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Western Food

Western Food

Featuring Lobsters & Ice Cream v2.0, Glasshouse by DHM, The Communal Place, Mischief, HAFUDOG, Shake Shack (Jewel Changi Airport), The MeatHöuse, Super Dario Lasagne Café, iSTEAKS Diner (Tampines 1), Desmond Pasta
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Ordered medium, doneness. Doneness was done right, comes with a small warm bun with butter.

Very tender, goes well with the sauce. In my opinion, better than the steaks 😆

Nice presentation when served, although I feel that they can leave the tomato out of the dish.. 😅

$6.50, reasonably priced I suppose.

Beef petty with shroom patty, best part of it was the cheeseeeeeeee 🤤. Very filling, good for sharing if you are a small eater. $14.30 for just the burger.

Quite yummy, price was ok with beyond 1-for-1 deal. 2 hotdog, 1 fries and 2 drinks came up to $18.

$10 for hotdog alone is pricey. Had the chicken option, cheese was yummy, overall was ok.

200g of tenderloin for slightly less than $30. Doneness was accurate to order - medium.

A variety of sides to choose room, portion of sides is not too little as well.

Fuss free diner, everything self service.. may be abit confusing at first. Food reasonably priced, chicken cooked nicely. Value for money.

Lobster seems fresh and flavorful, bread buttery, but abit dry. Affordable pricing for lobster roll, even better with beyond 1-for-1 deal 😊 total damage $24.50 (added $2 more for mentaiko) for 2 lobster rolls and ice cream.


Chose medium rare for the steak and it was served medium rare! Comes with freshly cooked fries, sauce was yummy, and when the fries get soaked in the sauce, it’s quite shiok. 😝 also comes with walnut salad, but nothin to shout about.

Enjoyed burpple beyond 1-for-1 deal, no regrets! Bill came up to $41 for 2 pax, was a steal!

Yummy seafood, but I felt portion was abit small for $16. Perhaps will be better if the bowl was abit more filled.

Don’t think I will order this again.


Salmon is flavorful, portion was just nice for me.

Very yummy and tender! Don’t mind ordering this again when I am back here.

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