Favourite dessert places with good coffee
Jenoque _
Jenoque _

The little things they do to let you feel like you are part of the floral decor even when you are dining. I appreciate the beautiful set up done for each of their beverages. Even when they are serving other tables, you just can’t get your eyes away from all the different ways they serve the drinks. Doesn’t it makes you feel special?

Come on down to just grab a coffee and cake and spend your Weekend with your loved ones. Definitely a place to hang out and take photos!

I wasn’t disappointed by the cheese cake recommended in the reviews! I love it more when I dip with the evaporate milk and the baked part at the top allows you to taste something different rather than just all cheesy taste! would definitely come back for this! 🙆🏻‍♀️

Ordered Matcha cookie and chocolate cookie for the base. Both are nice to try but my favourite is the chocolate cookie as it matches well with my brown butter ice cream. I’m not really a matcha person however i think it actually taste pretty good too, with watermelon ice cream which is new to me.

Anyone who loves Lava cake should definitely come here and try.

11min walking distance from NEX 👌

Had the 1for1 deal and it’s definitely worth it. The flavours we have chosen are Forest Berries, Tokyo Banana, Earl Grey and Black Sasame. Also their waffles are thick but in my opinion it would be better if they add more flavour into it.

This French inspired japanese cake store is my all time favourite. The strawberry shortcake ($10.50)cream has a really light taste, so you do not need to feel fat when eating lots of cream. And their ($7.90) double cheese cake(baked and mouse) coated with cookie crumbs is my favourite as well. You can also buy whole cake version at their store.

There is a reason why they charge such high price for cakes. And you will understand what I mean once u taste it. Their cakes are far from the best anyone has ever eaten.

It taste pretty good. I have come here two times to try their different flavours. You will not be disappointed

Ordered Chrysanthemum and strawberry ice cream. If anyone would like try new ice cream flavours, then birds of paradise is a great place to explore. Though it’s a bit pricey but I am willing to spend and try their unique flavoured ice cream. Moreover the cones are made by themselves.

Best acai I have ever tasted. They have a garden theme balcony with a hammock that I can lie on to relax.

The interior design is kinda cool and it gives a relaxing vibe to the overall experience. I like how it’s so quiet on a weekend to chill and enjoy the delicious cake.

Popcorn dipped with sea salt ice cream. Actually ordered candy floss to go around but since they couldn’t make it (it failed idk how) i have to change my topping. Even so, it still taste good. Would love to go back to try with candy floss again.

Ordered Original Choco Chip and it taste good when mix with the ice cream. Personally i feel that the cookie doh is too sweet so i think it would be better if they were to add more cream.

Great place to chill with your friends Or loved ones with a bowl of acai. The presentation here is pretty and service is good. Price wise is really affordable and easy to eat.

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