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Being serious about your sweets!
ZC Ong
ZC Ong

This highly raved cheese cake didn’t have the melty cheese flowing out, though it’s really a great dessert... Guess we need some consistency here~

This is about $9 and I can’t find this in the menus posted online 🤔 Is this new? But this is only my 2nd time here since more than a year ago. Espresso doused chocolate ice-cream and brownies cubes topped with caramel. I didn’t like it for being too sweet, but you’ve gotta mix in the bitterness of chocolate and coffee for some Yin-Yang effect 😋

Lava’s made of creamy Thai milk tea, boba soft and chewy, plain vanilla ice-cream to go with. *Warning: it tastes very light, so eat this first before other cakes!*

$13.80. Cotton Candy Mousse, Vanilla Sponge Cake within. Its blubber is made of the mousse, which we find the sweetness just right, not too cloying!

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A great find at Commonwealth Crescent Market, a small bowl of happiness, these traditional Chinese desserts are tended by an old granny, and they don’t cost much! :’) Back to the good old days (like for me, the 90’s rocks) when things are all cheap and good!


In return for a kind gesture of giving up my table to a family with 2 babies who needed it for parking their pram, I was given a little cake 🤗 I would say this place sells decent cakes! Have a bite and it brings all your worries out of the window; just enjoy your little afternoon me-time here, the little oasis!


$1.40 for this cup of awesomeness, frothy condensed milk solution, with espresso nanyang kopi; made just like angmoh’s cappuccino but with nanyang ingredients! Location: Telok Blangah Crescent Hawker Centre #01-91.


$16. Love banana desserts especially if it’s chocolate and banana, but the chocolate sauce and honey for this particular French Toast didn’t quite go as expected (not so yummy). Fruits seem less ripen and adds a little tingle of off-sourness. The protagonist Toast was quite “meh”. Maybe they could beef up the food quality here a little...

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Just the way I like it - sweet, moist, warmed; enhanced with vanilla ice-cream. Goes pretty well with coffee!

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What’s a Middle Eastern Snack? Baklava! Cinnamon, Almond, Caramel, Crispy! Love the sweetness to end the day, just don’t bite into the clove 😂

Hidden within the sleepy town of Telok Blangah Rise are food gems like this! Crave for traditional Nyonya cuisine? Try this out! Beware, the crowd comes in during lunchtime (12 to 1.30 pm)...


Great news for vegans (or vegan-wannabes) in the West! Situated within Bold at Work, it is a nice cosy place for collaboration in the heartlands! The café takes care in picking plant-based produce to suit our palates. We had a classic waffle with Xiao Hei (black sesame). For the sensitive tongue, the presence of creamy milk to enhance the fluffiness and weight of the waffles and ice-cream isn't there. But what'd you know? It's like coke-zero took more than a decade to create something that tastes like the original coke 🤣! Still a good place to chill out in the heartlands with healthy food!

ZC Ong

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