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Sarah Lim
Sarah Lim
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First pick shrimp vs pork vs a dry base - I say just go for their namesake already, the amazing shrimp broth packs a punch of a flavour, you wouldn't be able to stop slurping. Then pick your ingredients and thank goodness there's the dumplings ($14.90) and prawn paste ($13.90) options for those lazy people who don't want to peel prawns. Decide whether to throw in a few sides and a drink for a top up. Overall so satisfying and highly recommended.

Or get it as a main as part of the 3 course set lunch at $12.90. Superb value for money given its location in a mall (overlooking Sentosa no less). Best option off the set lunch with yummy baby squids in a lovely crispy batter.

I think this is what they do best, rice. But mind you this ain't just rice but rice that has soaked up the delicious prawn broth, an absolute umami bomb. I could eat this by itself, the toppings to me were there for making the dish instagworthy.


Got the standard cold lobster roll which came served with 3 good lobster tails - pretty generous with the chunky lobsters, but while meaty were unfortunately a little dry and not very sweet. Still, cant complain for lobster at this price.


But at half price with Burpplebeyond, gives all the other fanch schmancy lobster rolls a for their money. I really liked the broiche used here too, which was buttery and soft. Kudos to the great and friendly service as well. Note though that this is pretty much a kiosk with only basic bench and stool seats.


No wonder everyone's been raving bout this mash, absolutely luxurious and buttery, i wouls say this is second to only Joel Ro but a fracture of its price. I could eat their mash as a main. Salmon was pretty nice and so was the special miso glaze on top.


The scallops were absolutely delicious. Plump enough for a satisfying mouthfeel and cooked just nice go retain all the savoury juices. 5 pieces no less, which made this dish a steal. So we didn't really mind the lack of flavours of the burnt mentaiko sauce, which just tasted like normal cream.


Since everyones featuring the grilled lobster and lobster rolls thought I'd post the less popular version with wok fried egg noodles instead. Would have been pretty tasty if not served lukewarm which made it taste like some takeout Chinese food. Star of the show i.e. the lobster was nevertheless fresh which overall made for an enjoyable meal.

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