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Zhihui Lim
Zhihui Lim

@dear.nesuto’s Yuzu Raspberry used to be my all-time favourite, until I had Konnichiwa Hojicha.

With the distinct layers of mildly sweet hojicha ganache/ light hojicha chantilly/ soft hojicha soufflé chiffon sponge and the rich roasty fragrance; overall it wasn’t too sweet and the cream was so light, I didn’t feel bad at all about it. We finished this up preeetty fast. This roasty creamy goodness is hands down, my favourite cake in awhile.

Do note that this seasonal cake is only available for online orders (with free delivery).

I liked the distinct tea fragrance. Slightly sweeter and pricier than the normal one but still enjoyed it!


Loved the fragrant lychee jelly with lychee bits, delicate rose and contrasting rich cheesecake with light crumble base.

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I like Olivia’s for the distinct blue cheese flavor which this didn’t have BUT it was still darn good and.... more value for money at half the price. Creamy and rich but it wasn’t cloying at all! Will definitely get it again whenever I’m there 😗

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They didn’t allow dine-in if you only have dessert (but just check in cos some people were allowed to dine there🤷🏻‍♀️). So here’s the Burnt cheesecake which (kinda) survived my ride home!

Despite its looks, this was fantastic. Oozy, incredibly creamy with distinct blue cheese flavour, on a buttery crust. Didn’t feel too heavy nor jelak. Loved it!


Super adorable soy milk pudding, on matcha mousse tart with azuki on a light tart crust! Instagram-worthy, & tasty!


Japanese Forest features yuzu choya, with moist matcha sponge layers (using matchaya’s matcha), chewy plum bits and popping candy for that extra fun in textures! I like how it isn’t too sweet and the yuzu choya is fragrant, though the plum bits does overpower the sponge in the same bite - but when you get a mouthful without the plum, you still get a distinct bittersweet matcha flavour.


This Pandan chiffon cake from Dulcet & Studio (which I got from Tampopo at Ngee Ann City) is a dream. Light, fluffy yet moist and very fragrant - all natural from pandan leaves with no artificial flavoring. Just look at the intense shade of green! Very good for its price at $6.50, especially if you don’t have the time to bake on your own, this is it when the craving hits 🤗



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