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Food I Ate

Food I Ate

Featuring Rakki Bowl, Creamier (Toa Payoh), Lobsters & Ice Cream v2.0, 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat Specialist, Platypus Kitchen (Bugis Junction), Two Chefs Eating Place (Sin Ming), Detox Cafe (orchardgateway), BBQ Box (Bugis), Hiang Ji Roasted Meat & Noodle House (Toa Payoh), Gourmet Heritage (Bedok Town Square)
Athena Khoo
Athena Khoo

If you like charred char siew, you will like this place. The char siew had a 80:20 meat-fat ratio, good for those who like to taste more meat in their charsiew. I would still say the charsiew is a little too hard for my liking, similar to the previous time i went. The skin for the roasted pork was still cripsy and nice. Overall, didn't find it to be extraordinary and have tasted better charsiew/roasted pork but the lunch crowd speaks for itself even with the stall hidden in the back alley.

Decided to try this after seeing good reviews about it but conclusion was that the food here is meh and the price is expensive. Paid $27+ for about 9 sticks and that is with a 10% eatigo discount. Flavours weren't there and you would be much better off at "taan" which is just a distance away with better and cheaper food.

One scoop of premium ice cream for $4.10. They have really interesting flavours but sad that the toa payoh branch will be closing down on 30 june 2019. The white rabbit 小白兔 ice cream cream wasn't too sweet and i am so happy they gave the starch paper too, which is the best part of the sweet. Go there before it is gone!

Being greedy and ordered 3 pax worth of char siew and sio bak ($26) for 2 people because we needed to queue for approx 20mins. You will love it if you like fatty meat. The siobak was so cripsy that it was a little shocking (honestly) and "wow" just escaped my mouth. It wasn't flavoured enough though, and thought there should be more of the 五香/five spices marinated in the meat. The char siew was charred so you get that chaotar taste in your mouth and the sauce was too sweet for my liking. Had to gulp down lots of water. Didnt plan to finish my rice but ended up finishing it too because i had to eat it with my rice. I like the fatty meat part but didnt like the flavour for both. And best advice: just order for 2 pax when you have 2 people because you will get jelat from all the fats and you will have trouble finishing it.

Tried the new fish and chips set menu ($7.90) but thought there was nothing much to shout about. Would order a double fillet o fish anyday :p there wasn't an option to change to an ala-carte fish or change the fries to the healthier corn option which I would have wanted.

Love dining at Sora as the ventilation is great even when ordering tendon. For this bowl, it costs $18.90++ and comes with the usual humongous portion of seafood, chicken, vegetable deep fried with seaweed batter and drizzled with mentaiko sauce. Worth a try if you're a tendon fan and want something different from the usual. Only available in Changi and possibly limited time only!

Chicken ($6.90++) was tender but a little too sweet. I guess it is expected since it was drenched in honey but I love that they had fried garlic which made the dish very fragrant. Good combination with rice ($1++).

1 maine style and 1 mentaiko style (additional $2). Bought the combo with icecream - paid $30 in total. They only had milk tea and vanilla. Couldn't taste much for the maine style and the butter on the bun overpowered all taste for the lobster and crab. Mentaiko style was a lot better and could actually taste the mentaiko, not bad. The bun was a little too thick to actually taste the crab and lobster and it gets very dry by the 3rd bite. Milk tea ice cream wasn't too sweet. Vanilla just tasted like the usual vanilla ice cream. Nothing spectacular to rave about.


The pastry crust was thin which makes it easier to focus on the egg custard. The egg tart ($1.60) wasn't too sweet though it didn't leave me craving for more. Lots of variety of bread available too, shall come back to try one day.


Wanted to try the truffle wagyu beef bowl but it ran out that evening. Decided to try the bara-chirashi regular bowl ($21.90++). It comes with a decent portion of sashimi but still feels expensive if not for the one-for-one deal. Sweet sauce was drizzled over the rice which enhanced the taste. Would still return to try the truffle wagyu beef bowl with Beyond or Entertainer.

Interesting spin of the usual meehoonkuey with colours added into it. Original mhk selling at $3.50 but if you like colours in it (blue pea, beetroot, spinach, pumpkin) then it is another $1 extra. Dabaoed back, this is without the soup added. Chio but taste wise, not any different from the usual. Nothing much to rave about.

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