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Sarah Liwen
Sarah Liwen

serves 2-3 (maybe even 4 with all the other dishes ordered)!

tbh couldn’t quite taste the crabmeat, wasn’t that generous a serving

everyone at dinner really liked this soup, which packed a peppery punch! would order again

rly interesting dish, with a hint of mala. perfect combination to the soupy dishes we chose. and were advised to eat the chicken before the “eggs” (which would help to cool the spice) which weren’t actual yolks. will not reveal what they are, for a sweet surprise!

on the pricey side, though was really yummy! we chose the mala style grilled barramundi

was a good serving of acai and fruit! was a little icy and fruit was frozen. presentation was great but wish it wasn’t frozen over!

ordered via foodpanda, and chose buckwheat soba! friend also tried the mala mentaiko salmon don, which was decent though not great. would order the salmon don again, and add the onsen egg (+$1)!

also tried their pasta which was recommended by many people. was a good taste and could taste the creamy sauce with crabmeat bits! used 1 for 1 too

truffle taste was strong with a good serving of mushrooms and baby spinach, was tender and juicy! used 1 for 1

still the best place for salmon don with a variety, with a lunch set was $14.1 nett!

only large cups available to use for 1 for 1! chose almond butter drizzle as it’s the healthier choice, acai tasted rly good, not dilute and i was sufficiently full ($13.90)