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Korean food In SG

Korean food In SG

The authentic and not so yummy.
Emma Fangs
Emma Fangs

This remains as my favourite dish here and perhaps the only one as the food seems to have dropped in overall standards.

Love the noodles, very chewy and has a good texture to it. Similar to nipongnaepong. The soup has a wok hei taste to it and not too spicy. Sliced beef is soft and chewy.

Overall, a must try at DaeJon House!

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The seafood pancake used to be good. How it is just meh. The exterior crust is crispy but it is just tasteless deep fried flour.

The seafood portion given is decent.

Total $19.90 for a 10 inch pancake as compared to the usual big but flatter Korean pancake.

Couldn't decide between jjampong and jjajang myeon? Try @jinjjachicken 2-in-1 jjamjja meyon for $11.90.

Personally I like the jjampong better cause it has a rich seafood taste and kick of spiciness to it ❤️


Not a wide range of options at Crystal Jade steamboat lunch but the limelight stealer is definitely the various paste - prawn, chicken, pork and squid available.

Approx. $24 after gst and service charge. 90mins dining.

Pork jowl was quite fatty but also tough. The kind that it's so fart, it becomes solid fats lol. The pork jowl wasn't really marinated. It taste alright but not at this price point ($24).

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Full of Ingredients including chopped mushrooms, carrots and what not. However, soup wasn't really spicy nor flavourful. It was quite bland.

If this is the signature... Not sure how non signature dishes will taste like.


So good it melts in your mouth.

At Pocha, they bbq for you and serve it on a warmer.

We are so in love with all the food at Wong Dae Bak! Definitely highly recommended but so make a reservation before hand.

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You can customise the spicy level of the soup. However, for the price at $21.90 ++, it was too expensive for how it tasted.

It tasted decent but the flavour was still lacking in intensity.

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The beef was well marinated without being too overwhelmingly heavy. You can still taste the beef. Soft and chewy. Grilled to perfection. Must try!

This is legit. I love it.

Slight sweetness from seafood, softness of Tofu and spiciness from the soup. As good as wong daebak actually but cheaper at $10.

Choice or rice or hand cut noodles.