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Savoury Yummies

Savoury Yummies

Featuring working title - Burger Bar, Biseryu Japanese Cuisines, Black Tap, Ri Ri Hong Mala Xiang Guo (People's Park Complex Food Centre), Monga Fried Chicken, Four Seasons Durians Restaurant
Random Food
Random Food

Really really good chicken. They uses breast meat yet, it still remains tender. The meat is very thick with a thin and crispy layer of crust which is both sweet and savoury.

Really good beef. The beef was really well seasoned and although they did not ask for the doneness of the beef, they are pretty well cooked by default.

Huge portion of salad too, dressed with japanese sesame sauce. The wedges tho, i find it a tad too salty. However, the seasoning is still good.

Overall, it is good just a little too pricy.

$33 + gst/set

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The chicken is so tender and it is boneless, hence it is very easy to eat. The sauce on it is very good too.

The fries are steak fries. Its very potato-y with a good amount of cheese sprinkled on it.

The vegetables are very well-cooked too. They are not too soggy nor too tough to eat. They aren’t too oily as well.

Simple yet yummy. The bun is glazed and toasted with the right amount of butter. The burger does not taste oily, holding the burger does not make your hand glistening with oil.

The beef patty though, was a little dry. Despite so, the overall taste is pretty much balanced.

The fries remains crispy even after some time.

This burger is gigantic. Very thick patty and soft buns. This is definitely worth the price. I like that they did not serve the burger as a whole, but placed the vegetables by the side to allow customisation.
Even then, they have 4 types of condiments by the side for you to add onto your burger and even salt and pepper.
Lets give some spotlight to the onion rings. Wow. These are the best onion rings i have ever tried. The batter are thin, remained crispy after leaving it there for long and the onions are soft. Just enough texture.

$22 + gst and service charge

My all times favourite mala xiang guo! Just the right amount of flavour. Not to salty nor too numbing! A lot of ingredients to choose from! They can customise not just the spiciness level, but u can ask for less oil, and many more!
Service is fast and efficient!
Most importantly, they are so affordable. They charge by per set rather than weight!