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Breads And Rolls

Breads And Rolls

Featuring Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar, Keong Saik Bakery, Tiong Bahru Bakery (Raffles City), Legendary Hong Kong, Baker & Cook (Hillcrest), Coffee Break (Amoy Street Food Centre), Tai Cheong Bakery (Takashimaya), Guschlbauer (Waterway Point), Donq, Mama Patisserie
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie

A generous amt of sliced chicken with chewy mushrooms in a pool of thick creamy sauce. I didn’t expect to like this so much. Will be on my to-buy list from now on.

Most of the cubed cheese were in the middle of the bread. What I loved was the dollop of sourish mayo on top. So creamy

Surprised to see a local flavor in this jap bakery. Not too bad. Otah was quite good with the cheese.

Didn’t prefer this to the chicken Alfredo, cos the ingredients were noticeably lesser and bread was thicker. Of cos the price was much lesser too. The focaccia bread portion was just as good.

This was the small one. Got a bigger size. Quite fragrant. I was concerned abt the alcohol but I was assured by a staff member that all alcohol was evaporated after baking, so pregnant women and children can eat with no worries. The bread had a nice chew. Lychee flesh was present throughout the bread, and bits of walnuts for pleasant crunch. Overall on the sweet side cos of the lychee flesh, which offered bursts of tangy sweetness in almost every bite. Supposed to have rose petals but I didn’t really notice it. Can ask the cashier to slice for you. I was told this bread could be kept outside for 3 days and up to 1 week in the fridge.

Oh yeah it was crunchy alright. Delightfully so. But I had it straight out of the oven at home so not sure if the crunch would be so good cooled down. Dough was on the thick side. Curry ok. I liked the egg inside.

Nice spicy kick from the chili. Supposed to have both chili padi and green chili but I only saw the green one.

Topped with spring onions, with swirls of house blend Sambal shrimp paste inside. Main ingredient of Sambal shrimp paste was not overpowering but definitely made its mark. The aromatic spring onions elevated the bread to wonderful. I will buy again.

Quite a substantially sized buttery bread moist with choc. Dark choc was used, so it wasn’t deathly sweet. Smelt delicious choc aroma from the open kitchen and just had to get this. Steaming this melted the generous amt of choc chips on top and made the bread so soft. Got choc swirls inside too.

Packed full of Satay chicken inside. Peanut sauce was on point, and quite spicy. I particularly enjoyed the generous scattering of peanuts and onion slices. Couldn’t really taste the cheese thou.


Smelled the buttery aroma while paying for my cookies, and couldn’t resist a freshly baked one. The cream cheese inside was unbelievable. So soft, thick and flavorful. The Pastry was also extremely flaky and buttery. Quite a heavy dessert but I loved it.

I thot this was just normal almond croissant with almond paste inside. But the sour strawberry jam inside was a very lovely surprise. Even had some strawberry flesh. Totally cut thru all the grease. This was the most delicious almond croissant to me.

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