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Here’s The Tea🥤🍵

Here’s The Tea🥤🍵

With new and innovative flavours and bubble tea stores opening nearly every month we need to know which are worth queue-ing for and which to skip. Stay tuned to this list to find out as I dish the tea 😎
Just Keep Eating
Just Keep Eating
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My first time trying this and was very intrigued by having a cafe looking eggs bene on a prata. Kind of got sick of the taste after a while. But I think this is worth a try for sure 👍🏻

L: strawberry something with honey white pearls, 50% sugar
Personally not really a fan of this strawberry drink so would give it a miss next time

R: matcha with black sesame pearls 50% sugar if you prefer a stronger matcha taste
The black sesame pearls were a lot more chewy than the honey white pearls. It felt like you were biting on a tangyuan with the black sesame filling. Personally preferred this but if you like more bouncy pearls opt for the honey white pearls

Looks totally different from what I saw on ig so don’t expect the brown sugar swirls around the cup and the staff that served us initially didn’t speak English. While they were very generous with the pearls, there was a prominent taste of brown sugar but were a bit too chewy

Milk tea with brown sugar pearls (left) was better for me because I found their famous Brown Sugar Boba Milk with cheese Brûlée (right) way too sweet. The drink was worth trying and the flavours takes your mouth on an adventure.

The pearls here were warm and chewy not at all clumpy which I love. But the size of them is somewhat in between the boba and the pearls of Tiger sugar

My recommendation is go for milk tea with brown sugar pearls! ✨ will come back to try the other flavours

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Can’t seem to find the location tag but this is in the shop row opp 7-11, quite near riri. The pearls here are similar to those in Taiwan!! The pearls are like not clumpy and have the right amount of chewiness and I find it quite affordable.

Grab their loyalty card as well for super Aunty-ness 😅

Queue here is usually q short and they are super efficient so you will get your drink in <5 mins

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This is one of my favourite ☺️☺️ probably the second after tiger sugar. Definitely has the brown sugar taste and goes so well with GC’s pearls

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Got this with 50% sugar because of the staff’s recommendation but I probably wouldn’t have minded if there was less sugar. Preferred this over the mango one. Also we mixed it up towards the end and it just tastes like matcha latte!

Flavour of the drink reminded me of sweet talk? And probably wouldn’t advice you to get pearls with this so you can slowly sip on the macchiato as well
wasn’t any queue when I went there! 👍🏻👍🏻

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The drink itself was pretty flavourful and worth a try. As someone who was skeptical about the combination, I have to agree that it goes very well together.

However I feel that the cup size is q impractical 😅😅 because you’re just carrying air at the bottom. Just seems like a waste of material??

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Pretty to look at but wouldn’t really recommend the pearls as they are more like a jelly kind of texture. The yakult and passionfruit combination works well together though!

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The pearls today were too cold and hardened making them ultra sweet to bite down on.... quite disappointing 🙃

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Finally managed to try this with pearls but really prefer boba because the pearls were super tiny there isn’t much bite at all 😅. However the drink flavour is still the same so if you like it you will enjoy the drink!

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I stalk food places not people

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