For gluttons, like me, who are always on a hunt for cheap and yummy food
Clara Vu
Clara Vu

Used my first Burpple Beyond for this and it was really good! They are really generous on the ingredients. The pulled pork was SO GOOD. I really liked this bowl so much I'm going back for more!

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This is definitely highly recommended if you're a fried fish lover!! It's so crispy that the entire fish was almost gobbled down, leaving only the biggest fish bone. The garlic sauce is a little sour and spicy which compliments well with the fish!

This is definitely my go-to place for authentic Thai food other than Golden Mile. Not too oily, not too salty. Just right! Trust me, the spicy long bean with squid is the BOMB!

Still the best and cheapest mala hotpot I've eaten! So generous on their ingredients and it's not too salty or oily!

This place is highly recommended! They refilled the seafood so often and they even offered to de-shell the crayfish for us! The seafood were fresh and the meat was well marinated! The restaurant has great ventilation so don't worry about getting out smelling like grilled meat!

The sweetness was just alright! Not too sweet, yummy! Could taste the matcha flavour as well unlike some so-called matcha cakes with only a hint of matcha taste!

I would give the crispy silver fish a miss because it wasn't really crispy and most of it were too tough. The fish skin was massive and served with chicken rice chilli. Nothing impressive about it but if you love fried fish skin then go for it! Haha!

Overall taste was alright as there's no fishy smell to it. But omg the amount of oil dripping out of my fish was beyond my expectation. It's was crazy. I don't think I'll go for the fried fish again but I will consider getting the pan seared fish instead. They were very generous on the chips! And their curry mayo sauce was the bomb man! Dipping the fish into that sauce reminds me of eating curry fish head! Yumzzz

This dish was definitely better than the Bibimbap. It wasn't too salty and there was more beef. Again, the rice was too much haha. I'll rate this 8.5/10! They are currently having a promotion! You'll get a free drink and a scoop of ice cream with every main dish ordered! Sold.

This dish was just alright as I've eaten better Bibimbap elsewhere. The meat was too little but they were super generous on the amount of rice (good for big eaters). Overall I'll rate it a 7/10. They are currently having a promotion! There is a choice of a free drink and a scoop of ice cream with every main dish ordered!

The lady told us we have to wait 10 mins for this dish because the chef only makes the rice ball upon ordering!! Fresh and handmade LOVE IT! The skin was so chewy yet soft and the amount of filling was just right (not too sweet as well). Not forgetting the Osmanthus soup, it was so refreshing (but a tad too sweet). Overall I'll rate it 4/5

Chicken Shawarma with Garlic mayo and honey mustard sauce. Hmm hmnm!
The taste was alright however I'm not sure if the wrap was worth $10...