Are you a wine geek? If you aren't, fret not! There is a new wine place to chill in town that allows you to try different types of wine, from just $3.50, before you commit to the one of your choice. No more commitment issues! 🙊

Conveniently located at Pacific Plaza, their 24-bottle wine dispenser features premium wines from Australia, Italy to Spain and more in three tasting measures, 30ml, 90ml & 150ml, allowing you to try before you commit!

Vin Geek also offers a fine selection of cheeses, cured meats and other tantalising food pairings such as lobster/shrimp rolls, crab cakes, calamari, etc. to ensure that you are able to chill with friends to your heart's content!

A perfect place for everyone, whether you are trying wine for the first time or a seasoned wine connoisseur!


You might have plenty of hotpot before but have you had Spicy Bullfrog as your hotpot soup base before? If not, it is time to head down to @taikoolane for their Secret Recipe Spicy Frog and Fish Pot! I love how tender the frog legs were despite being cooked in the pot for a substantial period of time. The mala soup base also provided a bit of fiery kick that keeps you going back for more. We also had our usual Collagen broth to cool down from the spicy mala soup base.

Pair the awesome soup bases here with a variety of ala carte side dishes like their cuts of beef, pork, tofu and vegetables but don't forget about their cooked food too! I particularly enjoy the Handmade Crispy Fried Meat, which is a must have everytime that I'm here.

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I’m always in a rush when I find myself at Chinatown 😂 so I’m glad that the new Oldtown Coffee Concept Store at Chinatown Point, Oldtown Express, is a grab and go kind of joint! Now I can fill my stomach and get my caffeine fix despite my busy schedule. And don’t say bojio! Enjoy selected $4 beverages and $7 Flower Bun Sets from now till 31 Jan 2022. I love the flavours of the Curry Flower Bun! To be frank, I wasn’t expecting much but the curry contained within is super flavourful, definitely not something you would expect from a grab and go joint.

Christmas might be over but the feasting doesn’t have to stop! Pimping up its signature dishes, the Original White Beehoon and Signature Mala White Beehoon are dressed up with Christmas staples like turkey and “mini lobsters”. There is also the Flambé Honey-Smoked Turkey Breast ($15.80) which reminds us of Char Siew but with a leaner touch. A little more atas than its porky counterpart, this is set on fire and flambéed in front of diners upon order; a treat for both the eyes and lips.

Another new creation is the Wok-fried Australian Asparagus with Walnuts ($15.00). Australian asparagus sliced up before stir-fried with shiitake mushrooms and fragrant roasted walnuts. An Asian twist to a western staple that is well received!

The restaurant’s namesake gets a luxe update with the Tiger Prawn and Turkey White Beehoon ($17.80). Fresh tiger prawns are cooked in the gravy of the White Beehoon for an extra layer of sea sweetness before turkey slices are added Diners can also opt for a switch to the Mala White Beehoon at no extra cost. If prawns are not your thing, there is also the Crawfish & Turkey Mala White Beehoon ($15.80) which will sit well with spice and seafood lovers. The crawfish lends a festive feel to the Signature Mala White Beehoon. The original portion of this comes with 8 crawfish but check out White Restaurant’s TikTok channel for a hack to get a free upgrade to a larger portion with 12 crawfish.

If the new offerings and the restaurant's many dishes has left your mind boggled, fret not! There are a couple of set menus available as well. A set for 5 persons is priced at $108 and is available from 9 Nov 2021 – 2 Jan 2022. This includes the Flambé Honey-Smoked Turkey Breast (M), Wok-Fried Australian Asparagus with Walnut (M), Cabbage with Bacon in Double Broth (M), Tiger Prawn and Turkey White Beehoon (L) and Glutinuous Rice Balls (peanut filling) coated with peanut (5 pcs). There is also an Online Exclusive Christmas Set priced at $135.30, available during the same period. Hit up @whitebeehoonrestaurant for more deets. Futhermore, enjoy $8 OFF this online exclusive Christmas Set with promo code ‘XMAS8OFF’ at check out on Oddle, don't say bojio!

Can you see what is peeking Out Of The Bun? The Thicc Chick of course! 😂

Before you get your ideas all twisted, Out of the Bun is a new local burger concept that is young, fun loving and expresses their love to the world in the form of burgers!

The Thicc Chick, one of its best sellers (and our favourite!), and all other burgers are made inhouse, which explains the freshness of the ingredients and the pipping hot sides and burgers that you will receive. The Thicc Chick, with its crisp exterior but tender and juicy meat within, is a delight to have! The pickles added more crunch and a bit of tangy, sourness that refreshes your palate with every bite. A good burger indeed!

If you are looking to dine with a vegetarian friend, they also have plant based options; the IMPOSSIBLE and TINDLE burger.

With an array of happier & healthier options to choose from and using the freshest ingredient to curate the ultimate burger, @ootbsg doesn’t skimp on the quality of their ingredients. They are definitely very generous with their serving sizes as well. It’s in the name! The generous portion sizes is what makes their burgers out of the bun; where the bun to feelings ratio is justified making your meal less guilty and more happy.

Ever since I had the coconut bun from Swee Heng 1989, no other coconut bun has come close to its place in my heart. Just look at the thiccc fillings within! And that strong pandan fragrance from the fluffy bread itself. So good!

Although they are known for their handpulled Mee Hoon Kueh, some of their other specialties also include the Fried Sticky Cake (炸年糕) and Salted Egg Fried Rice! In the F&B line for 23 years already, their expertise in making Mee Hoon Kueh shines through the wide variety of soup bases that they have! Ranging from the widely available Minced Pork MHK to popular favourites like Tom Yum ($8.30), they also have flavours like Herbal MHK ($7.30) as well as Chicken Cutlet MHK that is sure to please people of all ages. We had the Herbal and Tom Yum ones delivered to us and are pleasantly surprised at how well the MH arrived, considering that they don't really travel well. We are also charmed by the thoughtfulness in their packaging of the items for delivery, with the soup bases separated from the noodles to ensure that the MHK retain its texture.

We also pleasantly surprised by the execution of the Salted Egg Fried Rice ($6.80)! Packed with flavour with the rice grains clearly separated from each other, this is one good plate of fried rice! Add on a sunny side up egg ($1) and some luncheon sticks ($5.50/10 sticks) and you are set for a fantastic meal!

Other side dishes/appetisers that you can order include the Fried Sticky Cake ($1.80 each)
and Fried Prawn Fritters ($1.80). The former is a surprise, given that this is not widely available and reminds me of some special chinese occasion 😅 surely a delight this!

Guess how much was my dinner? This wanton mee packed with ingredients only cost $3 after I opted for self-pickup on @grabfoodsg. Just look at the number of wantons and char siew they gave on top of the generous amount of noodles that they were sitting on top of. Super value for money! My only gripe is probably that the noodles were too wet for a dry wanton mee 😆 I could also do with more chilli too. But all in all, a cheap but good dinner!

Nothing to shout about the breakfast here other than the fact that I loved the cheese that came with this big plate. The dish itself was a tad bit too oily though.

I think one of the effects of CB is that it makes you crave for food that is not easily found in your heartland neighbourhood.

Would love to have a bowl of steaming hot rice topped with the silk smooth tofu coupled with fiery red Szechuan chilli sauce!

One thing I like about Song Fa is it’s consistency; you can always expect the same quality, no matter which outlet you are at and that’s a pretty difficult thing to do, considering the size of the chain.

If this is their signature, then I’m not sure I’ll ever want to try anything else from them. The chicken is tough and not very flavourful, the sauce that it came with tasted very artificial and the fries were pretty salty. The milk tea cost is of similar prices to the bigger brands out there but I would prefer Sweetalk over it. So...

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