So savoury.

So savoury.

Besides the sweets, here are some more savoury and sometimes, filling options.
Lutfi Dali
Lutfi Dali

Still my go-to for wholesome, tasty nutrients. The daily cut (Tanjong Pagar here) serves delicious, nutritious options of food for an awesome post workout meal or simply any nutrient-boosting meal!

Pictures here, you can see how the Steak is medium, and the carrots glazed. Regular = 1 carb source, 3 toppings, 1 protein, 1 seasoning and a dressing ($10.90). A bit higher on the price range but for quality ingredients and taste, definitely hits the right nutrient note!

Pretty unassuming dish - spinach scrambled eggs (green eggs) served with crisp toast and cherry tomatoes.

Blown away by the simple dish, rich flavour and wholesome nutrient boost.

Mandalay Villa - Bali.

Starbucks Christmas Promotional item: Tuna Shepard's Pie ($6.20) was exactly what you would expect it to be. Hearty mix of Tuna, sweetcorn, sliced carrots and peas encased in Starbucks buttery pie crust and topped off with a layer of mashed potatoes.

I enjoyed the light teatime treat as the pie was warm and comforting yet not too filling. Since Starbucks changed their deep dish beef pie to have potatoes > cheese, I don't have a pie to go to anymore and see myself visiting them less. Now with this pie in the options, I might be more regular.... Pie to Price ratio though, rather steep to be having too often.

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Starbucks Christmas launch 2018 includes a butter chicken pie and a tuna Shepard's pie among others.

Recommended by the barista so gave it a go...
The top layers were buttery and flaky, toasted till crisp, it had a cheese-like exterior which complemented the butter chicken fillings well.
The butter chicken itself had a strong taste, reminiscent to the butter chicken in Indian/ Malay stalls with the addition of chunks of potato.
One thing to love is the Pandan flavored casing which packaged the whole pie with a solid note.

Starbucks earlier on this year had dished out a Chicken Laksa pie. Their ambitious-ness in re-creating these local delicacies into pies have proven to be quite a Win πŸ‘.

Not sure which Christmas dish a butter chicken pie is but give it a go and you might just find it nice, and have it in place of your rice! 😜

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