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Comfort Delights

Comfort Delights

Sometimes you need a little proper snack!
ZC Ong
ZC Ong
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$3 per plate, either black or white, the “cakes” are small bits, soft and easy to bite, while it has a very light layer of crisp on the outside! Especially love the white one which is lighter and lets you taste the caipoh (菜圃, Chinese pickled cabbage)~ goes really well with the abundance of spring onion! Will definitely want to come back for more! Expect a little wait during lunch on a weekend~


$8, the coffee, enriched with a velvety creamy texture. Perhaps it was the dark chocolate in this blend that made it less a coffee drink, but at least it’s not that acidic! You may skip the almond croissant.

Looking for Halal pastry options? Definitely must buy from AJ Delights! Love each and every flavour of moist, fresh off the oven muffins that will definitely perk u up no matter where you are!

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This popiah was bursting with lots of ingredients, goes to show how “po” (thin) its wrapping skin was! The flavours were bursting too, with its Peranakan-style chili and lots of crisps that made its texture crunchy yet moist to devour. Ordered one piece for a quick snack!

I’m surprised this restaurant is not listed in Burpple! Aside from Enaq roti prata, Aashiq is another alternative for westies! Especially enjoyed its very fresh and flavourful Indian Rojak! Compared to many, this is less oily and definitely does not come with any rancidness! Goes very well with the red peanut sauce, red onions and extra-spicy green chili!

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Walking into the restaurant, I thought, did 《HDB Tai Tai》come here to film? The 2-page menu presented to us had a picture for each food item available. While deciding what to eat, the waiter kindly asked if we were going to order the highly-raved Sheng Jian Bao, as it takes a bit of time to prepare. We ordered it together with some other dishes: the
Spring Rolls, Wanton soup, Pork chop and chicken noodles, and the Xiao Long Bao. The Wanton soup caught our attention as the small chewy dumplings were dipped in good stock! The pictured Spring Rolls were crispy, and what contained within was a mixture of a cheesy textured white cabbage in wasabi, refreshing experience having it! Although the Sheng Jian Baos were highly raved, I prefer that one we had in Paradise Dynasty...

On vacation mode today, came to Quayside Isle to chillax. They start at 2pm and closes at 10pm. From 2 to 4pm on this Monday afternoon, only two tables were taken up. Quaint. We decided to colour our table mat using the markers. Therapeutic. Ordered starters: Smoked Salmon Roulade; Entrées: Pan Roasted Cod Fillet (with baked scallop, onion relish, and truffle mushroom risotto), Slow Braised US Kurobuta Pork Cheek (served with CaiTaoKuey, mushrooms in reduction, asparagus and crispy prosciutto di parma), drinks: Ginseng Ginger Tea, and Pomelo Tea from Arteastiq. We love the delicate texture of the cod fillet, and the truffle risotto was very rich to complement the taste. Similarly, the pork cheeks were tender, though the fusion styled reduction probably stole much of the limelight. And now we know CTK goes so well with crispy parma!

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It's not all about their Chococro croissants. Came by St. Marc's only bakery & bar on a lazy weekday evening (while many were still working). It was calm and peaceful as ECP was very empty!


I was a little hesitant when the waiter recommended the most expensive waffle on the menu and that there was no weekend special. Well, it was really "you get what you paid for"! The rhubarb didn't disappoint; it was so tantalising!


ZC Ong

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