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Featuring BrotherBird mochi & softserve co. (Bugis), Working Title - Burger Bar, Matchaya (The Cathay), KOOKS Creamery (Serangoon), Dopa Dopa Creamery, Fluff Bakery, The Naughty Corner Gelato House
Zoe Chai
Zoe Chai
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We popped by TNC and got two egglets w ice cream w Burpple's one for one deal (saving $8). The egglet was cooked well, with a crisp exterior and fluffy middle! The flavour was good too. The kopiko crunch ice cream really tasted like those kopiko sweets in the black and red packaging. 100% similarity. And the digestives added a nice touch to the ice cream. We also had the fudge ice cream which was not too bad. It had strong notes of cocoa and slightly bitter.

We had lemon and basil sorbet, which was refreshing with every bite (sour and sweet combo!). The matcha was pretty ok with slight bitter notes and stronger in flavour. We also had speculoos which was a little underwhelming as I felt it wasn't really blended well together. The bits of lotus biscuits were like the only crumbs of speculoos flavour in the otherwise vanilla ice cream.

However the hero of the day was the pecan nut ice cream. The smell and flavour was very strong and I am a huge fan of pecan nuts. You could taste its distinctive flavour (even from the skin) in every bite. Overall a pretty good deal (~$8 for 4 scoops) with Burpple's one for one offer!

The mochi donut is something I have never heard off before but it came hot and crisp on the outside and super chewy on the inside. It was also glazed and I loved the texture and flavour! The cookie butter soft serve was more of a sorbet than ice cream which was a little strange to me, but still, who can resist the draw of lotus biscuits? For $15, it is definitely something to try out esp if you are a fan of mochi and fried things!

This longan sorbet ($7) was a little on the pricy side but deliver refreshing, icy, smooth notes of longan with every bite. The almond flavour was non existent but I'm not complaining as I find almond can be about strong at times. The cornflakes added a nice crunch to the ice cream as well. Unique flavour!

Served piping hot and oozing matcha, this treat is not too sweet and extremely yummy. I had a scoop of speculoos ice cream to go along with it and they served the cookie with speculoos crumbs. Love the detail put into plating the dish! It was also v affordable with Burpple's one for one option available here.

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Molten chocolate oozed from the cookie when the scoop of ice cream was placed on it -- what a sight!! The cookie was served piping hot and was thick and buttery, while the mix of hot chocolate and cold brown butter ice cream was rich and comforting. Definitely should be on every dessert lover's list! Plus it's on Burpple Beyond so it's extra worth it!

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Typically when I have ice cream I tend to go straight for some chocolate but having Burpple's one for one deal gave me a second option and I chose this acai banana berry ice cream instead for a more fruity balance (with the chocolate ice cream in the back ground, of course).

The waffles were on point (as with my other post) and while the ice cream was so refreshing and had so much berry flavour condensed into a single scoop! The banana provided the main source of sweetness and it's distinctive flavour permeated every mouthful of the ice cream. A great choice if you prefer slightly sour sorbets!

Creamier has always been my go-to for the BEST waffles and ice cream in Singapore. We had Burpple's one for one deal on a waffle set ($10.50) so it was double the joy for me!

As usual, the waffles were cooked upon order and they came with a super crisp crust on the surface (so essential for a good waffle!!) while being fluffy and flavourful on the inside. It was served with a drizzle of maple and chocolate, a divine combination for any waffle and we had a dark ferrero rocher ice cream on top! The ice cream was so rich and creamy with specks of hazelnuts and a light alcohol after taste which brought the flavour to a whole new level. Devoured it in minutes!

I have been wanting to try this s'mores bar ($7.50) ever since I saw this on fluff's Instagram as it looks like a dessert lover's dream! While the aethestic of the bar is amazing, it gets a little hard to cut through the block of marshmallow (well... it being a chewy marshmallow) to get a bite of the biscuit base, chocolate and marshmallow all in a single bite. Technical difficulties aside, the chocolate was rich and the biscuit base helps to balance the sweetness of the marshmallow.

Will return to try more of their amazing their cupcakes!

Chocolate and hazelnut milkshake with salted caramel ice cream and lotus biscuits ($9) had a lovely presentation, and would certainly wow your friends. Unfortunately, it was a tad too sweet even for me (a self-professed lover of all sweet things) and the taste of hazelnut was lacking in this shake. Perhaps bumping up the cocoa and adding some chopped hazelnuts can clear the hazy flavours and give it an extra oomph?

Nonetheless, the service at working title was tip top and the atmosphere is relaxed and very friendly.

Popped by Matchaya for dessert with two friends as I had Burpple Beyond's 1-for-1 soft serves and beverages. We ordered the uji matcha and black sesame soft serves, and the hojicha and matcha chocolate drink for $10.80.

The soft serves were quite thick (so they didn't melt too quickly) and very flavourful. Uji matcha had an intense flavour of matcha with a hint of bitterness so it wasn't too sweet and the black sesame reminded me of tangyuan and I loved it as a person with a sweet tooth.

The roasted aroma of Hojicha permeated the whole drink and it was a good balance to wash down the sweetness of the soft serves. The matcha chocolate had a good rich flavour and you can taste both the cocoa and matcha which complemented each other to give an overall great beverage. As we were quite full, we walked around and the matcha chocolate became a bit diluted when the ice melted so I do recommend not holding on to it for too long!

It was a great first experience at Matchaya and definitely would recommend!

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