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Breads And Rolls

Breads And Rolls

Featuring Tiong Bahru Bakery (Raffles City), Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar, Keong Saik Bakery, Legendary Hong Kong, Baker & Cook (Hillcrest), Coffee Break (Amoy Street Food Centre), Tai Cheong Bakery (Takashimaya), Guschlbauer (Waterway Point), Donq, Johan Paris (Westgate)
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie
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I don’t usually get red bean cos too sweet. But I love cheese. Glad I took the risk. It was basically cream cheese blended with red beans. Not too sweet. A wonderful mix. I left the middle walnut for the last bite. Delicious!

A large buttery croissant with a biscuity top and sliced almonds, and generous amt of almond paste inside. I much preferred this to their other croissant versions, cos it was somehow not as sweet. Quite addictive.

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The bread belonged to the sweet type, with orange peel, blueberry jam and cream cheese. Couldn’t really taste much cheese, but the orange peel was delightful.

Very much like the garlic onion cheese bread but with added chicken. At first I wasn’t too enthusiastic cos the chicken chunks looked like breast meat. But pleasantly surprised that the meat was quite tender. Not dry not tough. I will buy again.

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I steamed this to reheat and it was indeed soft. The cheese inside was the kind I like: salty. Not sweet cream cheese. More like cubed cheddar that melted beautifully. Generous amt of cheese inside.

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Buttery toast dough with cheddar cheese. Melted cheese chunks within the cracks, coupled with the surface of shredded cheese. Yes it was indeed buttery and soft. Not salty thou with cheese. Perfect with a sunny side up.

A good sized bun with buttery crispy top, filled with creamy cheese inside. Didn’t turn hard even when I reheated in the oven. A very enjoyable bun. I will buy again.

These were very small buns but the bread part was thin. Filling wasn’t a lot but I liked that there were no fatty parts. Very simple basic char Siew bun.

This small little bun definitely had much less char Siew than its big brother. Also not the saucy kind. But the biscuity top was crunchy and buttery. The big polo char Siew could get a bit overwhelming cos it was so bursting with char Siew and sauce. This was nice as a light snack.

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Got this as a coffee set for $8. Very worth it since their coffees usually around $6.40-$6.90. They also very kindly allowed me to take-away since I actually only came for coffee.

The coconut fragrance was really strong when I opened the box. Inside was a light brown colored coconut cheese. With dessicated coconut at the edges providing a different texture to the soft bun and creamy cheese, this would be a delightful treat for coconut fans.

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The floss was in abundance and really quite spicy. Spicy enough to make me sweat, and warmed up my tummy. Much spicier compared to the one in Bread Talk. Smelt really good too.

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These were 3 for $6. Keep in fridge if consuming the next day. Durian taste was not very strong. Durian paste was quite little so mostly tasted the bread.

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