Date Nights

Date Nights

with the perfect match to make the nights lit 💡
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng

Got to be one of the most fun and creative dinner dates I've had: immersing yourself in the Harry Potter world of magical food and mystical setting.

This fire whiskey chicken was delightful, like being coated with whiskey jelly, and set on fire !! Love how the fire flickers between orange and blue (like the Bluebell flames). ($18)

Favourite part has to be how we can dress up in these wizard and witches robes, swish and flick, swish and flick.


Elotes - or Mexican street food: grilled corn on a cob sprinkled generously with chili powder, grated cheese and doused with lime, makes for a very appetising opener at our dinner.

Also loved the beef brisket tacos and quesadillas! Plus, perfect view of the city in it's night time glory

Perched on the 43rd floor of Ocean Financial Center, it gives a grand view of the city and especially so during the golden hour.

This dish is a charcoal grilled Angus beef tenderloin and you can definitely taste the intense smokey charcoal taste in your mouth (like it's still on the grill). Wiping up the tender cuts with the rich porcini mushroom and mash potato is just perfect.

Paella de Marisco - traditional seafood paella. Must say my favourite part is scraping the crispy paella bits, doused with lemon juice and filled with juicy seafood. Together with sangria, endless conversations

Also learnt the difference between a prawn and a shrimp (no. of legs with 3 claws differ) very interesting


Truffle and unagi goes make an irresistible pairing, and it fits well in this Japanese inspired KOMA setting: the finest and most sophisticated Japanese food here. Dining here is like a scene from Pontocho Alley, Kyoto back in the times - dark, mysterious and exquisite.

($25) - Hosted by KOMA

This plate of edaname hummus is unbelievably irresistible. While its taste is reminiscent of bak ku teh, the consistent creaminess and hints of edaname makes it a perfect side. ($8 for small), will always order this when i'm back!


I savoured every bite of this steak, still juicy and paired very well with the melted butter (although its slightly more than medium rare). It also comes with a generous portion of truffle fries, which scent is on the lighter side. The steak is memorable, though i would also wish for its fats to be more melt-in-your-mouth kind of tender. Most of the menu is western/indian/middle eastern fusion.

($28) came here on labour's day eve, hence didnt get to enjoy the 1-for-1. Nevertheless, we left with happy bellies!

Its something about its cosy rooftop bar overlooking the shophouses and cityscape, its delightfully juicy steak and truffle fries, and most importantly, its screening room featuring old school movies complimentary to all its diners. Its a gem of an hideout in Ann Siang hill, and i would say catching a movie in the screening room after a dinner at their rooftop scores a memorable first date, a place worthy to be waxed lyrical about.

Additional perks that its on burpple beyond! (~$34 inclusive of GST for two)

Finally tried Gambas after seeing it cooked on a show. The prawns are bathed in this rich combination of garlic and olive oil, and dousing the bread with both the prawn and the garlic & olive oil was lip smacking and non guilt-inducingly good.



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Made no missteak with this one. We got the USDA-fed tenderloin and the aged ribeye as a treat to ourselves after a long week. The richness and tenderness of both these cuts make the other steaks I ate pale in comparison. Just cutting into it has all the steak juice oozing out! Every bit of it is delightful.

The béarnaise sauce, also known as baby hollandaise sauce, was a creamy touch that breaks the possible monotony of the meat. I also enjoyed the naan which is baked in-house spreaded with roasted garlic bulb. ($110 for two)

#entertainer #🎄

hands down my favourite dish of the night. This Barley Risotto's rich mushroom creaminess seeps through every single grain and exudes with every single bite of the chewy barley. Learnt that cooking risotto is an art of patience, and the chef must have poured his heart and soul in perfecting this risotto dish. The risotto pairs well with the fried mushroom and the sharp notes of the parmesan slices.

Love at first taste! #burpple ($26) bookmarked for future returns


This is probably one of the more innovative fish dish I've had - just look at this plate of art. The sea bream was wrapped in Napa cabbage and was juicy and succulent. To accentuate the flavours, we sprinkled some salt (#saltbae) , spreaded their unique salsa verde (the green pesto taste-alike, and made from a variety of herbs) and added the final touch of burnt lemon.

For a 600-700g fish, it has plenty to offer - serving + flavours. Great to share this dish amongst 4-5 people and just enjoy the different mixes of condiments (it's good on its own too!) - $49

Many thanks to burpple and LINO for the very fun eat-up!! ✨


I write to remember good food, and to share the most humble of eats Join BurppleBeyond with CHER464

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