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Fat Belly's Alternative Steak Experience

Fat Belly's Alternative Steak Experience

A specially curated seven course meal (only on Burpple Beyond) exploring and celebrating the lesser known cuts of beef
Zoe Chai
Zoe Chai
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Served with berries, honeycomb and cinnamon ice cream, this lava cake oozed rich dark chocolate when you cut into it and was a delightful end to our seven course meal. The plating of the dessert was superb and it was a feast for the eyes (and the mouth).

The berries added some acidity and freshness to cut through the richness of the chocolate cake, and the cinnamon ice cream had a unique warm flavour to round off the whole dish. I was hoping for some more crunch elements to add more textures to the dish but overall still a great dessert!

The highlight of the alternative steak experience for sure! With a marble score 8 (super quality meat), the meat literally melts in your mouth and leaves you wanting more. You can see that a lot of thought has been out into crafting the dish, from the sweet pumpkin puree to the garlic kale and toasted almonds.

Writing this review makes me wish I had another slab of this meat and although the meat is one of the best tasting I have had, I would also like to highlight the humble kale served with it. Now I am not a fan of kale, but this vegetable was sauteed with the most aromatic garlic and topped with almonds and I was blown away by it! Often the sides get lost and forgotten but I am very impressed by the garlic kale and it stood up and delivered next to the steak.

Would definitely come back for more of this!!

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Served on potato buns with some sun-dried tomato pesto and melted Gouda. Beef Patty was on point and went well with the saltiness of the melted cheese. The buns were as fluffy as potato buns could go and it was a great dish!

Fourth course of Burpple's 1-for-1 deal was a slab of beef cooked with some sweet honey char siew sauce atop a bed of seasoned kale. The meat was very tender and would definitely satisfy any meat lover!

Third course of Burpple's 1-for-1 deal was a beef skewer with meat that came from between the ribs of the cow. This was quite funny as I very recently taught some students about how the intercostal muscles helped in the breathing mechanism.

It was grilled on the spot and served with some chimichurri sauce, which added a freshness to cut through the meat. It was slightly chewy and of a different texture compared to other cuts of meat. This wasn't the stand out to me among the other courses but still a good way to use lesser known cuts of the meat.

First time having foie gras in my life so I wasn't too sure what to expect! This was the second course in Fat Belly's 1-for-1 seven course deal with Burpple.

True to a creme brulee, it came with a nice caramelized crust on the surface that you break through to scoop up the rich savoury goodness underneath. A taste so unique I can only describe as savoury and fatty (in a good way) which coats your mouth. It was a bit overwhelming for me but an interesting experience!

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