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Last brekky in Perth!

Unfortunately, my contingent was pressed for time so we could only have breakfast if it was on the way to the airport. Luckily we stumbled onto F5!

The Belmont suburbs seem like a sleepy town so to see a café serving some pretty unconventional dishes surprised me. Think gluten-free nasi goreng or tom yum soup!

The Eggs Blackstone were beautifully prepared with a golden house-made hollandaise sauce, free range bacon with za’atar tomatoes perched on top of bagel toast.

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Cicerellos > Kailis’!

When one heads to Fremantle, he or she needs to have the fish & chips at least once.

I tried Cicerellos which had an advantageous view of the port (as well as it was near the carpark). When you enter, the premises is dominated by tourists and the prices on the menu were exorbitant, which I’m sure tourists are okay to pay. The traditional fish & chips were pretty much the only thing priced decently at A$16 and I came so far (it was a chilly walk from the carpark okay?)

Lo and behold, it was great! The fries were hot and crispy and sprinkled with chicken salt. The hoki fish had a light and crunchy batter as well as the filet inside. Hoki is the fish McDonald’s uses for its Filet-o-Fish so no wonder it tasted reminiscent of the fast food treat but it didn’t taste cheap but quite exquisite in fact.

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Impeccable brunch at Sayers Sister.

I didn’t know there was a “Sayers” and “Sayers Sister”. I just typed “Sayers” on Google Maps and went to the first result it churned out. It turned out great though! Had one of the best brunches in Perth so far.

The pulled lamb was such a treat. The shreds of pulled lamb were mixed in with piping hot pearl barley that already could be eaten on its own but is also accompanied with a delicious minted chimichurri. It’s served in a makeshift flat bread bowl surrounded by a moat of sweet potato hummus! (So good!) And of course, it can’t be brunch without a sunny side up egg, some confit cherry tomatoes. I tried my fellow diner’s dishes such as the rostï and they were equally amazing. Do drop by if you can!


Possibly the best tiramisu I’ve ever had.

Fans of tiramisu, be sure to try out Ciao Italia famed version for the dessert. After hearing so many rave about their tiramisu, I tried it and it lived up to the hype!

The layers of sponge finger biscuits were delightfully fluffy yet soaked with coffee and a tinge of liquor. What put it all together is the mascarpone cheese and fresh double cream.

Even if you’re full from the mains, you still gotta try this.

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The restaurant that everyone that’s been to Perth recommended to me.

By just the number of people recommending this place to me, it would be a crime not to try it out. Ciao Italia resembles a trattoria straight outta Italy. With Italian front out of house, waiters and chefs, it feels like it too.

It’s a good idea to share as the portions are HUUUUGE albeit the food is pricey too. Look at my spaghetti bolognese, it could feed an entire family. A generous amount of spaghetti and an equally generous portion of rich bolognese sauce. Taste wise, it seemed normal to me. I’d recommend you go for the chili mussels or pizzas instead! Make sure you save room for dessert! You’d want to!

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Arguably better dim sum than in Singapore?

Depends what you’re looking for. The ingredients are no doubt fresh and the dim sums are super plump. The har kow, siew mai, and this pictured special flour roll (六福招牌肠粉) are huuuuge but they lack refinement compared to many banquet restaurants back in Singapore. If you’re in Perth to satisfy your craving for dim sum or Chinese cuisine, look no further than Northbridge Chinese Restaurant.


Awesome brunch with a Mexican twist.

Moore & Moore Cafe is popular with both locals and tourists and for good reason! They offer delectable breakfast and lunch options that cater for select palates. Many dishes are vegetarian but proteins can be added such as bacon or chorizo.

I had the Mexican Florentine, which instead of ham, they serve it with a hearty and tad spicy serving of the house’s black beans on top of the Turkish toast. The eggs are topped with an addictive lime and jalapeño and hollandaise sauce. It’s one of those breakfasts you could have EVERY DAY.

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Beautiful bakes by Hyde Park!

At a street corner by the perimeter of Hyde Park lies a distinct building that houses @chubakery!

Upon walking in, you’re immediately greeted by friendly baristas churning out orders on the fly. There’s no seating in the establishment so everything’s to go. Everything including beautiful croissants, doughnuts, baguettes and of course, coffee.

I’d recommend the brioche doughnuts such as the pictured jam variant (A$4.8) that’s stuffed with house strawberry raspbe


Do not underestimate these toasties!

Totally deceiving in appearance, these thin toasted sandwiches pack A LOT of flavour! This mushroom toastie is stuffed with melted Swiss gruyere, sweet red onion jam and barbecued mushrooms, all between sunflower seed & rye bread slices. Served piping hot, this makes an ideal breakfast in the chilly air of Perth to make you feel all... toasty.


Best gỏi cuốn ever?!

Not even in Vietnam did I find any gỏi cuốn or Vietnamese rice paper rolls with pork and prawn as good as the ones I’ve had at Viet Hoa. The rolls were wrapped with expertise and were plump with fresh prawns and tender pork. The tương chấm or dipping sauce made with peanuts and hoisin sauce was extremely delectable and creamy.


Better Vietnamese food than I can find in Singapore!

For the phở tái bò viên or beef phở with rare beef and beef meatballs would be the super tenderness of the rare beef slices! It probably has to do with the quality and freshness of ingredients one can find right here in Western Australia that can outcompete with whatever we can get in Singapore.

Upon entering the restaurant, you will be teleported to the 90s as you encounter the typical no frills Asian decor, which also matches the character of the food, traditional and no frills.


Unpretentious dining among the vineyards of Mandoon Estate.

This chargrilled chicken was perfectly cooked through and through. Even though it had a slightly crispy exterior, the interior was juicy and tender. Really love the grilled cauliflower and the salad mixed with quinoa, dukkah and pomegranate.