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HS :3

Its been years since I’ve been here but this place doesn’t disappoint. We both went for the crowd favourite gashouse eggs! The melted cheese & runny egg went so well together with the toast. Loved the chill vibes as well. No regrets travelling here even though it was slightly out of the way.

An amazingly wide selection of cakes here!! Spent so long choosing a cake to eat. Finally decided on this - filled with salted caramel buttercream and topped with pistachio :-)


Beautiful location 😌 unfortunately, we couldn’t use burpple beyond on the breakfast which I was looking forward to. Went for the Ju’s prawn pasta which did not disappoint! However, the fried chicken waffles were a disappointment - both chicken and waffle were not crispy!

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It’s been awhile since I’ve been here so I was worried if the food were still up to standard, but this place doesn’t disappoint! This is evident by the sizeable crowd even at 2pm. Would recommend the Ultimate Croissant and Paprika Wings.

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Was relatively empty on a Friday night but we gave this a shot anyway. The beef brisket rice bowl was quite interesting and worth a try. The duck noodles however, was too salty and we didn’t enjoy it.

Back here again, but it was my first time trying out their brunch options. Opted for the pork katsu toast to try something different and wasn’t disappointed. The pork was well fried and the runny egg on top sealed the deal. Very worth it with beyond.

Previously was here at night, but the ambience here is much better in the day, brightly lit and aesthetic. It wasn’t too crowded, with both indoor and outdoor options.

My third time back here and I love the space! Cosy second storey seatings :-) Tried quite a few different pastas but they’re mostly quite average with small portions. But that leaves room for desserts, which is great coz their ice-cream is 👍🏻👍🏻. Tried the charcoal waffles but it wasn’t crispy enough and pretty disappointing. Overall, would recommend to try to icecream!

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The European was one of the most popular item as seen on reviews so we decided to give it a try! Would say it’s pretty good but the portion’s pretty small and undeserving of the price. I personally liked the Tunisian and pita bread. Smoked Paprika Fries were not bad but we ended up pretty full after. Pavlova was one of the chef’s recommendation for desserts, but pretty average. Overall, not super impressive! Would wanna come and try the coffee though.

Set lunch comes with 1 main + dumplings + drink. We both ordered the miso noodles and got 1 original and 1 pierogi. Highlight of the set would be the Pierogi dumplings, which were stuffed with truffle, bacon and potatoes (I think)! Would highly recommend to order this :-) would come back again!

Second time back here and personally feel the standard has fallen just slightly? Previously I tried the cheese steak (which was amazing but seems to be off the menu for now) and patty melt. Today we ordered the Cubano and Fried Chicken sandwiches. The Cubano was quite tasty for the first half but quickly became quite jelat. The Fried Chicken though, was juicy and tender! Would recommend it.

Have to be really honest here, this was quite a disappointment. Would not return for the food. However, to be fair, they do have a huge variety of board games to choose from, so it may be worth to spend an afternoon here with friends over coffee and games.

The lobster was not bad but could have been more chunky (when compared to Luke’s lobster etc), fries were good! Thought that Burpple Beyond made it worth it, but otherwise would not pay for its original price.

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HS :3

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