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I order this everytime I’m here and I love it just as much. The cheong fun is freshly made in house and super silky and tender. The charsiew filling is good too and has a nice smokey flavor. The hero however, is the sauce that drapes over the cheong fun, sweet and savory at the same time with a kick of spice at the end. They should bottle it up and sell it.

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This stall sells oyster omelette, black/white carrot cake and hokkien prawn noodle. This black carrot cake was not flooded with the black sauce so it wasn’t too sweet which I appreciated. The wokhei flavor really came through with crispy bits of egg and pops of savoriness from the preserved radish. The generous sprinkling of spring onion also helped to add a slightly crunchy fresh texture while helping to cut through the greasiness of the dish.

Ordered the large portion of spare ribs BKT which cost $20, there’s another version where it’s a mix of different cuts of pork which costs abit more but the different sizes available make it easy to share among friends and family. When the claypot arrived I thought it was going to be the herbal BKT?? but when I drank it I could taste the pepper in it?? Abit confusing to me it was like a half herbal half pepper version but still quite good to drink. They were quite generous with the number of spareribs and the meat was quite tender while still retaining a meaty bite to it. They offer also some zichar dishes as well and we ordered the sambal eggplant which was so savory and tasty I could just eat a plate of that with a bowl of rice.

$3 for a bowl of laksa and it only comes in one size (pretty small and if you’re hungry you can definitely down 2 bowls). They don’t give you chopsticks as the noodles are cut into spoonable bites which makes it easy to eat. The other ingredients are fishcake, chili, beansprouts and cockles which are fresh and quite juicy. The broth/gravy is the winner here though and leans towards the thicker side and super flavorful, creamy and has a spice that keeps you wanting to come back for more. It’s cooked over a charcoal stove and the noodles are cooked in it as well so it soaks up all the flavor. Just wish there was a larger size so I could have more of this.

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Your basic liushabao but the bun is deep fried instead of the usual steamed bun. It provided a better textural contrast as the bun was crispy and greasy but somehow i still prefer the original steamed bun?? The steamed bun is fluffier and is way better at soaking up the salted egg filling in case of spillage. The filling here is decent but I’ve had better LSBs.

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$5.50 for a plate of this was quite expensive more expensive than the other famous roast meat stalls around singapore like fatty cheong which only charges $4. The charsiew was really tender with a good amount of fat distribution in the meat and the glaze wasn’t overly sweet. The roast pork was fatty and savory too, with the skin still retaining its signature crunch. Nothing to fault here except that it’s overpriced for quite a small portion. Be careful with the chili though it packs quite a punch and a little goes a long way.

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This is probably one of the zi char dishes i’ve been wanting to try for awhile and finally had the chance to. The pork ribs are covered in milk powder and the combination of the ribs and milk powder was initially abit strange but it slowly grew on me. The boneless ribs made it easy to eat and it was tender as well but beware as the milk powder rly sticks to your mouth when it dissolves. Not sure if I would order this again but it’s definitely worth a try.

BKT from Malaysia here is real different from the classic peppery soup but instead is the herbal soup. The soup is accompanied with a variety of cuts of pork (stomach, intestine, belly, ribs, tail) and they were all super tender which surprised me it was like a pork kway chap. They also offer the standard versions where it’s just pork ribs or just pork belly etc. The herbal soup was a new experience for me and I quite enjoyed it, it’s much lighter than the peppery version so it’s quite easy drinking. There’s also a dry version of the BKT which seemed quite interesting and something i’ll try if I come back.

Located at Boon Lay food village people were still queueing at 11pm to get their nasi lemak fix. Ordered the standard chicken wing set that came with chicken wing, ikan bilis&peanuts, fried egg and sambal. The rice was quite fragrant but nothing to shout about and the egg was just a standard fried egg. The ikan bilis and peanuts added a crunchy texture to entire dish which was nice and not too greasy. The sambal was on the sweeter side?? but still had a slight spicy kick at the end but I would’ve preferred a spicier sambal. The hero for me was the chicken wing still super crispy and tender when you bite into it, something i didn’t expect of a nasi lemak stall especially at 11pm.

The handmade noodles were generous and had a nice texture to it which I really enjoyed. However the meat gravy/sauce component was abit bland to me and the minced meat was abit on the stingy side as well, which left me slightly dissatisfied. The cucumbers on the other hand gave the dish a nice cooling/crunchy texture which helped to balance out the meat sauce.

$4.50 for 7 XLBs was pretty reasonable to me and they are all freshly steamed when you order. Queue gets pretty long during lunchtime but thankfully the wait isn’t that bad. The filling of xiaolongbaos was quite flavorful and savoury but I feel the soup was abit lacking. I love slurping the soup that spills out when you take the first apprehensive bite but there was simply not enough soup in the XLB which made it abit dry.

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$2.20 for one popiah but you gotta buy 2 minimally per order!! They usually sell out so come early to get your popiah fix. The filling is especially flavorful from the stock that it’s simmered in and always get chili with it which gives it a nice punch. Can’t go wrong at this stall.

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