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Ems Huang
Ems Huang

Pork Katsu Udon - a satisfying bowl @kazokuteisg

While the google maps ratings is poor at around 3.2, we decided to dine in as it was one of the few places in Bugis Junction without a queue during lunch time πŸ€”.

This was surprisingly good though.

🐽 Pork Katsu was cripsy on the outside and has a nice firm meat texture to it without being too tough. Looks pretty for a pic when serving but felt that it will be better if the pork katsu can be served separately and not partially soaked in soup.

🍜 Udon - thick, chewy and yet still slightly springy. The udon is really good tbh.

Soup was alright too, pretty standard udon soup.

Total bill after ++ is $15. Not cheap but not exactly expensive for dining in a restaurant/mall.

πŸ“Kazokutei, Bugis Junction L2
Multiple Outlets
πŸš†: Bugis
πŸ’΅: $$

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[BRLJooChiat] Teabreak at the Iconic Red House.

Love the chill ambience of this place πŸ‘Œ

The coffee is strong and smooth at $6.

Kaya Toast at $7 seems a little pricey. Not your usual toast, the toast itself carries notes of sourdough and the texture is firm and slightly chewy.

The Pandan Kaya was thick and rich but not too sweet. Butter adds a salty note and goes well with the kaya.

Personally not a fan of sourdough but if you are, you are likely to enjoy this 😊.

πŸ“Micro Red | House
63 East Coast Road
πŸ’΅: $$
πŸš†: NA, take bus pls.

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Early Grey Lemon pound cake. The cake is fluffy and moist, can see the tiny air pockets within the pound cake.

Early Grey and lemon taste are both light and enjoyable.

Coffee is well balanced.

Trying out the very raved doughnuts by @koriosg because I happened to be in the area early on Saturday morning.

🍩 Cinnamon Sugar (minis at $4.50): these are really good. Swipe to see video on how squishy they are. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would like a box to myself pls πŸ˜‹

We tried the rest too.
🍩 Original Glazed
🍩 Honey Sea Salt
🍩 Caramelised Biscuits
🍩 70% Cocoa

Personally, I found all the glaze to be too sweet so I'll be sticking with Cinnamon sugar. For reference, I take bbt with 50% sugar lol. But I don't deny that they are nice, just too sweet for me!

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Crispy, skinny shoe string fries topped with cheese / truffle oil. Pretty good but slightly pricey at $12.

Well seasoned chicken with crispy skin and tender chicken meat. We enjoyed every bit of the fried chicken. The waffles is alright too, the batter is pretty decent, not too flat nor rubbery texture. But the maple syrup and size of chicken is a little too little.

It's $18, would pay slightly more for a bigger pc of chicken.

Only available in minimum 8oz for $6.50, very expensive. I rather get a small, solid cup at a lower price.

Coffee is not strong, didn't enjoy it unfortunately.

Very small but cosy space with good service.

🌟Lemon Meringue tart $6.90.
Sweet cream on sour lemon curd and tart base. Overall, the tart texture is not great. It was a little too dense and not crusty. Unlikely to buy this again.

🌟 Dacquoise (Earl Grey and Orange) $5.90. This is quite small and hence a little pricey. But the shell texture is dense, moist and slightly sweetened. Feels like a mixture of cake and tart. The cream within has A tinge of earl grey and orange. Chocolate was sweet but not overwhelming. Overall a good pairing.

$8.90 for Dacquoise and Flat White.

The coffee is robust and smooth, definitely worth a try.

πŸ“See You Latte
Stars of Kovan L1
Nearest MRT: Kovan

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They used to be Jones the grocer but called Dempsey Project now.

All their mains are $29++ and up.. Sandwiches maybe slightly cheaper at $26++

Coffee is $6++

Overall, the food is decent. Tried the angel hair crabmeat pasta and club sandwich.

Pasta is Al dente and crab meat portion is decent.

Club sandwich can easily feed 2pax lol.

Coffee is smooth.

Overall, find it quite expensive for the quality of food.

Sooo I visited the much raved π™†π™žπ™£π™œ'𝙨 π˜Ύπ™–π™§π™© π˜Ύπ™€π™›π™›π™šπ™š.

Tried their coffee, blueberry cream cheese muffin and soufflΓ© pancakes.

The coffee itself is pretty flat, it's okay but it isn't a good cuppa imo.

The pancake is really too eggy. Texture is okay but for $22.50++, it's really just pretty more than yummy πŸ₯΄

The saving grace is the blueberry cream cheese muffin which has a slightly fluffy muffin texture and well balanced with the sweetness of blueberry and the savoury cream cream taste.

Total spent: $35++, service is decent but there are other choices out there at this price point.

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🍁 Latte ($7) - never day no to beautiful latte art! Love that the coffee is smooth too.

🍁 Ice Summer ($12) - May have gotten the name wrong but this was an interestingly sweet and cold cup of coffee.

Great service by the crew too!

Loving the vibes of this place, does feels like we're in autumn 😊.

Tried the following:
🍁 𝙔π™ͺ𝙯π™ͺ π™Žπ™˜π™€π™£π™š ($3.80) - the scone here has a less rough floury texture as compared to British scones. Love the light, sweet and refreshing yuzu notes in this. Goes well with the cream.

🍁 π˜Ώπ™–π™‘π™œπ™€π™£π™– π™Žπ™˜π™€π™£π™š ($3.80) - the dalgona taste is light in the scone but it comes with hardened dalgona flavoured sugar (similar to meringue). This sweet and strong flavour is something different from the yuzu.

They don't sell hot food before dinner time. And their hot food is limited. Bakes and coffees are great though!

Follow me on IG @brickredlips 😘

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