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SG Cafes

SG Cafes

Featuring The Populus Coffee & Food Co., Kyushu Pancake Café, Five Oars Coffee Roasters, Plentyfull, Baristart Coffee, Common Man Stan, Revelry, Earlybird, Cottontail Creamery, Halcyon & Crane
Emma Fangs
Emma Fangs
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Ordered the Earl Grey Lavender cake. It was decent, moist with a light tinge of lavender and Earl Grey undertones. The cream was light and not overpowering. It is alright but nothing very wow.

Love the coffee though. It was smooth, strong and aromatic.

Very normal and average truffle fries. Truffle lacks fragrance. Prefers fries to be skinnier and more crispy.

Their desserts and cakes are lovely but a tad too expensive. Given that they are located in the airport, I guess that's why it's so expensive.

Sufficient matcha taste that matches well with the chestnut flavour of mont Blanc. Crust is a little tough.

What is ridiculous is actually them serving with only plastic fork and hence making it difficult to cut through the crust of the pastries. We did break a few plastic fork.

How about providing more suitable form of utensils and also saving the environment?

Very addictive Korean Fried chicken at the Black Fairy. This is a cosy cafe serving up good quality food and coffee. Seems under featured but has a steady stream of customers.


Gave up using Burpple one for one because it was restrictive in the items to be used.

The pancake is soft and chewy, not the best but not too bad.

But probably wun return at this price point and location for a huge dessert.

If you have been to Japan, you'll probably fall in love with the crispy exterior and soft white bread pair with sweet egg mayo or salty sweet tonkutsu meat. However, Baristart's Pork Tonkutsu Sandwich falls short of expectation with its tough and dry meat.

We were very disappointed. Bread is fine and Fries were decent though. 🍟😂

Medium well Angus Beef with herb butter, fries and roasted garlic. The beef was tender considering that it is medium well.

The meat was well marinated and perfectly paired with the herb butter that melted in the beef.

Fries were golden and crispy!

Only thing is the garlic were chao tar.

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Personally found the tomato to be overwhelming as I am not a fan of tomato. The chicken was well fried with cereal a D tender on the inside.

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Truffle Past with bacon bits and mushroom. Past was Al dente, the truffle smell and taste was strong, truffle sauce was very creamy and flavourful, just a whiff of it will make you hungry. Just try!

Well marinated and deep fried crispy garlic wings! Can order to share.

Very tender chicken and crispy skin. Well marinated with herbs, a little bitter but alright.


Hotcake was crispy on the outside, not very fluffy on the insides. The candy floss was a little haylight and tasted burnt. But overall still edible with the vanilla ice cream and all. One for the gram, wun order again.

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