDeals has a wide variety of offers, from 1-for-1 buffets to 50% off cash vouchers, and even set menu deals below $20!

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