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Featuring Umi Nami, Kabuke, Chirashi King Kong (Tanjong Pagar), Osaka Kitchen (Japan Food Town)
Charmaine Yap
Charmaine Yap

This is orgasmic. Currently off the menu but they might bring it back. The salmon roe is the ace of Kabuke and they made a dish with it! Yeap. Must order must get must have.

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Well, like I said, this salmon roe here stands out, so much such that the sea urchin and foie gras, imo, isn't worth it. But if you are here to impress then this place is it for you. The beef slices were too thick, i rather thinner and more pieces. The seasoned rice. Is a good concept, like Chirashi's King kong but rightly warm for its pairing.

Well, blow me away. This sharing plate is worth its buck! It tastes even better than the beef bowls. I felt the beef was too thick in the bowls, i would prefer the texture and thickness of this.

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You're better off getting the Wagyu Tataki instead. The tuna didn't surprise me as much. For the price, I would expect a but more flavour and better texture.

Not amazed by the sea urchin at all. The marinated salmon roe stands out in most of their mains. Looks pretty to photo, I would say.

The most underrated side. For it's price, one would most likely not order the jap butter raisin cracker but I must say, the pairing is heavenly! Very fragrant. It won't get you full but it's definitely great as a starter. I recc it to be the first bite of the meal.

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Not a bad overall experience but I felt that the food was served too quickly, spoiling the experience a little. The wagyu (in medium) melts in my mouth. It was amazing! Other surprising dishes includes the sesame tofu that goes extremely well with wasabi, the scallops and prawns, and the potato salad. This place is famous for its Okonomiyaki but maybe I was too full by then, I couldn't enjoy.

A pair of diner next to us ordered one omakase set and an extra dish of wagyu. That's a smart choice.

My favourite place for chirashi don. But the king Kong bowl isn't that fantastic, the blue fin tuna wasn't as epic as k thought. It would be best to stick to the mixed fish bowl, salmon mentaiko, scallop bowl etc. Will def. Still be back for more.


Light and nice! It's not super fantastic but I might have a picky palette. Still, it is worth the price. And I will be back here for more chirashi!

It's not too bad, but I have had better ones in Singapore, at a lower price. Maybe opt for the salmon belly sashimi instead.

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