Located at #01-54, I ordered the $6 oyster omelette and was surprised and the amount of oysters that I was served in the dish. Not only that, they were briny, fresh and plump. Just feel like it could have less of the starch and would’ve preferred more egg.

Ordered the charsiu/roast pork rice from Roast Paradise after having to queue for about 15mins. It came with 2 sauces, a sweet/savory black dipping sauce and their chili. Highly recommend mixing both together for the meat. The charsiu had sticky glaze and a good meat to fat ratio and was very good. The roast pork was decent too and the skin quite crispy but charsiu was better for sure.

The piece of chicken that came with this curry was HUGE but could’ve been more tender. Quite worth its price tag of $13 though. The curry was mildly spicy and quite good but not as lemak as those outside that’s laden with coconut milk. The charcoal youtiao was more chewy than the standard light crispy kind but was good when dipped into the curry.

$1.20 for the curry puff it was freshly fried and still piping hot when I bit into it. The puff was really flaky and crispy and the filling was savory with sizable chunks of potato and chicken. The spice was not overwhelming and just right too.

$12 for a portion enough for 2 and it came drenched in the salted egg sauce. The sauce was creamy with a slightly kick from the chili infused into the sauce but was abit salty for my liking. The pork was boneless pieces and tender and you could taste the marinade in it, so it wasn’t just flavored by the sauce. This place seems perpetually crowded so come early to grab a seat.

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This small curry puff cost $1.60 wanted to try the original flavor but they ran out and only had this left. Even before eating it when I picked it up, the crust crumbled a little bit. It was super flaky and buttery and I must admit I dropped crumbs of it while walking. The filling was filled with chicken cubes and onions coated in a black pepper gravy. The chicken cubes were surprisingly tender and the onions gave abit of sweetness while the sauce had a slight spicy kick. Will be back to try the other flavors.

Super famous fish soup place just opposite Bugis Junction with perpetual queues during mealtime. Ordered the fish soup without noodles (i don’t like it when the noodles end up soaking up all the soup) and I could drink this soup every day. So so comforting and I could tell that it’s been boiled for hours and the milk I chose to add gave it abit of richness without overpowering its flavor. Fish was done well but could’ve been more generous with the ingredients. $6 for a bowl of soup and most side dishes are above $10 make it quite a pricey local fare/zichar stall actually. But that clearly doesn’t deter people from frequenting it.

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Stumbled upon this stall and saw that it was featured in the 2018 Michelin guide so I decided to give it a shot. It was freshly fried when I bought it the exterior pastry was flaky and crispy while the inside was piping hot. The curry wasn’t overly spicy and there were generous chunks of potato, chicken breast and egg. The only downside is that the puff is tiny for $1.50 and I finished it in a couple bites.


Heard a lot of great reviews about this Cantonese dimsum place so gave it go at it’s second outlet at Chinatown Point. Ordered quite a variety but will review some of my favs from the meal.

Har Gao: Juicy and packed with fresh prawns, it also had a stock/sesame oil mixture packed within that made it even more flavorful

Steamed Seafood Roll: One of the more random items we ordered that turned out great. Stuffed with chicken, crabstick, fish maw and seafood paste. The filling was super flavorful and beancurd skin was delicate.

XLBs: More like XL XLBs once again packed to the brim with well seasoned meat but would’ve liked more soup to slurp.

Egg Tarts: If you’re lucky, they would serve you a freshly baked batch and the crust is the traditional sort that’s eggy/buttery but the custard filling was so silky and tender and still had a slight wobble to it.


I order this everytime I’m here and I love it just as much. The cheong fun is freshly made in house and super silky and tender. The charsiew filling is good too and has a nice smokey flavor. The hero however, is the sauce that drapes over the cheong fun, sweet and savory at the same time with a kick of spice at the end. They should bottle it up and sell it.

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This stall sells oyster omelette, black/white carrot cake and hokkien prawn noodle. This black carrot cake was not flooded with the black sauce so it wasn’t too sweet which I appreciated. The wokhei flavor really came through with crispy bits of egg and pops of savoriness from the preserved radish. The generous sprinkling of spring onion also helped to add a slightly crunchy fresh texture while helping to cut through the greasiness of the dish.

Ordered the large portion of spare ribs BKT which cost $20, there’s another version where it’s a mix of different cuts of pork which costs abit more but the different sizes available make it easy to share among friends and family. When the claypot arrived I thought it was going to be the herbal BKT?? but when I drank it I could taste the pepper in it?? Abit confusing to me it was like a half herbal half pepper version but still quite good to drink. They were quite generous with the number of spareribs and the meat was quite tender while still retaining a meaty bite to it. They offer also some zichar dishes as well and we ordered the sambal eggplant which was so savory and tasty I could just eat a plate of that with a bowl of rice.

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