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Featuring Egg Stop (Paya Lebar Square), ANTE (1 Utama), #MakanBoleh (Seah Im Food Centre), Alta Cafe, LUSHBOWL, The Great Beer Bar, Koko Black
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Housemade straciatella that’s to die for. So good, with the sourdough and with almost anything that you can mop every bit up. Kiddos loved this too. Note to self: Order extra portion next time as they always attack my order.

Surprise! The venerable purveyors of, well, great beer, have a new kitchen manned by N.O.T. Kushiyaki and we’re thoroughly impressed with the food. The menu has been expanding rapidly, with everything going through multiple iterations of improvement. Amidst the skewers galore, you'll find this delicious Lamb Rice Bowl (RM25). Not just any lamb, mind you. This right here is lamb belly, slow-cooked for 21 hours, and grilled for a delicious brown sear. Quite possibly the softest lamb we’ve had in Malaysia, it sits on a bed of fried egg (yolk perfectly runny), spicy mayo, seaweed and, of course, rice. RM25, not including the cost of the beers you’ll inevitably be guzzling.
Avg price per bowl: RM25

Is cauliflower 'rice' considered cheating? Perhaps. But this fluffy, genuinely delicious cauliflower 'rice' tastes like the perfect midpoint between couscous and regular rice. And in our opinion, this is the tastiest poke bowl in Klang Valley, so it fully deserves a place on this list. The salmon is a notch above those at most poke parlours (pick your marinade, they’re all pretty great), the vegetables are as vibrant in the mouth as they are on the eyes, and we left feeling a good deal healthier than when we came in. Well worth the RM25.
Avg price per bowl: RM25

Sometimes while passing a Malay food stall at the hawker centre I give in to temptation and get these deep fried delights if I happen to spot them. These vegetable fritters containing julienned carrot and cabbage were satisfylingly crunchy and not too doughy, and served with a sweet and spicy Thai chilli-esque sauce. Great for a light afternoon snack or whenever you're feeling peckish.

Seah Im Food Centre, Dapur Minang - Dapur Melayu #01-36

Taste: 3/5

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The pictures of soft thick-cut brioche generously stuffed with one of my favourite foods of all time – eggs – proved too tempting to resist, so I finally succumbed to ordering what could easily be made at home.

Kudos to Egg Stop for preparing the fluffy scrambled eggs a la minute, as these were fresh and very well-cooked. I also liked the subtly spicy signature sauce slathered on the insides of the bread. The sandwiches here make great snacks, and though they’re a little costly for their size, still pack much more value than many an overpriced brunch plate at any trendy cafe you could throw a stone at.

Taste: 3/5

The original Koko Black chocolatier outlet at the stunning Royal Arcade, a heritage shopping arcade constructed in 1869, is a must visit whenever I'm back in Melbourne. We had the signature chocolate platter consisting of 2 pralines, Chocolate Cherry Royale,Chocolate Alchemy Cake, Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Ice Cream. Both the mousse and ice cream were rich, velvety and satisfyingly chocolatey. The cake with alternate layers of glossy ganache and sponge was good too. The only let down was the Cherry Royale which was a half dome of squishy, almost jelly-like cherry flavoured filling encased in a thin shell of chocolate. The cup of hot chocolate pictured was viscuously thick with cocoa goodness and we slurped it up. Holy death by chocolate Batman!

Taste: 3.5/5


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