Featuring Kogane Yama (Jem), Menya Musashi (Westgate), Akimitsu (Westgate), Kuriya Japanese Market (Jurong Point), Chirashizushi Shou
Dave Tan
Dave Tan

At first glance, what caught my eye was the thick and chunky assortment of cubed sashimi and the generous portion of fish!

The egg yolk was not just for aesthetic purposes, but enhance the texture when mixed well with the sushi rice, making every bite silky and smooth. The chilli padi also adds a spicy kick to it.

Freshness is a priority for sashimi, and this humble eatery nailed it. There were no fishy smell and taste, which was a good sign.

Some Japanese restaurants overdo it with the marination of the fish but the flavour was balanced in this Chirashi Don and not too over-powering. If you prefer a stronger flavour for your Chirashi Don, you can always ask for soya sauce at the side but I do not recommend putting too much as it covers the clean flavours of the fresh fish.

The Spicy Chirashi Don also comes with a salad and miso soup at the side. For those with a bigger appetite, do order their Tamago Mentaiko ($3.90) which was delicious too. Get their unsweetened iced green tea ($1.50) that is refillable to cleanse your palate between bites.

A delightful lunch at a hidden gem.

Tried their weekday lunch special and it is definitely value for money! It comes with ramen (choice of tonkotsu, black garlic and spicy flavour), a side and a drink.

I chose the Black Garlic Chashu Ramen, Deep Fried Gyoza as the side and Cold Houjicha for the drink. Nothing to shout about for the broth while the chashu and onsen egg is decent. I really like the chewy and springy texture of the noodles which has a nice bite to it. For the price point, it’s worth a try.


Kaisen Arare Chirashi ($9.90)

Unagi Nigiri and Maki ($10.80)

A decent bowl of Chirashi Don with adequate portions for its price point. For the sushi, I always prefer Nigiri over Maki for Unagi. A nice place to get a quick sushi fix.

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Chirashi is a classic dish of sashimi pieces over a bed of sushi rice. It comes from the word 散らす (chi-ra-su) meaning “to scatter”, as in scattering fish bits all over the place. Some say that the origins of Chirashi come from wanting to get rid of extra, unattractive pieces of fish, after using the nice parts for sashimi or sushi.

This bowl consists of fresh ingredients like finely diced raw salmon, tuna, swordfish, surf clam, steamed prawn, ikura (salmon roe), tobiko (flying fish roe), cucumber, tamago and short-grained Japanese rice.

There is shoyu at the side and seasoning is kept to a minimum to retain the natural taste. You can add on chawanmushi and miso soup for $2.50

Definitely a satisfying bowl of Omega 3.


My first impression of the Soft Shell Crab Tendon ($18.90) is the generous portion. It comes with Chawanmushi, Miso Soup and free flow of Pickles!

There is a variety of deep-fried vegetables like eggplant, carrot, seaweed etc that accompanies the Soft Shell Crab. Do eat it with the tendon sauce for maximum flavour. I love Japanese short grain rice and when mixed with the yolk oozing out of the egg, it’s delicious.

Ironically, the highlight of my meal was the pickles that compliment the tendon, not the tendon itself. I can’t stop eating the pickles! My only complaint about the tendon is that it gets too greasy after a while and I recommend getting a cup of Iced Houjicha to wash down the greasiness.

Don’t be shy to ask for spoons from the service staff to have a better dining experience as they initially only provide chopsticks.

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