Courses / Sets

Courses / Sets

Whether it’s an affordable set lunch or a 10 course dinner, I’d be collating them all together.
Amanda Liu
Amanda Liu

This is the before shot of the Golden Poached Rice before it gets doused in the prawn broth.

As you can see, the generous portion of rice, together with the fresh & plump ingredients makes it worth every penny!

The set comes with 2 cold dish appetisers as well, an Appetising Cucumber with Garlic and Shredded Chicken with Sichuan Pepper!

This bowl of "porridge" is like no other. Their fluffy cooked rice is being cooked with a prawny broth, giving it its golden colour, and also topped with crispy rice to give you that extra bite!

This set which comes with 2 appetisers & a herbal drink is extremely worth it at $17.90++, and is considered a premium set!

The broth is rich in aroma & taste, as each spoonful comes with a prawn-y punch. The seafood bits that comes with it is juicy & fresh, making the price point an extremely affordable one!

This set is available for dine-in, takeaway or delivery!


Part of the $78 set menu, this dessert was the perfect ending to our beefy meal.

I enjoyed the thick creamy consistency of the chocolate lava, that came with a surprise center of raspberry which adds a tangy twist to the lava and cut through the thickness of it all. On top of that, it was served with cinnamon gelato, which was light and added a touch of sweetness to the dark chocolate lava.


The Executive Set Lunch ($35++) is one not to be missed if you’re a dashi lover.

It comes with a small appetiser of silver fish, vegetables and fresh clams, followed by the main and sides. I went for the soba in light dashi broth, topped with shimeji, wakami and onsen egg. This combination may look plain, but the flavours are simply outstanding. Pair the savoury dashi with buckwheat soba, the umami of shimeji, and the creaminess of the onsen yolk to give you a comforting tasty mouthful.

As sides, you also get a crabmeat chawanmushi and assorted tempura, before ending your meal with a choice of ice cream.

At this price point and that view, it’s definitely worth every penny.


The promotion offers their 7 Course Set ($79++ each) which includes the following items (swipe left for more):
- Pre-Dinner Snack of Homemade Rice Cracker with Beef Furikake
- Foie Gras Creme Brûlée with Black Truffle & Coral Tuile
- Mini Wagyu Burger with Potato Buns and Gouda
- Skewer with Beef Intercostals & Chimichurri
- Char Siew of Ribs & Kale
- Wagyu Marble 7-8 Tri Tip with Pumpkin
- Lava Cake, with a Chocolate, Raspberry & Cinnamon Gelato

I’ll let the pictures do the talking, cause looking at it is good enough.
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Before dinner commenced, we were given these home made rice crackers as our pre-dinner snack!

Puffed to a crisp in-house, the crackers were topped and sprinkled with beef furikake, with had a combination of what I like to think of beef powder (haha) and sesame seeds.

The resulting effect gives you a light but fragrant rice cracker, with a touch of beefy essence. Oh, I could get used to this if it substitutes the usual CNY crackers.


Amanda Liu

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