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Reviewing all my mealpal food
Louisa Lee
Louisa Lee
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Tbh this is one of my favorite dishes to order off Mealpal and I'd always order it without fail if it's available. Very generous portion of spicy salmon sashimi cubes and goes really well with the soba. I'd still order this even if it weren't on Mealpal.

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Not your usual boring salad and they are super generous with the avocado so if you like avocado, I'd recommend this. Only negative is that it's served cold (cold pulled pork is weird for me) but you can easily warm it up in a microwave if you prefer it hot :)

I got this through Mealpal so the toppings have already been selected by default. The raw carrots and cucumbers were pretty bland and I didn't care for them. I especially dislike raw carrots. Everything else was great, I really liked the smoked almonds and wakame strips. They were also pretty generous with the avocado salmon, which was really interesting. All in all a very healthy and satisfying meal!

I appreciate that they use spices and herbs in this, but it was just way too salty!! I had a hard time eating it because it was so salty and that was pretty much all I could taste. I thought this was supposed to be their signature dish and if that's the case then I'm afraid to try other options on their menu. I got this through Mealpal so maybe their QC for mealpal food is more lax 🤔

This is the original roll, a simple preparation with just mayo, lemon zest and some herbs and spices. Look at how generous they are with the lobster! 😍 The brioche bun was well toasted too. Only complaint is it's too small of a portion to be filling for lunch. I got hungry again real quick and had to buy cup noodles from 7-11 😂 it's still a good deal for a lobster roll at $16 compared to other lobster rolls - and an even better deal for $3 on Mealpal if your fingers are fast enough!


One of my favorite chirashi dons, love that it's marinated! Great ratio of seafood to rice as they are generous with the seafood. Really no complaints at all, especially since I got it on mealpal for just $3! 😋 But it's so good I don't mind paying $16 for it, just not for lunch every day haha.

This was AWESOME. The hamburg patty had oozy cheese flowing out of it, which came as a pleasant surprise! The curry was very tasty also. Usual price $15.80 but got it for $3 through Mealpal 😋

Way too little salmon, which are rather thinly sliced too. Even the marinated salmon tartare, which was quite yummy, was just a tiny portion, like a spoonful. Not really enjoyable and not worth $16 at all! Luckily I got this on mealpal so it was only $3 if not I'd feel seriously ripped off 😂

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