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Fish Fish

Fish Fish

Featuring Food Republic (Suntec City), Kopitiam (Changi Airport Terminal 3), Kopitiam (Velocity), Food Junction (Great World), Food Junction (Bugis Junction), Lao Jiang Superior Soup (Oasis Terraces), Heritage Food Street, Koufu (Square 2)
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie

I ordered this to go with the vinegar pork trotters, but it didn’t work too well. I think still gotta go with hard boiled egg. This yolk was nice and runny. Would have been perfect with ramen. Just didn’t match well with the vinegar gravy.

Stuffed dough fritters deep fried with chef’s home made sauce. Not sure why this dish was called Kyoto since I detected no Japanese vibe from it. It was definitely crunchy. Nice texture contrast with the chewy bouncy fish(?) paste inside. Not a fan of the chef’s home made sauce since it was a bit on the tomatoey side. I prefer to dip this in their kick-ass chili sauce.

This set comprised of the Signature Superior Soup and Chicken Stewed with Double Boiled Soup + Essence of Chicken with rice. Original price was $23.50. From 24 April to 12 May 2019. Not valid for take away. You can redeem a free pack of Beetroot Essence on Mother’s Day.

Rice was additional $0.70, which I didn’t get. Soup was nice, with a slight sweetness. There were some slices of ginger and I enjoyed the abundant green leafy vege. Ideal for rainy afternoon.

This Koufu was hidden in a corner of level 4 of Square 2.

Fish slices inside were sweet and fresh. They were very generous with the fish and 2 pp could share this comfortably. Lots of vege to make me feel healthy. Chili bean sauce was good.

Couldn’t find this stall after food court moved to 3rd floor. Hope it comes back.

Purchase 2 bowls of signature superior soup ($9.50 each) to get a portion of fried fish sticks free. From 4 Mar 2019 - 31 Mar 2019.

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This was light and yummy. Fish slices were fresh. I really liked the soup. But there were too many slices of bitter gourd that kept getting in my way.

Wah the fire was strong, shooting out of the spout. The fish was fresh and sweet. Liked the chili a lot. Not the the usual soy sauce with sliced chili type, but the chicken rice reddish orange type. Really good.

There were bones in the meat, which really irked me. They were only on the bottom part so if you open your eyes big big can still avoid them. But the taste was not as I expected. On the bland side with a spice taste that I couldn’t describe.

Chili in the background was the fabulous chili that I love. I came on a weekday for lunch recently and they ran out of this chili! 😢 Uncle asked me to wait till the next day. Seemed that they needed more than a day to make this yummy concoction.

Lately the amt of soup had decreased to half a bowl. But don’t be disappointed. You can ask for soup refill at no charge. They were generous too. So stop them at the level you want or they will fill your bowl to the brim. Don’t waste good soup.

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I had a hard time accepting why I had to pay extra $2 if I wanted dry, but no extra charge if the noodles were added into the soup. One taste and I understood. The gravy was excellent. Only complaint was that it was barely enough to coat each strand of Mee pok. But still good enough that I will pay $2 for this noodle in future.

This place gets really crowded during dinner time. Even up to 8pm on a Saturday night. But I queue willingly.

681 Punggol Drive
#01-42/43 Oasis Terraces
Singapore 821669
Tel: 62440219

This was much better than the soup Mee pok. No hard clumps. But the lye taste was quite strong. Will try the dry noodles in future.

The soup was the light kind, no heavy flavors but kept me wanting more. Fish was very fresh and quite a lot too. But there was a clump of hard Mee pok that was inedible. Not cooked properly. Adding any rice or noodles in the soup was free, but if you want dry noodles, gotta pay $2 more.

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